SML V6C24 You Shouldn’t Compare People

Li Ming wasn’t sure if he was doing the right thing but he did feel a bit better after the call ended. Putting down his phone, he glanced toward the office to make sure Mo Fang wasn’t back yet and then turned his gaze to the bar.

Thinking for a moment, he went up there. He didn’t talk to Linghu Jiahao who still seemed to be pretty busy with the person next to him. Instead, he leaned over the counter and have Yao Chen a smile. “Hey, if brother Si or … Mo Fang ask later, can you tell them that I went somewhere else with my friends?”

Yao Chen raised his brows and nodded toward the table in the back where the two of them had been sitting before. “I saw the two of you together just now. This isn’t the awkward process of rekindling the old flames, is it?” To be honest, he didn’t think so. He had originally watched them come in for a few dates almost four years ago. He hadn’t asked when they suddenly stopped coming but sooner or later, that kind of news would always reach his ears. So, of course, after three years, he was more than aware that there was a bad breakup behind them.

Li Ming hastily shook his head. “No, definitely not. To be honest, that is also why am leaving. I’d rather not spend too much time in his company. Also, I’m afraid brother Si would feel awkward if we were both here but unable to even sit at the same table. So it’s better if one of us leaves. Since Mo Fang was here before me, I think it’s just fair if I switch to somewhere else.”

Yao Chen nodded, not thinking too much. “Well, I’ll tell them that then. You know, in the future, if you want a warning, you could just message me. Anyway, it’s not like I don’t know you.” Usually, he didn’t care about things like this but Li Ming had come in pretty often in the past and he was also friends with Si Tao so this seemed to be alright.

Li Ming shook his head though. “I might not be happy to see him but we’re both adults. We’ll have to learn to deal with this. Just … maybe not over the span of just one evening.”

He smiled faintly and patted the top of the counter before wanting to say his goodbye. At that time though, Linghu Jiahao turned around to face him. “Not such a good encounter?”

Li Ming turned to him in surprise and then looked behind him. It seemed that the person who had been sitting there had actually left sometime while he was chatting with Yao Chen. Right now, he was instead sitting at a table with a group that seemed to be his friends. Realizing this, Li Ming turned back to Linghu Jiahao. “It looks like yours didn’t go much better.”

Linghu Jiahao clicked his tongue. “Ah, it’s my own fault. He saw me with Mo Fang earlier. You can imagine what kind of thing he thought. You don’t just sit with random models and then chat up other guys. Well, I’ll have more luck next time.”

Li Ming couldn’t help but feel intrigued when he heard the last sentence. Could it be that Linghu Jiahao wasn’t as hung-up on Mo Fang as before? He really would have liked to ask but seeing as Rui Lan and Cang Gui Ying were already on their way this really wasn’t the time to ask further so he could only give up.

“Well, I do wish you luck. You deserve it.” He indeed hoped that Linghu Jiahao would be able to find somebody that he wanted to spend his life with. For one, he was somebody he would consider a friend and then, if Linghu Jiahao indeed managed to do so, he could take it as a good sign for himself. After all, even though there had been different reasons, they had both been hung up on Mo Fang for a long time after their breakups, Linghu Jiahao even longer than he had. If he could move on and find happiness, then surely he who had bidden that memory goodbye long ago could as well, no matter how his love life had recently collapsed.

Li Ming smiled faintly and almost wanted to shake his head at himself. Did he really still need signs? Things could have lasted with Zhao Chen but the circumstances simply hadn’t been right. He just needed to be patient and everything would work out. “Anyway, you might have heard when I talked to brother Yao just now but I’m meeting up with some friends. It’s almost time so I’d better get going now.”

Linghu Jiahao gave a hum and then simply watched him leave before turning to Yao Chen. “They are so awkward with each other. I don’t think I’ve ever been that hard to watch when with him.”

Yao Chen raised his brows at him and glanced in the direction of the office. “Does it matter? You seem to be over him now.”

Linghu Jiahao turned in that direction as well and gave a hum. “Well, for one, not seeing each other for so long helped. And after actually seeing him again, the remainder of my infatuation went up in smoke.”

He faintly tilted his head but didn’t bother to explain. Instead, he picked up the glass with his drink and took a sip, his eyes narrowing. He wouldn’t admit it in front of Mo Fang himself or even others like Yao Chen or Li Ming but what he had been in love with had been Mo Fang’s boundless energy. Now, nothing of that was left. He had … turned dull. That kind of boring person, he simply couldn’t muster any attraction to so it was naturally time to move on.

Without constantly having to see what he wanted but couldn’t have, it would naturally be easier to accept somebody new. His chances definitely weren’t too bad. At the very least, looking at others now, he felt like he could see a bit of that spark that had been there when he originally met Mo Fang.

In the end, this was probably a case of how you really shouldn’t compare people. That wouldn’t do anyone any favors. And from now on, he wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

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