OMF V10C60 To Tie Two People Together

Meanwhile, at the side of the battlefield, Xiang Yong shared what he had just heard with An Bai and what he thought so far.

An Bai listened quietly and then nodded. “I agree. Among the three of us, I am likely the one who has the best read on Ye Yang even though I still wouldn’t give too much to that. He is still a demon, after all.” He sighed, feeling that he knew less and less what to make of Ye Yang.

Earlier this day, Ye Yang had come to them of his own volition and warned them about the impending attack. Why had he done so? For Jin Ling’s sake? For his own? It was hard to say even after having known him for a while.

Then, there was his support in the fight. He had actually fought alongside the dragons and against the demons, finally even killing Yong Hai. It seemed like yet another piece of evidence that he wasn’t as bad as they had thought originally. But then, he had also used that opportunity to crown himself king of the demon race. Maybe that had been his goal all along?

An Bai’s brows furrowed faintly. He didn’t know what Ye Yang wanted. Was it really the throne of the demon realm all along? Why would he previously have supported Jin Ling then? Or maybe this wish had only taken root when Jin Ling was killed?

An Bai could only shake his head and sigh. “I’m afraid I don’t know him nearly well enough to help with any decisions. He is the king of the demon race now though. We’ll have to deal with him more often in the future.”

Xiang Yong nodded and couldn’t help but look over his shoulder. “In this case, what he is doing seems rather respectful. To send the bodies back … I can’t imagine anyone else doing that. Even we might not have done so.”

“The demons likely wouldn’t care even if we did though.” An Bai turned in the other direction, looking at the place where the bodies of the demons had been placed. “Either way, it’s interesting that this is the first thing Ye Yang did after taking the throne. His rule … it will have a huge impact but it is difficult to say what the final outcome will be.

“We have to stay vigilant though. Just because he seems to be on our side, that doesn’t mean he won’t turn around and attack later. He might have simply been dissatisfied with the little preparation Yong Hai had made ahead of time. Or maybe he didn’t want to see the two realms reunited under somebody else’s rule. There are many possibilities here.”

Xiang Yong nodded and turned back to look at An Bai. To be honest, he didn’t want to bring this up but considering how the past few weeks had gone, there was one more possibility that An Bai hadn’t mentioned: Much of this might not have anything to do with politics but only with Ye Yang’s personal wishes.

Demons couldn’t love. They had been deprived of that feeling by Tian’s curse in a thorough manner. But they still had all their other emotions. Yes, many of them would indulge in selfishness and not care about anyone else. After all, how did you form a genuine connection with somebody if there was no such thing as love?

Whether it was familial bonds, lovers, or friendships, they mostly relied on this notion of ‘love’ as their basis. Without that, what else was there to tie people together? For the demons, it was usually mutual benefit, nothing else. But then, in some cases, there might be different possibilities.

Ye Yang felt … something for An Bai for sure. It wasn’t love but he wouldn’t have continued to come after him if there was nothing. An Bai didn’t care because he wasn’t looking for a relationship but it was painfully obvious that the demon wasn’t about to give up. A large part of his decisions today might have been influenced by whatever feeling this was. Whether that was a good thing or not … it was hard to say. It might depend on how that feeling developed in the future.

While the two of them talked, Yi Zan had made his way over to the room where Leng Jin Yu and Jinde were staying. He had already been told about Jinde’s situation so he was feeling a bit reluctant to go and disturb them. But then, this was what Xiang Yong had asked so there had to be a reason. With how urgent he had sounded, there might be something important.

Needless to say, Leng Jin Yu wasn’t happy either but he also knew that it had to be something important if Xiang Yong sent Yi Zan to him. So, in the end, he simply told Xiang Yu that he would step out so that he could have an eye on the situation inside as well. Only then did he go to Xiang Yong’s study on the other side of the corridor.

At the same time, Yi Zan already switched places with Xiang Yong and An Bai and the two of them led the group of six from the demon realm into the capital city and into the palace. When they walked into the study, the latter couldn’t help but cast curious glances at Leng Jin Yu. Seeing his appearance that was in line with the humans and gods, they felt more certain of their previous guesses that this person might be an ascended deity.

Xiang Yong nodded toward Leng Jin Yu and then motioned at his desk. “Why don’t you have a seat? An Bai, you too.” This might be his study but Leng Jin Yu’s status was special so he certainly wouldn’t sit down if he wasn’t. At the same time, only offering him a seat would give too much away so it was best to let An Bai do so as well.

He himself went to stand next to the desk and looked at the six people that had come from the demon realm with a solemn expression. “Alright. Do me the favor and tell us again what happened. This time, please include every detail you can remember, no matter whether you think it is important or not.”

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