OMF V10C49 How to Bury the One You Love?

Xiang Yu was in a daze for a moment but pulled himself together just as fast. Anyway, he didn’t need Xin Lan to solve this! Wasn’t there his first senior martial sister right now? Clearly, there were other people who cared about him despite not being Hua Lin Yu anymore. He shouldn’t just focus on the one person who couldn’t get over the change.

He raised the jade box in his hands, using his spiritual energy to probe inside. Actually, there weren’t many jade coffins stored in it. Even a sect as big as the Jian Yi Sect seldom needed them so there was no need for a big stock. They had, however, a few different kinds.

When it came to cultivators passing away, most of them would be the younger disciples. They lacked experience and skill and sometimes, when they weren’t careful, overestimated a situation, or simply got incredibly unlucky, they would end up losing their lives.

Of course, the same could happen to Elders but that was even more seldom the case. Most of the time, when an Elder left the world of the living behind, it was while they tried to ascend and few left their bodies behind to be buried.

Either way, there were simple coffins without embellishments for the disciples and some more intricate ones for the cherished Elders that had served the sect for many millennia. When it came to choosing two for Zhong Jing Yi and Jin Ling, Xiang Yu naturally didn’t hesitate and chose the latter kind. After all, one was the newly-wedded spouse of the dragon king and the other was the demon king. Surely, they should have this type of coffin, right?

Thinking of that, Xiang Yu once again fell into a daze. He suddenly couldn’t help but wonder … what kind of coffin had Xin Lan used to bury Hua Lin Yu? He hadn’t stuck around long enough to find out and had immediately sneaked away after getting back his earring. Judging by Xin Lan’s own position and that they had wanted to get married … it should be a beautiful one?

Ao Wen watched her little junior fall into a daze after pulling out two coffins. She wasn’t sure what to make of this and could only wait at the side. Inwardly, she couldn’t help but feel that her Master had been right. Sure enough, this youth did have some issues. He might not be as violent as her Master had feared but he did seem prone to spacing out. That kind of behavior was dangerous even if only to him.

Ao Wen waited for a while longer but finally couldn’t help herself. She cleared her throat and gave Xiang Yu an inquisitive look. “What’s the matter?”

Xiang Yu was pulled out of his thoughts and turned to look at her with a complicated gaze. “Senior martial sister … if your fiance died, how would you bury them?”

Ao Wen was taken aback. “A fiance?” She looked at the two coffins in front of them and thought back to the description of who these coffins were for. Neither seemed to have been anyone’s fiance.

In the end, she could only shake her head. “I’m not sure. You also know I don’t have a partner. If it really happened … well, I guess I would also come here to find a jade coffin for them? Why are you asking?” She wasn’t sure if she should ask further but seeing Xiang Yu’s expression that was still so lost, she couldn’t help herself. It just seemed right.

Xiang Yu pursed his lips. “I didn’t see Xin Lan bury me. I couldn’t help but wonder how he did it.”

“Xin Lan …” Ao Wen was at a loss for words. Right. Her Master had mentioned that there might have been a reconciliation almost at the last moment between these two. “I guess you could go and ask him if you really want to know.”

Xiang Yu shook his head. “He doesn’t want to see me.”

Ao Wen nodded. She could see her little junior’s shadow in this youth but a different incarnation was never exactly the same person. Getting along for a bit wasn’t difficult but you couldn’t just continue where you left off. Especially not if you were in love. “Well, it doesn’t have to be now. Just … wait until it’s convenient. Even if it takes a while, it doesn’t matter, does it? It’s not like he’s going to run away, after all.”

Xiang Yu kept quiet for a moment but then nodded. “You’re right!” He stepped closer and hugged her again, closing his eyes. “I’m happy I got to see you, first senior martial sister. Everyone else … they’re all treating me differently. It’s good that you’re not like that. I really miss everyone. It … it was nice being human for a while.”

Ao Wen had no idea that he was actually a fallen god or what the difference from a regular god was. To her, it simply sounded as if he had liked the life as a mortal a bit better. Maybe it was simpler or there was some other reason. Either way, he sounded sad that it was over. “Well, you can still come back here in the future to visit. And … I think Master said this was a trial? Maybe you can have another one in the future. So don’t be sad.” He rubbed the top of his head, smiling faintly.

Xiang Yu looked up and nodded dully. Right, just because one trial hadn’t worked, that didn’t have to say anything about another one. After everything was dealt with in the dragon realm, he might as well go on another one.

He looked to the side and casually pulled the two jade coffins into the space tied to his earring before handing the jade box back to Ao Wen. “You’re right, senior martial sister. I’ll do that when the time is right. Now, I should go back. Everyone is still waiting.”


Little Theater: Everyone’s Important!

Xin Lan: I am the oldest dragon alive, the only one unaffected by Tian’s curse.

Jinde: I was king of the dragon race and crowned the greatest beauty of our race ~

Qiu Ling: Well, I am the king of the dragon race and I’m well-known to be the most handsome man in all three immortal realms.

Jinde: I think you gave that title to yourself …

Qiu Ling: Who cares? It’s true nonetheless! *turns to the side* My love, what about you?

Jing He: I am the crown prince of the Nine Heavens …

Qiu Ling: And the future spouse of the current dragon king!

Xiang Yu: I … I am … *thinks hard* Ah! My father was the village head!

Xin Lan *suspicious*: Really?

Xiang Yu: … no. But it’s hard to be the only normal person in this group …

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