OMF V10C53 It’s Charitable to Call Them Solemn

They didn’t think much longer and directly accepted the task they had been handed by Ye Yang. No matter what, it was an opportunity to get away from the demon realm where they definitely couldn’t have any kind of future.

Ye Yang was satisfied when they were willing to take over this part. “Very well. I have sent Lin Shi to procure some coffins for us. It wouldn’t do to simply carry the bodies back as they are so let’s wait until she returns.”

Everyone inclined their heads and then waited. With neither side speaking, it seemed strangely quiet in the throne room. The dragons, gods, and half-bloods that had arrived last couldn’t help but glance at the bodies on the ground.

They were very much aware that this could have been them. If they had dared to say anything or had simply been at the wrong place at the wrong time earlier today … Well, they didn’t want to think about it. But even if they didn’t, the view was hard to bear.

To be honest, compared to the demons who were mostly taking advantage of each other, they had found solace in the fact that even though they were trapped in this situation where they couldn’t see a way out, they were at least not alone but could suffer this fate together. No matter how bad their circumstances could get, it had seemed like that wouldn’t change. It had been a small consolation but it had been a consolation nonetheless.

Over the years, they had developed something that could be called if not a true friendship, then at least companionship. Now, some of them hadn’t been able to make it. Only the few of them were left. Returning home without them … it was a bittersweet feeling. Even the fact that they would be able to bring the bodies of the others back home didn’t help much with the bitter part of it.

Soon, steps sounded outside the throne room.

Ye Yang raised his gaze and faintly raised his brows when Lin Shi stepped inside. “Were you successful?”

Lin Shi had already been smiling faintly and when she was asked directly by the new king, that smile became even more pronounced. She didn’t answer though and instead pulled out several white jade coffins, placing one next to the other in neat rows.

Ye Yang gave a hum. “How many?”

“More than enough!” Lin Shi raised her chin with pride. “I figured we might find some more bodies when we look later so I took along some additional ones. I chose the simplest kind though so the price wasn’t too outrageous. I did have to go to several stores though so it took more time.” She pouted but overall still felt that she had done well.

She had actually been worried about the type of coffin she should take. After all, their king wanted to mend the relationship between the races. Right now, that relationship couldn’t even be called broken, it was simply smashed into smithereens and then ground under the soldiers’ heels until nothing but dust remained. To set that right … surely, a grand gesture would be better?

But on second thought, she had felt that overdoing it might just make the other side wary. Even if they finally accepted the bodies, they might dispose of the coffins just in case. That’d be such a waste! So, in the end, she decided to take the simplest jade coffins without any embellishments. They might not look like much but they were practical and if you wanted to be charitable, you could even call them solemn!

Ye Yang glanced at the coffins. To be honest, they really didn’t look like much. But then, they didn’t need to. The dragons might not bury their people in the coffin anyway and the gods … well, even though they might, they might also insist on using their own. In that case, it didn’t matter much what kind of coffin was used.

He gave a hum and nodded at Lin Shi. “Not bad.” After saying that, he immediately motioned to the demons standing at the side. “Place the bodies then. After that, it’s time to deliver the message.”

Everyone inclined their heads and got to work. The gods, dragons, and half-bloods might only be standing aside for now but they watched closely as the others were placed into the coffins. They didn’t know how they would be received at ‘home’ but they’d truthfully report everything they had seen.

So far, it wasn’t looking too bad. They were aware though that this might only be a show specifically put on for them. But then, they didn’t care. They only wanted the ones they knew to be placed in these coffins with dignity and then hopefully buried in the same way.

When the last coffin had been closed, Ye Yang motioned at the people he had previously tasked with delivering them. “You know what to do. If you need any additional help, now would be the moment to say so.”

They all shook their heads and one of them each stepped forward to place the coffins into a spatial ring or a spatial bracelet to move them to their destination easily. It might not be the most orthodox method but then, there weren’t enough of them to actually carry them and it wouldn’t seem good to have the demons do it.

Ye Yang fleetingly also thought of that issue but didn’t pursue it. Anyway, if he sent several demons along, it might seem like an attack. This way, it was much better.

He waved at everyone to get going and then leaned back. Now, he could once again only wait until that issue was solved. Well, at the very least, there was yet another matter he could take care of in the meantime.

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