OMF V10C36 The Demon King’s Spouses

Sweeping the palace from top to bottom, they indeed found more than two dozen bodies. Lining them up in the throne room, Ye Yang tsked. Yong Hai had really managed to cause a lot of chaos in just one day. And that even though he hadn’t even managed to kill the previous demon king himself and had simply taken advantage of the circumstances.

He paused when he thought of that and couldn’t help but sigh. Well, to be honest, Jin Ling had gotten the throne in the same way. The one who killed Mojun Huo Yan had been the current Longjun, not Jin Ling. Jin Ling had simply managed to prevail in the fight afterward.

But then, he had at least had the decency to do so when it was clear the previous king was dead. Yong Hai … well, he simply crowned himself when nobody knew where Jin Ling was. Although then again, if the roles were reversed, he likely wouldn’t find anything problematic with that. He simply disliked Yong Hai.

He shook his head at himself and then took a closer look at the bodies. He pointed at one of them and motioned to the other demons waiting at the side. “That one is part dragon. Let’s put him to one side and divide them that way.”

The demons inclined their heads and one moved the body while another made space by pushing the others further away.

Ye Yang didn’t pay them much heed and instead looked at the rest of the bodies, pointing at a few of them and giving instructions on where to put them. After identifying half a dozen people by himself, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows.

In the past, he had really paid a lot of attention to Jin Ling. Even though Jin Ling had never really entertained the idea of them being something more, he still hadn’t been able to help himself. Just looking into those eyes … somehow, he felt bespelled.

He sighed and motioned at the next person before sighing even more deeply. “Eh, I’m afraid that Yin Lin Lin from the god race. We’ll really get into trouble for that one.”

The other demons nodded but still just carried her body to the side with the people who had possessed some blood of the gods.

Ye Yang also didn’t pay her any further attention. Yin Lin Lin had been a rather recent addition to Jin Ling’s harem and in the end, she hadn’t turned out to be particularly helpful from what he could see. Either way, he couldn’t do anything about the fact she was dead. He could only return her to her people.

He went through the rest of the bodies, finally managing to identify roughly half of them. Looking at the rest, he could only give a hum and then turn to the other demons, raising his brows. “Do you recognize any of the others?”

The demons had long looked them over but unfortunately, they weren’t that familiar with Jin Ling’s spouses. Even with everyone coming together, they could only identify another two of them.

Ye Yang sighed. “I guess that leaves another eleven people.” He pursed his lips but then shook his head. “Well, let’s deal with them first. We can’t just dump them on their doorstep. Somebody go to the city and buy jade coffins for all of the bodies.”

The demons exchanged glances but nobody stepped forward.

Ye Yang raised his brows. “Nobody feels up to that task?” He picked a demon at random, staring at him intently.

The woman tensed up, pursed her lips, and finally stepped out. “Then I’ll do it?” She didn’t want to though. Those who insisted on putting a dead person in a jade coffin were usually those who couldn’t let go of their obsession with the one in question. As a result … they were charged ridiculous amounts for that coffin. That really wasn’t the kind of fortune she wanted to lose.

Ye Yang nodded, opened his spatial ring, and then threw a bag at her. “That should be enough for the coffins. If it isn’t, tell them to come to the palace if they dare and charge me directly.” After all, he wasn’t an idiot either.

The woman’s expression turned for the better. After acknowledging his words with a nod, she simply turned and rushed out of the palace. Anyway, this task was easy enough. As long as she didn’t have to pay, she really didn’t mind. Not to mention that she could still barge in with the words ‘Mojun wants two dozen of your jade coffins’ and stare them down. She’d like to see if they’d still dare to upcharge the new king!

Back at the palace, Ye Yang didn’t care about that any longer. He looked at the remaining bodies and gave a hum. “We don’t know them but somebody among Jin Ling’s spouses should.” He pointed at yet another demon. “You go and get them here for me.” This was just as well. He had wanted to talk to them anyway.

Jin Ling’s spouses … he also knew that he hadn’t truly cared even about a single one of them. Not that that was strange for any demon since they usually operated only on the merit of the benefits others could bring them but usually, everyone had a person or two they were obsessed with. In Jin Ling’s mind, there had indeed been such a person but they hadn’t been part of his harem. It was a bit sad to think about.

Ye Yang glanced at the throne, his heart heavy. All these years, he had lived without a spouse or much of a relationship, really. It was only when Jin Ling bothered to entertain his flights of fancy that he allowed himself to give it a try. Now, he had somehow turned into the demon king. Could he still persevere in his previous ways and stay alone? Without others propping him up from the back, could he even persist on the throne for any length of time?

It was hard to say but honestly, he didn’t want to have to deal with this no matter how that would influence his reign. He just wasn’t comfortable with that kind of thing, traditions be damned.

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