SML V6C16 He Tried to Set Me Up

The first familiar person Mo Fang saw when he entered the restaurant wasn’t Si Tao but Linghu Jiahao. He was sitting at one of the tables not too far from the door, his gaze on the bar or more likely the people lingering there.

Mo Fang smiled faintly. When he originally met Linghu Jiahao, he had gotten the impression of a gentle and refined man. Hearing him talk about giving lectures to students and seeing him put on the clothes for when he talked to people in business … he really seemed especially decent. Looking back now, he had some doubts about how close to the truth that appearance really was but it wasn’t something he still needed to think about.

Mo Fang glanced through the rest of the room but still couldn’t spot Si Tao so he walked over and pulled out one of the chairs. “Jiahao.”

Linghu Jiahao pulled his gaze away from the bar and smiled when he saw Mo Fang, his gaze moving up and down. “Ah Fang, it’s good to see you again. You look nice.” He had actually seen him once since he returned but that had been just two days after he got back so he had felt that he hadn’t gotten the right impression. Right now, Mo Fang looked a lot better compared to that day.

“You too.” Mo Fang didn’t say more and simply waved at one of the waiters. “Just a glass of water.”

Linghu Jiahao raised a brow. “Some kind of new fitness regime?” He knew that some models would cut out drinking because of the calories but Mo Fang had been blessed with the kind of genes where he would hardly put on weight no matter what he ate or drank so he didn’t think he’d need to do this. Then again, he seemed to have lost some weight recently. He sure looked thinner than he remembered him.

Mo Fang faintly shook his head. “No, I simply don’t feel like it. Anyway, Ah Tao isn’t even here yet. He isn’t, is he?” He looked up again but still couldn’t spot him.

Linghu Jiahao shook his head as well. “No, and with how I know him, he won’t get here at whatever time he told you either. So there’s no use in waiting for him.”

Mo Fang gave a hum but still didn’t order anything else. Instead, he changed the topic. “We didn’t have much time to talk the other day and I felt like I did all the talking. How are you doing?”

Linghu Jiahao sighed. “Did Ah Tao not tell you already? I would have sworn he’d get up-to-date on everything happening in my life.”

Mo Fang shook his head. “No. He only casually called today so there wasn’t much time to speak either.”

“Mn.” Linghu Jiahao didn’t respond immediately. When it came to Mo Fang … of course, there were some concerns he had when talking about his life. He certainly wouldn’t tell him about every failed relationship he had had recently. His job also wasn’t too exciting recently so he had to think for a while before he finally thought of something worth mentioning. “Well, Ah Tao set me up on a blind date a while ago. Kind of got talked into it by his girlfriend and that Li Ming.”

Mo Fang’s brows faintly rose. He could imagine Si Tao setting somebody up without a problem and he could also imagine Tong Lan being on board. Li Ming though? Then, he suddenly realized that there was something else he should think about. “Li Ming and you …”

“Ah, right, you don’t know.” Linghu Jiahao picked up his drink and took a sip, his eyes narrowing faintly. “He visited a course of mine a while back. I had no idea the two of you had dated before. Was quite the shock when I came here and found him on a double date with Si Tao.” He laughed and shook his head. “Well, it’s not like I don’t know quite a few of your exes. What is one more?”

Mo Fang gave a hum but didn’t inquire further. Si Tao liked to gossip and so did some of his friends. Linghu Jiahao might not be like that but some of the other guests might. If the wrong person overheard their conversation and it got back to Li Ming, it would just make him feel like he was deliberately inquiring about him. Considering the situation between them, he’d rather not take any chances.

Linghu Jiahao gave him a look when he didn’t get much of a response and clicked his tongue. Mo Fang had really changed. He didn’t even know anymore what to talk about with him. In the end, he could only get back to what he had mentioned before. “Either way, I joined them on their double date as the only single person so somehow, Ah Tao arranged a blind date for me.

“Took a while to find a date that fit both of us since we’re apparently both busy people but then, we met up for the standard date of getting a drink to get to know each other. Ah Tao very conscientiously lend us one of his venues although I bet he just wanted to know about everything from somebody else than me and that guy.”

Mo Fang smiled faintly. “That sounds like him. The date didn’t go well though?”

Linghu Jiahao shook his head. “No, it was a disaster. We didn’t vibe at all. I guess I should have expected it. The idea seemed to be to set me up with someone unexpected.”

Mo Fang gave a hum. “Do I know the guy?”

“I’m not sure. Does the name Yuan Hai ring a bell?”

Mo Fang thought for a moment. It didn’t immediately so this shouldn’t be somebody he had ever been close to or dated. But then, the name did sound a bit familiar. He pondered for a while and finally, his face lit up. “Does he have anything to do with Yuan Technologies?”

Linghu Jiahao inclined his head. “Not just anything. He’s the CEO of the company. His father even founded it.”

“I see.” Mo Fang nodded but didn’t say anything else. Instead, he patted the top of the table. “Ah, I haven’t eaten yet. I’ll go and order something from brother Yao.” With that, he directly got up and walked away.

Linghu Jiahao raised his brows but didn’t follow him either. He simply leaned back and turned to the bar again. Anyway, he really didn’t feel like staying single any longer.

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