OCN C19 A Legit Chef

Back in the other stream, Si Shi Wu was once again nodding. “This is a good way to summarize what he has been doing so far. There really are a few lessons to be learned in regards to making your dishes more appealing visually. In some cases, a garnish might have more functions than just to be pleasing to the eye but since this was what they were going to talk about today, I think this is a good way to wrap it up. At the very least, I think this summary means he is wrapping this up.” To be honest, he had seen a few of Young Master Xiao’s streams before but he naturally couldn’t admit to that so he just went with the impression that the stream would likely be giving other viewers.

On the other hand, Xiao Ming naturally wasn’t finished just yet. “Well, all of this has taken quite a bit of time so our sesame rollups will be finish proofing soon and can be steamed as well. In the meantime, let’s answer a few questions that might be left and then dig in. I’m pretty sure that Li Shui and Qian Huang already can’t wait much longer.”

There was a mumbled agreement from behind the camera and Qian Huang laughed.

“Since you specifically chose these dishes for me, how could I say I wasn’t looking forward to it?”

Xiao Ming smiled and then started to arrange all of the plates on the table, leaving a bit of space for the sesame rollups that had to be added later. Li Shui moved the camera to follow his movements and then showed the overall image of the table.

“Well, save for the sesame rollups, this is everything that we’ve done today. So in terms of how to make our dishes look appealing, we have covered that you can make a dish itself into a work of art by adding a bit of color or using a special shape. We have also come back to the cutting techniques that we’ve talked about in the last live stream which can be used to cut your dish so that it can be placed in a specific way which will influence how a viewer perceives your dish. Furthermore, we have talked about how you can use different plates, colors, patterns, and embellishments like sauces or garnishes from other ingredients to make your dish look more appealing.

“Now, you might be wondering whether these are the only ways to decorate a dish in order to make it look more appetizing.” He looked at the camera as if he was waiting for an answer from the viewers.

Some people were confused and started typing in the chat.

Little blossom: [I don’t think it should be everything?]

Cat Dancing on a Wire: [I don’t think so either but I’m not sure what else you could do. Seeing those cooks in the TV shows, this is pretty much what they are doing. Is Xiao Ming just making fun of us?]

In the other stream, Si Shi Wu laughed. “He definitely knows how to interact with his audience. So far, he has always given them all the answers immediately but now, he is actually asking such a question. It’s quite interesting to see.

“To answer his question: I would say that this isn’t everything. While you could probably say that the things he’s covered are the majority of what you can do, there are a few things that are a little outside of what was mentioned so far.

“I guess it’s a bit of a question of interpretation though. What exactly counts as an ingredient that you can use as a garnish? And what exactly is meant by the cutting styles? Depending on that, the answer to this question will also be a different one.”

Back at the ‘Bright Yellow Water’ live stream, Xiao Ming finally stopped teasing his viewers and answered his own question. “Of course, there are more things that we couldn’t cover today. I tried to give a few examples of the most common techniques but there are a few ideas that we didn’t talk about yet.

“For example, I mentioned that you could use ingredients as garnishes whether they were used in the dish already or other ingredients like spices or herbs. But I’m sure that you’ve also seen decorations on dishes already that aren’t actual, edible ingredients and really just used as decorations. For example, think of those little paper umbrellas that you will sometimes see in a cocktail. They aren’t edible but they can still make for a pretty decoration. There are other similar things that could be used.

“Other than that, we’ve only talked about regular cutting techniques so far but there are also carvings. For example, you’ve probably seen fruit or vegetable carvings before. They are a bit more complicated so I’m not going to cover them today but if you want me to, we can do that in one of the other live streams in the future.”

Xiao Ming looked over to Qian Huang to see what people were saying in the chat.

Qian Huang glanced at the messages but decided that it would likely be better not to just go through everything right now. “Well, that’s an interesting idea. We’ll run a poll on Weibo for everybody to leave their opinion so you won’t have to fear that I’ll miss something because everything is going so fast in the live stream. That way, you can also think about it a bit longer if you want to. I’ll go and open the poll immediately.” Saying so, he really switched over to Weibo.

Xiao Ming nodded and then smiled at the camera again. “Speaking of which, if there’s another topic that you’d like me to cover in the future, you can also mention it in the comments. As I said before, I have a few things planned but I would also like to talk more about the things that you are interested in.”

Since Qian Huang was busy making the poll, Xiao Ming turned to the stove and turned it on so the sesame rollups could be steamed. He put his hand on the top of the bamboo steamer and looked up at the camera again. “Alright, this will also need about twenty minutes but I don’t think we will wait for them to finish before we start eating. In any case, we have so much that I’m not quite sure if we will be able to eat all of that tonight even though Li Shui always has a lot of place in his stomach.”

He winked at Li Shui but since he was standing behind the camera, it actually seemed as if he was winking at the audience. There were a few squeals of delight in the comments and a certain ninja was almost glued to his screen.

Well, not that Si Jin hadn’t been before. He resolutely took a screenshot though, making sure that he wouldn’t miss this moment. This was definitely something that needed to be in his personal collection of Xiao Ming’s best moments.

On the other stream, Si Shi Wu was looking at Xiao Ming, seeming to be in a bit of a daze for a moment. He couldn’t help but think that his Master would like this. Well, there wasn’t much for him to say though. He could only redact his previous statement. “It seems I’ve been too rash before. Apparently, the stream is still going on for a while longer. Well, let’s just see what happens.” He fell silent again and just watched.

Since Xiao Ming had already said that it was time to eat, Li Shui made sure that he fixed the same so that all the plates would be visible in front of them when they ate. He really would’ve liked to have the steamer in the picture as well but then the focus would be a bit off. That would be worse so he left it at that.

Qian Huang hurriedly rushed over as well, hogging his place to himself and starting to pick up food. He didn’t forget to remind their viewers though. “The poll has already been opened. So if you want to leave your opinion, you can already do so. I’ve put the link in the description below the stream.” He started to eat one of the deep-fried milk sticks first while turning around the laptop at the same time so he could still read the comments.

Xiao Ming smiled at the two of them and started to tidy up. “If there’s something else you would like to know, now is another good moment to do so.”

Si Jin pondered and considering that he hadn’t said much today yet, he made an effort to remind Xiao Ming of his presence.

Nin Sha: [You told us what the other two like to eat. But what about yourself? Is there a flavor or a dish that you especially like?]

Qian Huang’s lips twitched when he saw that. Naturally, the moment was caught on camera. The viewers that were keeping an eye on the chat and the live stream at the same time could imagine what this was about, especially those of them that knew the dynamic between the three people from ‘Bright Yellow Water’ and Nin Sha a little better. Thus, they immediately jumped on the opportunity to make a bit of fun of Nin Sha.

On the other hand, Si Shi Wu also couldn’t help but notice. “I don’t think that was the reaction to the food just now. The food looks really good. Maybe something is going on in their chat? In any case, I think it’s nice that they actually sit down together to eat after their anchor finished cooking and still answer some more questions.

“I guess it is no wonder that their audience is quite close to them. This is something you also wouldn’t have with a chef at a restaurant. Maybe I should also ask him a question.” He put on a pensive expression, trying to find something that wouldn’t seem too strange. If he asked something, it should definitely be something that had to do with the food. He couldn’t be like his Master after all.

Back at the house of ‘Bright Yellow Water’, Qian Huang finally convinced himself that it was alright to ask Xiao Ming this question. “It’s Nin Sha again. He wants to know what your favorite food is.” His expression was a little bland while he said so but at the very least, he hadn’t ignored him.

Xiao Ming looked up with some surprise but then, his expression morphed into a splendid smile. “My favorite food? If you’re asking in terms of a dish, I don’t think there really is one. Just like I said about the shapes before, I especially love variety. I do have to say that I like sour food though. Unfortunately, Qian Huang isn’t a big fan so we don’t have it too often but I think it’s really nice. Sweet and sour dishes are also very nice. I’ll make those a bit more often at home since Qian Huang won’t look as much as if I’m torturing him. But, well, if I had to say what I prefer in terms of taste, then I guess sour it would be.”

Si Jin naturally couldn’t help but answer.

Nin Sha: [Thank you. I will try to make more sour dishes when ‘Golden Spoon’ starts.]

Of course, the other viewers immediately jumped onto him again.

Food Enthusiast: [In his eyes, Nin Sha has probably seen himself winning the show already. Just look at how he talks about it. This is definitely a man that is confident in staying there longer than the casting.]

Cuddly Lion: [Damn, I really want to have this man’s confidence!]

Food Lover: [Better get a little less. We don’t need another person being so shameless toward our Ming Ming.]

Qian Huang continued to read, knowing less and less what to do. Should he try and help Nin Sha because he was helping out their channel? But then again, this had always been how things went and Nin Sha had never complained. In fact, this guy might not even read what everyone else was writing.

Si Shi Wu had no idea what was going on in the chat of ‘Bright Yellow Water’ but since he had heard that his Master had already said what he wanted, he felt better about leaving a comment himself. “Well, I think I’ve seen quite a lot. And I feel like this channel explains and demonstrates things really well. I do want to test the interaction aspect myself though.

“One thing I’ve noticed is that the anchor has made a pot of tea at the side but hasn’t mentioned it. It was just put in the middle of the table like that. I’m quite interested in what he has to say to that. After all, a whole menu isn’t just one dish that you put in front of the people but also how that dish works together with the other dishes and what you offer them to drink. I’m quite interested in that. Since I am technically a viewer myself right now, I’m going to leave a comment to ask that question myself. Let’s see if they pick it to read.”

Ai Gui Jin: [May I ask what tea you made?]

Qian Huang had been praying for a normal comment and immediately jumped at the opportunity when he saw Si Shi Wu’s comment. “Ah, there’s a question from Ai Gui Jin. He wants to —”

Xiao Ming dropped the figurative bun that he had just picked up. Li Shui reached out and caught it for him just in time. He stealthily added it to his own plate and continued to eat without Xiao Ming noticing at all.

“Who?” He didn’t care about that bun at all and just stared at Qian Huang incredulously. He hadn’t heard that wrong, had he?

Qian Huang looked back, his expression a little embarrassed. “Why? Is there something funny?” He hadn’t accidentally mispronounced it, had he? He turned back to the screen but it was still the same name. “It’s ‘Ai Gui Jin’. He’s asking about the tea …” He looked at Xiao Ming who looked pretty freaked out.

He wasn’t quite sure what this was about but he also didn’t dare to ask. Although it was probably strange to just leave it at that after everyone had witnessed how he dropped his food because he heard that name. Glancing at the screen again, he noticed that the viewers were indeed wondering what was going on.

Little Butterfly: [What’s going on with Xiao Ming? Is he alright?]

Cuddly Lion: [Xiao Ming always looks so composed. This is the first time I’ve seen him lose his cool. Who is this Ai Gui Jin?]

Seeing this, Qian Huang couldn’t help but ask as well. “Is that a name I should know?”

Xiao Ming had already managed to catch himself and gave an embarrassed smile. “Ah, I’m probably just thinking too much. You don’t know but there is a famous chef called Ai Gui Jin. I just immediately thought of him and got scared.”

“Ah, so it was like this.”

On the other channel, Si Shi Wu looked at the camera with a slightly embarrassed expression. “Well, this is awkward. I actually scared the anchor.” He didn’t really know how to continue and just stared at his screen, hoping that either of the three men over there would manage to dissolve the situation.

Qian Huang already wanted to continue when he noticed that there were some distasteful comments in the channel following Xiao Ming’s statement.

Cultivator Ghost: [Isn’t this anchor a bit too conceited? If it’s a famous chef, what he really waste his time being here and watching him cook? As if a famous chef would need any instructions!]

Qian Huang forced himself not to show the displeasure on his face. But this really wasn’t too good. People might get the wrong impression of Xiao Ming in the chat if this went on. He tried to think of something but at that moment, Li Shui already spoke up.

“Well, at least you’re not like Qian Huang, who suddenly started screaming when he found out that Goddess Tao Jin mentioned our channel on Weibo. You’re sitting way too close for that.” He rubbed his right ear as if he was already imagining how much that would have impacted him.

Qian Huang turned to him, completely incredulous. While he had hoped that they would find a way to dissolve the awkwardness, he really hadn’t wanted to be the scapegoat again. Well, anyway, this was better already. “You! Did you really need to say this? You can totally keep some things to yourself every now and then.”

He pretended to be angry while Li Shui pretended not to care. Well, he really didn’t care. He was just happy that with both Xiao Ming and Qian Huang being distracted, there would be more food left for him. Thus, he stealthily picked another one of the milk jellies.

“Well.” Qian Huang tsked, shook his head, and then turned to Xiao Ming. “Anyway, this person was asking about the tea you used. What type is it?”

Since there was nothing indicating that this was really the Ai Gui Jin he was thinking of, Xiao Ming didn’t feel pressure any longer. Most likely, this was just some fan. “Oh, in this case, I’ve decided on black tea. Since the dim sum we’ve made today are all quite sweet I felt that it would be best to use a slightly heavier tea. If it was sweet as well, I think it would really be too much. Other than black tea, lychee tea also goes very well with sweet dim sum. So if you would like to have it a bit more fruity, then this would be a good alternative.”

Si Shi Wu nodded. “Yes, yes, I think this is a good choice. Not bad at all. I also like that he even gave a second recommendation to accommodate the taste of the person that is asking. He is really thorough.” He looked a little relieved when he said so. The previous incident had really shocked him. What would his Master say if he saw that he scared Young Master Xiao like that?

Si Shi Wu didn’t know but his nephew who was watching the comments under the video on his phone saw that the viewers that had come over were actually laughing their heads off. It seemed that even these people weren’t professionals, his uncle’s live stream was well-received. He pondered for a moment and then switched to Xiao Ming’s channel ‘Bright Yellow Water’. He scrolled down to the comment section and then left one himself.

Flying Cockroach: [Actually, that ‘Ai Gui Jin’ is really a famous chef. He’s the one from the restaurant ‘Fifteen’. If you don’t believe it, just go to his newly-opened channel. He’s currently reviewing this live stream of ‘Bright Yellow Water’.]

He had seen the comments that Qian Huang had been worried about and actually felt that it would be good to give them some proof. He even sent the link in a second message as well. This would probably help his uncle’s new channel quite a bit. Maybe the next time, his uncle would reward him even better. Having finished that, he smiled to himself and switched back to his uncle’s channel to keep an eye on the views.

On the other hand, Qian Huang saw the comment and raised his brows. This … He hadn’t expected this but if it was true, then that would be fantastic for their channel. He hurriedly clicked the link, hoping that it wasn’t some kind of virus but what he saw was actually another channel and the current live stream was titled ‘Reviewing ‘Bright Yellow Water’s ‘Golden Spoon’ Preparation Live Streams’. It seemed it really was true.

He gulped and reached out, grabbing Li Shui’s wrist. Then he leaned over and whispered something into his ear.

The viewers were confused but Li Shui nodded and then got up, dusting off his hands before he hurried to the camera.

Qian Huang smiled at the audience and then explained. “As it turns out, our Xiao Ming really knows who is who in the world of cooking. That Ai Gui Jin in the comments? He’s a legit chef. And as one of our viewers, ‘Flying Cockroach’, just pointed out, he’s actually reviewing our live stream at this very moment. How about having a look?”

The viewers couldn’t help but be excited and even Xiao Ming turned around incredulously, unable to believe what he was hearing. Ai Gui Jin, the owner of ‘Fifteen’, had actually found the channel and was currently reviewing them?! Oh, heavens! Please tell him he hadn’t done anything wrong today!

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