RMN C487 Your Deepest Wish

Shen Lei and Luo Lin left under the angry glare of the latter’s Master, soon getting busy with testing out how long it would take for Luo Lin to finish copying a new ability.

In the meantime, the black warrior continued on as if nothing had happened. “Have you had any breakthroughs with your ability since the last time we saw each other?”

Yun Bei Fen was also pulled out of his thoughts quite easily and straightforwardly shook his head. “No, not at all.”

Elder Baili coughed. Honestly, it was nice that his disciples were so special that two of them had an ability but … why couldn’t one of them be Zhi Guan? With how dependable he usually was, he’d be able to figure it out in no time and he also wouldn’t embarrass him the way Luo Lin did. It was a pity a Master couldn’t pick and choose which disciple developed how. Yeah, that could really make one sigh.

The three guardians paid him no heed and instead focused on Yun Bei Fen. In fact, while the black warrior seemed serious, the other two were warming up a lot when it came to helping Yun Bei Fen figure this out.

They could still remember how it had been when they realized they had abilities. Sure, there had been signs before but all three of them had been fumbling around in the dark before Tong Chen came around. He had helped them a lot and they were thankful for that. Still, the experience of helping a junior figure out his ability was something they hadn’t had so far. To say that it was exciting would be an understatement.

The white jade especially was happy with having Yun Bei Fen around. The dislike between him and Luo Lin was mutual so he had no deeper desire to engage and try and teach him anything. Yun Bei Fen was different though. He was like the perfect disciple to help along on his way. Thus, he naturally started to pass on all of his knowledge.

“You know, when I was young, all I ever wanted was to be tough. So with time, that is the ability I developed: I made myself tougher. If you want to know what your ability is, it’s best to figure out what you really want more than anything!”

Yun Bei Fen showed a thoughtful expression. Something he really, really wanted … was to spend time with Mei Chao Bing. But somehow, he doubted that that would make a good ability. Rather than that … “I want to help senior martial brother Mei!”

“Oh.” White jade couldn’t help but be a little stumped. That was a rather broad wish. But then, maybe some prompting could get him to be more specific. “Well, how do you think you could help him?”

Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips. “Well … by getting stronger?”

“Uh …” White jade nodded slowly but still wasn’t sure how to continue. “Then how do you think that could work?”

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes in response. How to get stronger? “By learning and practicing a lot? Mei Chao Bing taught me lots of things recently, you know? My first senior martial brother too!”

White jade scratched his head. Well, none of that was wrong but he really couldn’t see how this would be an ability.

The red priest gave him a look and shook his head. “You’re just confusing him. Our abilities aren’t some kind of wish being granted. We are born with an ability and can refine it but that’s it. It’s not like we can choose.”

White jade huffed. “You say that but didn’t I get the tough skin I wanted?”

“And yet, you still have that baby face.” The red priest poked his cheek and shook his head. “You got lucky in a sense but that doesn’t mean this is how abilities work.” Turning to Yun Bei Fen, he smiled kindly. “It’s best to look at what you already have and then explore that further.

“Your ability seems to be somehow connected to learning so learning more is indeed a good way to scope out the limits of your ability. How about letting white jade teach you an array and me teaching you a supporting technique? Maybe we’ll be able to draw some conclusions from that.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded. He was never opposed to learning anything new when he got the chance. After all, everything he knew and could do was something that could help Mei Chao Bing if there was a difficult situation in the future. And if not for that, then he could at least be a bit better prepared to take care of himself so Mei Chao Bing didn’t have to.

While Yun Bei Fen was well-behaved, white jade was much less so. He definitely didn’t agree with the red priest’s view on things. “If it isn’t us fulfilling our wishes, then how come your ability allows you to support others and save lives? That’s always been what you wanted, wasn’t it?”

Yan Jian Hong sighed. “And I do that even just by following the teachings of my Zhen Yan Sect. My ability simply happened to line up with that.”

“What a coincidence! I bet it was a coincidence as well that the black warrior got an ability that balances out that he can’t see in a fight.”

Tong Chen was simply hanging back and letting the two of them argue. Even when he was brought up, he didn’t say a word. When it came to their abilities, all of them could come to a different understanding. They didn’t know what was the truth so you couldn’t say that either of them was right or wrong. It was simply a matter of having a different perspective.

In a way, they might even both be right: Their wishes had often been formed early on and because of those wishes, they had done certain things that ultimately benefited their abilities. So maybe their wishes had indeed somewhat influenced what they could do even though their ability couldn’t be chosen freely. There was such a possibility.

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