OMF V10C59 An Uncertain Future

Xiang Yong had said that he needed to get An Bai but the person he actually contacted after pulling out his transmission stone was Yi Zan.

The dragon looked as if he had a guilty conscience when he accepted the transmission. “Have I taken too long in here? Then I’ll be back in a moment!” He had really wanted to see how his sister and her family were doing. Then, in her usual fashion, Ai Hua had pulled him to help out with what she was currently doing. He knew he should have gone back already but he also couldn’t refuse her when he had thought just a while ago that he might lose her forever.

Xiang Yong shook his head. “No, but we have a bit of a situation. Could I trouble you to see if Leng Jin Yu is available to come to my study? After that, I’d like you to switch places with me and An Bai for a while before you return to the Nine Heavens.”

Yi Zan raised his brows but nodded. “I’ll go immediately.”

Xiang Yong nodded and cut the connection. He turned to look toward the battlefield, his brows furrowing deeply. Actually, he knew that it was asking a lot for Leng Jin Yu to come over. Clearly, Jinde had been devastated and there was still the worry about Qiu Ling. But in this situation, he would feel reassured if he could be with them.

These people were related to Jin Ling, some of them had the blood of the god race, and the message itself came from Ye Yang. All of those were angles that Leng Jin Yu and An Bai would be able to deal much better with than he could. So, if they could all come together for this, he’d feel much more reassured.

He kept the transmission stone and then motioned at the group in front of him to wait while he went back to the side of the battlefield where An Bai stood.

The group from the demon realm exchanged glances. The half-blood with some blood of the demon race couldn’t help but look at Ru Shu with a particularly worried expression. “Who do you think that Leng Jin Yu is?” He knew that he might not need to worry but it was also true that he was the only one with demon blood among them. If the dragon king’s advisers would be suspicious of anyone, it should be him.

Before, Xiang Yong had said that he would contact An Bai but he didn’t go over to him immediately. Instead, he contacted somebody else first and had them bring in yet another person. In this situation, why wouldn’t he worry?

Ru Shu quietly watched as Xiang Yong and An Bai talked to each other before she shook her head. “Don’t think too much. It might just be another adviser.”

The god standing in the back couldn’t help but clear his throat. “It might be somebody from our people that is living here. Three names … that would suggest an ascended deity.”

The other half-blood turned to look at him. “Maybe it’s another half-blood? Some of them also have to cultivate to reach immortality because they haven’t inherited that part of their blood. So whether he’s a dragon or a god …”

Ru Shu gave a hum. “All of that is possible for sure. But either way, I wouldn’t worry about it. Adviser Xiang Yong just accommodated us to talk about it at the side where nobody would listen in. He also didn’t seem angry when we mentioned where we came from and who we were all married to. We shouldn’t assume the worst.”

One of the other dragons nodded. “We’re back home now. We have to stop thinking about matters the way we did in the demon realm. Out there, it always felt like there was somebody out to get us. But here, that isn’t the case. We’re just … well, we might just be the long-lost children that return home.”

Ru Shu turned to look at them and nodded. “That is indeed possible, although it remains to be seen how everything turns out. Either way, even if they can’t accept us coming back, they won’t hurt us. At most, we’d be exiled. I believe his attitude so far has shown that.”

The others nodded but there was still worry in their hearts.

One of the half-bloods couldn’t help but raise another issue. “Sister Ru Shu … if we are exiled, then where should we go? If even the dragon realm can’t accept us, the Nine Heavens are even more impossible.”

Ru Shu turned to look at him and gave a smile. “Do you want all of us to go somewhere together?”

Next to her, another one of the dragons crossed in arms in front of his chest and huffed. “Otherwise? We’ve gone through so much together, I simply don’t believe that we could be happy without everyone being together. That also means moving closer to the border would be best in case we are all going to be accepted back.” He glanced at the god who nodded in return.

“I came from the eastern sea originally but I heard the southern border is supposed to be a beautiful place as well with rolling hills and green meadows.”

“I heard that too. And, well, if it can’t be in these realms, there is still the territory of the spiritual beasts or even the mortal realm if they don’t want us there either. I don’t believe that we can’t find a single place on this earth where we can’t start over.”

The others nodded, their tight nerves relaxing slightly while trying to imagine the future. Yes, right now, even though they didn’t know for sure what the future would bring, they at least weren’t alone.

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