OCN C20 A Good Friend

Li Shui zoomed in so that the camera only captured the seats where they were sitting and the plates directly in front of them. At the same time, Qian Huang separated the screen so that the image from the camera was shown on one side while the other side showed what was on their own screen. Then, the image of Si Shi Wu’s live stream sprang up next to theirs.

Si Shi Wu raised his brows and looked at his own camera. “It seems things are getting even more awkward. The people I’m watching have noticed and have come to watch me watching them.”

Even though Qian Huang had already made sure before that what that user ‘Flying Cockroach’ had said was right, he still felt a bit relieved when he heard Si Shi Wu say this. So there really hadn’t been any misunderstanding.

On the other hand, Xiao Ming raised his hands, covering his mouth. His eyes alone were enough to realize that he was shell-shocked though. He stared at Si Shi Wu unblinkingly, unable to believe what was going on. Was this really that Ai Gui Jin? How had this man even found their channel? He couldn’t understand it!

No matter how shocked he was, Xiao Ming forced himself to calm down. In any case, he had already met Mister Yu. Meeting Ai Gui Jin was still acceptable. “Mister Ai.” He lowered his hands and nodded in greeting, feeling that the most important was to leave a good impression even if he had done something wrong before.

Si Shi Wu looked at him with a difficult expression. Obviously, Young Master Xiao was quite happy to see him. When his Master saw … most likely, he would regret not becoming a star chef himself. If he had done so, maybe he could be the one to meet the Young Master now.

While these thoughts went through his mind, he still nodded back. “Greetings. I hope I didn’t breach etiquette by just reviewing your live stream without telling you beforehand. It was somewhat of a spontaneous idea, to be honest.”

Xiao Ming hurriedly shook his head. “Of course not, of course not. We are very happy that Mister Ai would take the time to review our channel!” His expression made obvious that he really thought so and wasn’t just paying lip service.

Si Shi Wu nodded at that but then didn’t quite know how to continue. This really was an awkward situation all around.

Xiao Ming also wasn’t quite sure what to say. While the chef he admired most was definitely Mister Yu, Ai Gui Jin came in second. This man had opened up his restaurant ‘Fifteen’ right after he finished culinary school and made it into a big hit in less than half a year. Only one year later, he had already earned his first star. People were even whispering that he might earn the second one if he was reviewed again any time soon.

This kind of person … how could others compare? To be able to somehow catch his eye was unbelievable luck. If he could, he would’ve liked to ask him a ton of questions but he felt that it would be quite impolite to do so. In any case, they were still both streaming. And Mister Ai had started his stream with a specific purpose in mind. Most likely, they were actually making trouble for him by switching over to watch his channel.

Qian Huang noticed that neither of the two people that actually knew about cooking was speaking so he couldn’t help but pipe up himself. “We only found out by chance from one of our viewers that you were reviewing our channel and came over to see if it was true. Since we are here already would you like to ask us some questions maybe?”

Si Shi Wu still wasn’t quite sure what to say to this. He knew that he couldn’t just stay quiet though. This matter concerned Young Master Xiao after all. “Actually, I was just a little curious about your channel so I wanted to take a look and figured that it might be nice to tell others about what I think. There seems to be quite a bit of a debate about this kind of cooking channel.”

Qian Huang nodded. “Yes, I can imagine that.” He usually liked to prepare for things so he also felt a bit awkward with this being sprung on them so suddenly but this was a prime opportunity to get acquainted with a well-known person in the industry which might come in handy later on. “You’ve probably also heard about the channel from the blog post that Goddess Tao Jin posted, haven’t you?”

Si Shi Wu’s thoughts churned. He could probably say yes and it would be alright but this was a good opportunity to push his Master into the limelight. He turned to glance at Xiao Ming and actually gave a faint smile. “To be honest, it wasn’t quite like this. A good friend of mine has been watching your channel for a long time.”

Xiao Ming’s eyes turned round, unable to believe what he heard. A friend of Ai Gui Jin’s was watching their channel? How could that be? That person … they wouldn’t be another professional chef, would they? Ah, but that couldn’t be. A professional chef probably wouldn’t want to see a channel like theirs where some basics would be explained. They knew more than enough about cooking to be far past the level of knowledge their channel provided.

Also, just because Ai Gui Jin was a chef, that didn’t mean that everyone he knew was a chef as well. He probably had a circle of friends that had nothing to do with cooking. Still, to think that somebody that was watching them would actually tell a professional chef they were acquainted with about them made him feel very appreciated. It was so nice to know that their viewers put so much trust in them.

“Thank you very much then, we are honored.”

Si Shi Wu still continued to smile faintly. “I’m the one who should thank you. Originally, my friend didn’t really seem interested in cooking which does hurt my heart a bit as a professional chef. Since starting to watch your channel, he has been a bit more appreciative. In fact, the other day, he suddenly approached me, asking me to teach him how to cook because he wants to take part in a cooking show you will be a judge in? Apparently, you said in one of your other live streams that it would be nice if your viewers registered and he wanted to do you a favor so he promised.

“In any case, being able to make my friend who didn’t care about my profession before actually interested in it, I think that it is you who is doing me a huge service. Taking a look at your channel and seeing what exactly it is that made him so interested is something that I have some personal interest in. So there really is no need to thank me.”

Si Shi Wu’s response actually answered quite a few of Xiao Ming’s questions. “So it was actually like this. Then, I’m happy that I was able to help. I hope your friend is making good progress. But I guess with Mister Ai teaching him personally, that wouldn’t even be a question.”

Si Shi Wu put on an embarrassed expression. “Well, at the very least, he knows how to chop onions now.” This was definitely not a thing somebody would brag about when it came to cooking but it was definitely the thing that would make his Master the most recognizable.

The three people from ‘Bright Yellow Water’ stared at Ai Gui Jin with their mouths hanging open.

“The fuck?! It’s Nin Sha again?!” Qian Huang stared at him incredulously and somehow blurted out his true thoughts before he hastily clasping a hand over his mouth. He really couldn’t believe this!

Li Shui nodded along, not sure what to think about this either. “First, he is actually friends with the husband of Goddess Tao Jin, and now, he also knows a famous chef? Who even is this guy?” Contrary to Qian Huang who blurted his thoughts out loud, he only mumbled, but some of the viewers still picked up the words. In any case, as early as the moment when Si Shi Wu had mentioned that this was all about a friend, he had already left a message in the comments.

Nin Sha: [I’m his friend. Naturally, I would tell everyone I know about your channel, Xiao Ming.]

Back then, the other viewers had ridiculed him and told him to shut up before he embarrassed himself. Now, they really regretted their words. Apparently, they really shouldn’t judge others so easily. This Nin Sha … he really was too mysterious!

The three men from ‘Bright Yellow Water’ didn’t know about that though. After all, they were all looking at Si Shi Wu’s live stream right now, and Qian Huang who usually kept up with the comments couldn’t look at them. Thus, they had no idea that the excitement in the channel was boiling over.

Si Shi Wu looked from one person to the other, his mind once again churning. He should probably admit that it was indeed his Master but he wasn’t quite sure how to do that.

At that moment, he felt his phone vibrating. He secretly slipped it out of his pocket and glanced at the screen, seeing that it was a message from Si Yi.

Si Yi: [Mention his real name so they are prepared.]

Si Shi Wu put the phone back and then elegantly shrugged his shoulders. “I can’t say for sure but that does sound like the kind of name that Si Jin might choose online. I should probably ask him sometime.” He fell quiet for a moment and then motioned to the plates that were standing in front of the members of ‘Bright Yellow Water’. “I’m afraid I disturbed your live stream. Please just ignore me and continue as you would normally.”

Qian Huang jolted when he heard that. “Ah, with checking this out, we’ve probably disturbed your live stream as well. I’m sorry about this. We probably shouldn’t have been so curious and only gone to look at it later. Then we will just resume as usual. Again thank you very much for taking a look at our channel.”

Si Shi Wu nodded and then watched as they switched back to their own channel and turned off the split-screen mode.

Li Shui went back to the camera and zoomed out again. Then, he rushed back to the counter as well, sitting down between the other two. “So, where were we?” He looked from one person to the other but didn’t really get a response.

Xiao Ming was still a little shocked and Qian Huang didn’t seem any better.

He shook his head and sighed. “Ah, I really want to talk about this but it’s awkward since he’s probably still watching.”

Xiao Ming laughed when he heard that and nodded. “Right. I guess we’ll just have to pretend that never happened.” He was really curious as well though. Not only had one of the chefs that he admired actually found their channel and taken a look at their current live stream but it was actually Nin Sha who had brought them this opportunity again. The more he heard these days, the more he felt that he really couldn’t see through this man.

Qian Huang sighed and tried to look for something that he could say. Even though he normally had a glib tongue, he couldn’t think of anything right now. His mind was blank. In the end, he just scrolled down to the comments to see what was going on and maybe answer a few questions from there.

Meanwhile, Li Shui already grabbed his chopsticks and started to eat the food again. After a moment, he paused though and turned to Xiao Ming. “Xiao Ming, what about the sesame balls?”

Xiao Ming flinched and then leaped to his feet, almost turning over the stool while he rushed over to the steamer. He hurriedly turned off the stove and then grabbed a plate to put the sesame balls on it before coming back. “Well … I forgot about that because of all the excitement.” He put down the plate and sat down, rubbing his face. “Anyway, I guess this was just in time. Any longer and they really would’ve been overdone.”

Li Shui just nodded, picked one of them up, and started to eat happily. “Next time, are you going to make a menu just for me as well?” He really didn’t mind eating sweet things but he actually liked the variety a lot too. He wondered what Xiao Ming would come up with if he was preparing something for him especially.

Xiao Ming laughed at that. “Well, if it’s important to you, then I’ll try to make something soon.”

Meanwhile, Qian Huang’s expression derailed. He had finally noticed what was going on in the comments, including how Nin Sha had confessed early on to being that friend of Ai Gui Jin’s and how everybody had ridiculed him before feeling like they had slapped their own faces.

Now, the tune they sang was a completely different one but what were they supposed to say? Ah, thinking back, they had often ridiculed him for the things he had said in the past. He himself had also often thought that Nin Sha was just some braggart with a bit of money.

He might’ve even thought that he had just inherited some wealth and was now lazing around every day, just watching live streams, and throwing money at people with pretty faces. Now, he felt that he had really underestimated this guy. If he really was into Xiao Ming, this might not even be such a bad thing. Hopefully, he was good-looking.

Anyway, there wasn’t anything in the comments that he could use to get the conversation back on track but apparently, that wasn’t needed anymore either. With this foodie Li Shui next to them, there really was never a problem to find something to talk about when it came to food.

Thus, Qian Huang also turned back and picked up one of the sesame balls. “You! Leave something for me as well. They were made for me after all. How can you just take advantage of the fact that I’m such a hard-working member of our team and grab them all for yourself?”

Li Shui didn’t even bother looking at him. “Don’t try to brag. You’re just reading comments. That’s like browsing Weibo in your free time. On the other hand, I worked really hard to get the lighting and camera right. Now, this is the break that I deserve.”

Qian Huang stared at him, not even sure what to say to that kind of argument. He looked at Xiao Ming to get some help.

Xiao Ming smiled. “You’ve both been working hard.”

Qian Huang just pursed his lips. “Somehow, I feel even worse when you say that.” After all, the one who was working the hardest was definitely Xiao Ming. When he praised them, it somehow made him feel guilty. Thus, he finally just lowered his head and started to eat again, glancing at the comments every now and then.

The reviewers were still pretty much entertained with gossiping about what had happened with Ai Gui Jin. Some of them were switching between the two channels, keeping an eye on what was going on on either side.

In this way, the third special live stream of ‘Bright Yellow Water’ finally came to an end. Xiao Ming took a sip of his tea and then smiled at the camera. “Alright, everyone, this is it for today. Thank you for watching us at ‘Bright Yellow Water’ and we’ll see you again in two days’ time. Then, we are going to talk about a few different ways of combining tastes. See you then and don’t forget to vote on our poll on Weibo!”

Qian Huang shut off the stream and Li Shui went to turn off the camera. Then, the three people huddled together to gossip as well.

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