OMF V10C52 Just a Messenger

In the demon realm, the one that Ye Yang had sent out to gather a few people with the blood of the gods and demons returned with half a dozen people trailing behind him.

Ye Yang opened his eyes and looked at them. He wasn’t familiar with any of them but just seeing their expressions that were a mixture of displeased and worried after seeing him on the throne, he was sure that he had made the right choice. He took a deep breath and then leaned back, giving them a deep look. “I assume you have already heard what has happened?”

The people gathered in front didn’t waste time to nod. Seeing the bodies on the ground, they naturally knew that their situation wasn’t good. Even if they didn’t know all the details such as who exactly had killed the others, they were at least aware that being the old demon king’s spouse was never a good thing when a new king took their seat on the throne.

Ye Yang gave a hum. “Here is the thing: As you can see, Yong Hai has killed quite a few of Jin Ling’s other spouses. As a sign of goodwill upon … following onto his rather short reign, I intend to deliver them back to their people. Unfortunately, with how the current relationship between our races looks, I am afraid this gesture will be misunderstood.

“I was hoping that you would be willing to deliver the message to your people and handle this issue from start to finish so as to show some more sincerity. Afterward, you may remain among your people if that is what you want. Of course, you are also welcome to return to the demon realm in case you have found this to be an acceptable home in the past years at Jin Ling’s side.

“I won’t judge your decision either way. In fact, you don’t need to tell me beforehand. I would simply like a heads-up after the task has been accomplished. But that message doesn’t need to be delivered by you personally. Any willing messenger is alright.”

The six people exchanged glances. To be honest, they had worried about what would happen as soon as the conflict between Jin Ling and Yong Hai arose. Obviously, Yong Hai wasn’t fond of either half-bloods or the people of the other races. Some of them had thought of fleeing at the time but after staying with Jin Ling for so long, even if there were no genuine feelings, it seemed … futile to leave now.

Yes, some had regretted coming to the demon realm long ago. They thought of it as a folly committed when they were young. But even after realizing this, they never dared to return home. After all, wouldn’t they be seen as traitors?

Now, they were offered a chance to return but this worry was still there. Just because Jin Ling was dead, that didn’t necessarily mean that their previous sin would simply be forgiven, right?

Looking at the bodies on both sides of the throne room though, some of them could only close their eyes and try and find the determination to leave in their own hearts. They had no future in this realm. And even if they had no future in their original home either, it was at least worth a try.

Even if it didn’t work out, the Nine Heavens and the dragon realm were big. Who was to say that they couldn’t find another place to live there where nobody was familiar with them and where they wouldn’t be judged for their past mistakes? Even if not, they could leave the immortal realms behind as well and go to the mortal realm instead. It might not be the place where they wanted to be but it was better than nothing.

In the end, one of the people from the dragon realm stepped forward. “Your Majesty, are you being serious?” She knew that it might not be wise to question the new demon king but before she got up her hopes, she simply wanted to make sure.

Ye Yang inclined his head at once. “We’ve been at war for so long with … varying intensity, I feel that it has been enough. Once upon a time, the dragons and we demons were one race but not anymore. I am not one of those stuck in the past. With me on the throne, there will be no fight to subjugate the dragons. You can tell Longjun or … whoever you manage to see exactly that. As for the gods …”

Ye Yang turned to one of the other people who had the characteristic looks of the god race. Actually, he was only guessing blindly but the person wasn’t protesting so it seemed he had gotten it right. “I for one can’t even remember why exactly we were at war. I doubt it’s much different for others. Since that is the case, why persist in this matter?

“I think everyone would be better off if we stopped the senseless killing and instead lived peacefully together. Who knows? If we get along without any skirmishes for a while, we might even be able to find a way to mutually benefit each other. So, if you can’t believe that I am simply too lazy to care about the fights, you can just trust in me seeing the long-term benefits.”

The people in front of the throne once again exchanged a glance. To be honest, when it came from a demon, emotional arguments really didn’t work that well. After all, many of them wouldn’t have a problem crossing or even double-crossing you. But it was true that there might be some benefits in stopping the war and instead cooperating. That was something they could believe. Of course, it wasn’t like they could make the decisions regarding that question. No, they were only messengers but at least that part, they were sure to take over.

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