OMF V10C65 He Really Helped Me

Jing He blinked his eyes in confusion. He had gotten a cousin? But … he only had one uncle. And his uncle had never even been in a relationship for as long as he could remember. Where did a child suddenly come from?

Even though he didn’t understand, Jing He still managed to keep a faint smile on his lips. “Congratulations, uncle.”

Qiang Yan laughed when he saw his expression. “You don’t want to ask how your uncle suddenly had this child?”

Jing He hesitated. To be honest, he was a little curious. The way his uncle had said it made it sound as if this child had already been born. But even if his trial had been a long one, at the absolute most, it should only have taken four months. So if the child was born …

Jing He silently calculated but still felt that it was inconceivable. Even though he wasn’t the most outgoing, he still knew what was happening in his family. If his uncle really was in a relationship and especially one serious enough to have a child with the other person, he would have been aware of it. But in that case …

Jing He looked at his uncle with some doubt. “This cousin should be older already?” He didn’t know much about previous relationships his uncle had had. In fact, he was only aware of one he had been in on a trial. But in this situation, it made the most sense for this child to have been born long ago and maybe even be an adult by now. In short, his uncle shouldn’t have known there was such a child but had somehow figured it out while he was on his trial.

Qiang Yan looked at his nephew and sighed. Ah, he really wasn’t easy to tease … He reached out and patted his shoulder, nodding faintly. “You’re not wrong. In fact, he is older than you by quite a bit. It was my good luck to finally find him.”

Jing He inclined his head. He still wasn’t sure of the ins and outs but he felt that it wasn’t his place to inquire. As long as his uncle didn’t say it, it wasn’t his matter to worry about.

Qiang Yan glanced at him and smiled. Right now, his biggest worry was how Jing He would get through the next few days. Since they were already on the topic, this was probably a good opportunity to reassure him a bit. “You know, it’s not completely unrelated to Longjun.”

Jing He’s eyes widened in surprise. “Qiu Ling …” He had no idea how he might be related to this. In this case, he couldn’t even make a guess. Or, no, could it be this cousin was related to the dragons?

Jing He’s mind moved and finally, he couldn’t help but inquire after all albeit in a roundabout way. “Uncle once told me that you were in love on a trial but that you realized later on that the woman wasn’t simply human. This child …”

Qiang Yan nodded. “He has some mixed blood, yes. It’s not what you think though. In fact, dragon blood is the one thing he is missing.” His expression turned awkward. Honestly, he knew he was an oddity among gods for having a child with demon blood. Not many could claim the same.

But then, this was also a child from a trial. Who else was able to brag to have the same? Most of the children any of them had in that situation died before they had even remembered everything. It was painful to think about at the moment but for them who were immortal, it was for the best to not be put in the situation to choose. Having the good luck to have a child like Bai Mu who had gained immortality was as rare as qilin horns and phoenix feathers.

Qiang Yan silently congratulated himself before adding to his response to Jing He. “There were some … not so good feelings on his side. Qiu Ling helped with resolving that. Also, his fiancee is human and was doomed to die. He also helped them find a way to prevent that.

“Right now, they are both living in the dragon realm. That is also thanks to Longjun. He has really done a lot to help. I guess I’ll leave it to him to recount the specifics of his heroics though.” He smiled, a teasing light once again in his eyes. Beneath it, a gentle warmth could be seen.

He knew how much Jing He cared for Qiu Ling. If the dragon king didn’t come by in the next few days and he started to remember without him, it would be tough on him. If he knew that Qiu Ling had helped his family with major issues while he was on his trial, gaining further approval, it might let him stay calm.

Jing He’s reaction was indeed what Qiang Yan had expected. Hearing that Qiu Ling had done so much for his uncle, he couldn’t help but feel sweet. Even though there was the alliance between their races, they had never worked together closely. For Qiu Ling to do something like this … it should be due to the feelings he held for him, no?

Jing He wasn’t sure if he should think like this. Without seeing Qiu Ling after his trial, he was a little doubtful. If it had been before, Qiu Ling would have rushed to his side as soon as he could Not doing so now seemed to imply his feelings had lessened. But then, there was a different explanation for that available. He shouldn’t doubt Qiu Ling’s sincerity.

Yes, he could doubt his own charm and suitability for this man but he couldn’t doubt Qiu Ling’s honesty and responsibility. Since he had asked him to get married, he wouldn’t back out. Whatever happened, Qiu Ling would go through with this. Even if his feelings were to wane, he wouldn’t abandon him. It was just … he wasn’t sure if that alone would be enough after bathing in that man’s love for a whole decade.

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