OMF V10C50 Not the Time for a Burial Yet

Ao Wen nodded but before she could say anything else, the youth in her arms had already turned around. He raised his hand and a cut appeared in midair, showing a courtyard with a pond in the middle. A man was standing next to it, a few bloodstains on his robe and his expression serious.

Ao Wen stared at him in a daze. That was … very clearly their sect’s Grandmaster Leng. She’d recognize that face anywhere.

Leng Jin Yu also raised his head when he noticed the portal opening next to him. A hint of surprise flashed past his features when he spotted Ao Wen but then, his expression returned to calmness. Since Xiang Yu had been in the mortal realm before, it made sense to return there to get what he had asked for. Not to mention that with the difference in time between their realms, this was the most effective if he wanted to return soon.

Xiang Yu didn’t think too much. He stepped through the portal and immediately pulled out the two coffins from his earring while the portal closed behind him on its own. “I went back to the Jian Yi Sect to find these. Are they alright? They also had others …”

Leng Jin Yu looked at the two coffins and nodded. “Yes, these are good. Thank you for your help.” He hesitated for a moment but then reached out and patted Xiang Yu’s shoulder. “I’ll move the bodies.”

Xiang Yu gave a hum and then crouched down next to the shell again. If Leng Jin Yu was going to be busy, somebody else needed to pay attention, after all. He couldn’t let anybody else come to harm.

Leng Jin Yu smiled faintly when he saw that this was his first instinct. Then, he took the lid off the first coffin and sighed. In the mortal realm, he had lived a long life. It was right to assume that he had watched many people pass away.

His own Master had left him before he had been at the Jian Yi Sect for even a hundred years. The old Sect Master had passed away a few millennia afterward. Naturally, there had also been many disciples around him who didn’t make it. After a certain amount of time in a human life, it became difficult to count the number of those you had lost.

Each time it happened, he had felt … despondent as if no matter what he did, it didn’t matter much. He couldn’t protect everyone, he couldn’t keep those he cared about out of harm’s way or at his side. He knew that this was how life was and that he had to accept it but knowing it and being able to do so were two different matters altogether.

With time, it had become easier. It wasn’t that he cared less but maybe after seeing too much, the heart simply didn’t have the capacity to grieve the same every time. Maybe he had already reached the limit. At the very least, that was what he had thought. But now …

Leng Jin Yu shook his head and went to Zhong Jing Yi’s body. He had met this person as a disciple at the Yun Zou Sect while pretending to be a senior martial brother. Even though he had always known who he really was and that their meeting was no coincidence, he had held good feelings for him.

Maybe that was because of how the God of War had talked about his nephew before or because Zhong Jing Yi had reminded him of the time when he had been young and just started out on the road to cultivation himself. He didn’t know. He only knew that this person who had later become even closer to him through the relationship with Qiu Ling he discovered was now dead.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before picking Jing Yi up. “It’s not that Qiu Ling doesn’t care. I imagine he is simply too distraught to return for now. Maybe it wouldn’t be good for him to see you like this either.”

He shook his head, his gaze brushing over the blood-stained red robe. This was what Jing Yi had changed into not too long ago for the wedding ceremony. At that time, their biggest problem seemed to have been the possible interference from Jin Ling. Now, both of them were dead. It seemed like an especially cruel joke.

He carried the body over to the coffin and gently placed it inside. Next to the white jade, his skin seemed especially pale and the red robe even more vibrant. This definitely wasn’t something he wanted Qiu Ling to see. Not without preparation at least.

He sighed again, picked up the lid of the coffin, and gently closed it. His fingertips lingered on top for a while. He … wasn’t sure what to do now. If it had been at the sect, the relevant people would have gathered and held a burial ceremony. But now, they weren’t in the mortal realm. Zhong Jing Yi had left the Yun Zou Sect behind long ago and his family wasn’t alive any longer either.

They couldn’t send him to the Nine Heavens either. After all, even though he was Jing He’s reincarnation, Jing He’s family couldn’t care less about Jing Yi and likely didn’t have a good impression of him either after he tried to kill their son. Not to mention that Jing He himself still couldn’t remember his trial. If his family received a coffin with a body, he’d be puzzled beyond belief.

In that case, the body had to stay in the dragon realm. It also made sense considering that he had just married Qiu Ling. Even though he might be Jing He’s reincarnation, he was still the dragon king’s spouse in a sense.

But even though this was the most logical approach, it came with some problems. For one, there was naturally the matter that he needed a burial that wasn’t customary for the dragons. Then, maybe even more importantly, there was the fact that his husband hadn’t yet returned and they couldn’t estimate when that would happen either. In that case, it seemed like they would have to let the coffin just … stand around until that day arrived.

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