RMN C488 Observe Carefully

Yun Bei Fen looked from one person to the other and finally spoke up while the white jade and the red priest were staring at each other. “So … what do you want to teach me?” Either way, even if it didn’t help at all with figuring out his ability, he still wanted to learn more.

Yan Jian Hong pursed his lips and turned back to Yun Bei Fen, putting on a smile again. “Well, I could teach you a skill that allows you to transmit spiritual energy to another person.

“In dire situations like a fast-paced fight, it can be that spiritual energy runs out. At that time, the person with less energy will have fewer options because they can’t use as many skills.

“If they are given a boost of spiritual energy by somebody else though, it can allow them to use more skills again. Or they will have the opportunity to use one especially strong skill at a risky time that they might not have been able to use otherwise.”

“That sounds awesome!” Yun Bei Fen’s eyes lit up with excitement. If he could really help Mei Chao Bing in a situation like that, it would be incredible.

White jade gave the other guardian a look before turning back to the disciple. “What you should keep in mind is that this depends a lot on the level though. What level is your friend? Core formation stage? And you are at the foundation establishment level. Whatever spiritual energy you can supply won’t help him much.”

Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips. It seemed he would be useless even if he learned new techniques …

Yan Jian Hong sighed. “Of course, everything in the cultivation world relies on one’s level. Don’t be discouraged though. Small contributions might not make much of a difference on their own but they can play a vital role when looking at the big picture.

“You’re not supposed to channel all the spiritual energy necessary for a major attack. You’re only supposed to make up for what’s lacking and that might very well be a small amount. Also, there is the option of not just one person providing that energy but many of them. Even if all of them were only in the Qi refinement stage, as long as there are many of them, it could be enough. It’s really a question of what one wants to achieve.”

Yun Bei Fen cheered up again, feeling that in this case, it might not be hopeless.

Shang Qiang wanted to say something but Yan Jian Hong gave him a warning look. They were trying to teach Yun Bei Fen something so they could test the limits of his ability. Whether any of them thought this would really be useful in the upcoming fight or not was secondary. So there really was no need to bring up all those deliberations. If the child didn’t want to learn anymore because of that, what should they do?

Shang Qiang finally pursed his lips and kept silent. Alright, maybe he had been overdoing it a bit. Anyway, it wasn’t like the skill couldn’t be learned a little earlier. Those disciples in the Zhen Yan Sect likely learned it when they were very young as well but would only use it actively when they were older. There was no problem with that and Yan Jian Hong should know best. That was the sect he had grown up in after all.

Since there was finally no nay-sayer next to him, the red priest started on his quest to teach Yun Bei Fen. “The important point to take note of is that spiritual energy needs to be transmitted carefully from one person to the other.

“If you take it in from the world around you, it enters your own body and you can react to any minute change without trouble. If you transmit it to another person though, it leaves your body but enters theirs so the changes are on their end and can’t be directly felt by you.

“To make sure that nothing bad happens, you always have to take note of how the other person is doing and not rush into things. Supporting others mostly means to observe carefully and adjust what you do based on everything you can perceive.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded. This all made a lot of sense to him. He definitely wouldn’t want to hurt Mei Chao Bing if he would ever transmit spiritual energy to him. “Then, what am I looking for?”

Yan Jian Hong gave a hum and tilted his head. “That depends. In the case of this specific skill, you have to ensure two things: For one, you may not transmit the energy too fast because that would be painful for the other person. And two, you may also not transmit it too slow since that runs the risk of them reaching a deficit of spiritual energy while using a skill.

“The latter is especially dangerous because it can damage the vital energy of the person. Meaning that they will burn their own vitality instead of the spiritual energy. In severe cases, they could die of that. So when in doubt, it is better to transmit the energy faster than slower.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded but his expression had already turned doubtful. This sounded rather complicated now that they were getting to the details. Would he really be able to do it? He didn’t think so. He wasn’t really skilled in anything, not like Mei Chao Bing, any of his senior martial brothers, or the four guardians. He was only a simple disciple that wasn’t very advanced at his level and didn’t know many skills. He didn’t think that he had it in him to do something this intricate.

Yan Jian Hong saw his doubt but didn’t stop. Skills like this needed to be learned. Usually, a disciple had years to do so which was why they started early. With Yun Bei Fen, he was suddenly given so much information about all kinds of skills so it was no wonder to feel overwhelmed. Still, ultimately, he would benefit from this so even though there might be some doubts, they had to try at least.

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