RMN C489 Associated Risks

“You don’t have to worry about that too much. As white jade said, your level is rather low. Most likely, you will never need to transmit energy alone at a vital time. Instead, you’d most likely give energy in preparation or together with others so not only your transmission would be relevant.”

Yun Bei Fen’s expression turned relieved when he heard that. He knew he wasn’t the smartest or fastest when it came to learning things. Usually, that only directly affected himself. If it were to hurt Mei Chao Bing though, he wouldn’t be able to do it. He wouldn’t even dare to try. But if he wasn’t the only one doing this, then it should be easier.

Yan Jian Hong nodded with satisfaction when he saw that his explanation had helped. “Now, let’s talk about the different ways to actually use the skill.” He motioned for Yun Bei Fen to sit down on the bench at the side. This kind of skill indeed needed a lot of time. Patience was a requirement and something they specifically cultivated in their sect. Thus, going about this calmly and step by step might even help him with learning.

“The first way is the most direct: You will sit down with the other person, both enter a calm state, and then directly transmit the energy, often skin-to-skin. Especially when you are still learning, that is the easiest way to do this as well because you have direct feedback on how well your transmission works.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded. He still wasn’t sure how to actually transmit the energy to Mei Chao Bing in that kind of situation but he could vaguely imagine it.

“Now, if you try to imagine a large fight with many cultivators, you can surely see that it would be chaotic. At that time, you can’t just walk over the battlefield, go up to the person you want to help, and imbue them with spiritual energy.

“Thus, our role usually plays out at the sidelines where it is somewhat quieter. Naturally, the cultivators still can’t just come to us to ask for their energy to be replenished. The other side would know to prevent that, right?”

Yun Bei Fen thought for a moment and then nodded again. That did seem logical. After all, it would be a disadvantage for the other side if they were able to just go and have their spiritual energy replenished whenever they wanted or needed to. Of course, they’d do something against that.

“Trying to get around that problem was what brought about a second way of transmitting energy. Using that way, energy is transmitted over a larger distance, although there are limitations on how far that distance may be. To achieve this, two arrays are used, one that stays with you, and another on the body of the person you want to help.”

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes. “So that means you can’t just help anybody that way?” It didn’t matter much for him since he mostly wanted to help Mei Chao Bing but that sounded really inconvenient.

Yan Jian Hong smiled. “You’re not wrong. Yes, with this approach, you can only help the people that carry the corresponding array. Of course, before a battle, we would distribute those arrays to our disciples so that the transmission of energy will be possible. That disadvantage is easily mitigated this way.

“The approach still poses another risk though: As I said, the battles are chaotic so how can you ensure that the array isn’t damaged? If it is, the transmission will not work.

“Even worse, if you aren’t careful, the transmission might instead turn into an attack. That could easily kill somebody because the familiar energy that rushes their way with the intention to help does not carry killing intent. Thus, it will not register the way a spiritual attack from a demonic practitioner would.”

Yun Bei Fen’s eyes went wide. Somehow, he felt exactly like at the beginning again when he was told that his transmitting the energy might hurt or even kill Mei Chao Bing. Why was this technique so difficult?

Yan Jian Hong smiled. “Don’t worry. I am telling you this so you know what to take note of and won’t attempt this without having a good grasp of the technique. This is something we do with the younger disciples of our sect as well. Because only if you know the risks you can make an informed decision on whether or not to go ahead with the idea of transmitting energy.

“If you were to think it was easy, you might make the decision and inadvertently harm the person you wanted to help. The warnings are all so you will proceed with caution, knowing that there are risks associated with this.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded again, although he felt that knowing these risks, he might rather not attempt it at all.

Yan Jian Hong could imagine what he was thinking and laughed faintly. “Don’t forget: In some situations, being able to do this or not can make the difference between the other person having enough energy for that final attack or not. So knowing the technique is always better than not knowing, you simply need to be careful with actually using it.”

“I see.” Yun Bei Fen furrowed his brows. Right. The red priest had explained before what the skill was used for and it had sounded really important. He had simply ignored that when he heard the risks. But clearly, it wasn’t that simple. There were both advantages and disadvantages to it.

And yes, just knowing it for the worst-case scenario would be good. As long as that kind of situation didn’t actually happen, he wouldn’t need to use it. But if he had to, he would also be prepared. He wasn’t losing anything by just giving it a try. “So … how does it actually work?”

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