OMF V10C37 No Rush

The demon Ye Yang had sent out to get Jin Ling’s living spouses returned soon enough, several people trailing behind him. He hadn’t bothered to get all of them and just grabbed the first few he could find. Surely, for this, it should be enough.

Ye Yang nodded even though he had originally wanted to speak to all of them. But then, maybe doing this one after another wasn’t too bad either. Also, he didn’t need to have everyone else gathered to bear witness to that talk either.

For the time being, he put any thoughts of their current situation aside and focused on the matter at hand. “Have you told them why I want to see them?”

The demon immediately shook his head. He might not be afraid but he didn’t have a habit of stepping on any demon king’s toes. That would simply be stupid. Right now, he wasn’t sure about what to think of Ye Yang so he was more careful. Unless he was explicitly told to inform these people, he wouldn’t do it.

Ye Yang barely held back a sigh. He would have liked it if these people could save him some time by just being proactive but then, he also knew that adjusting to a new king was never easy in the demon realm. He shouldn’t expect too much on day one.

He walked back to the throne, taking his seat on top just to make the situation clear. “You probably know that Yong Hai took it upon himself to put on the crown. Well, he’s dead now and so is Jin Ling. I intend to do a few things differently from them. You will find out about that soon enough. Now, you tell me who those people are and where they came from.” He motioned to the bodies still lying in the middle of the room.

Jin Ling’s spouses exchanged a look. When they came into the throne room and saw the scene of several others dead, clearly having been killed not too long ago, they had immediately thought that they would be next. Unfortunately, they weren’t the strongest so trying to run away wasn’t feasible. Hearing Ye Yang’s question now, they slightly relaxed. It seemed they might be able to stay alive if they proved themselves to be useful?

One of them stepped forward immediately, his red lips curving into an enchanting smile. “Your Majesty, I know all of them.” He didn’t give either Ye Yang or the ones behind him a chance to speak and hurriedly pointed at the first body, stating their identities one by one.

Jin Ling had seldom picked out his spouses based on their strength in a fight. To him, information had been much more valuable. So, to stay on top of the others, this demon had put in the time to try and gain as much information as he could. That naturally also involved knowing the others he was competing with. Thus, he was very clear about their identities.

Ye Yang calmly motioned for the others to deal with the bodies accordingly. Six of them were actually full-blooded demons so they could be disposed of in their realm. That was to say, they could be returned to the families they came from.

Even though their family members might not care, he still felt it best to give them the information. Some sincerity could still go a long way even in the demon realm. At the very least, that was the idea he had always followed in life. It was a vain hope but he still had some principles even as a demon.

He pointed out two of the demons he had managed to recruit previously. “You wait for Lin Shi to bring back those coffins, put these six in there, and carry them back to their families. Tell them what happened.” He wasn’t sure if they would tell them the actual facts but, right now, he could only hope. He didn’t have enough trustworthy people to send somebody along that could report back to him.

The two demons nodded and then looked at each other, not sure what to do. This task still depended on Lin Shi to come back … Finally, they simply carried the six bodies to the side so they wouldn’t be lying in the middle of the throne room and then stood next to them, trying to look stoic.

The tasks they had gotten so far weren’t difficult and they still weren’t sure what to make of Ye Yang’s long-term plan but they did like how straightforward he was. Much better than that coward Yong Hai who would play games with everyone whenever he could. In comparison to Jin Ling … well, he hadn’t been as bad but they appreciated Ye Yang’s strength more. So, overall, having him as their king didn’t seem to be the worst. They’d put in some more effort for now and see how it turned out.

Ye Yang gave a hum and then looked at the two groups of bodies that were still lying on the ground unattended. These had to be sent back to the Nine Heavens and the demon realm, respectively.

That task was more or less the same as the one he had just given but it was more difficult at the same time. This was about bettering the relationship between the races, after all. One wrong word and his goal couldn’t be achieved.

He pondered for a moment and then looked at the demon that had just told him the identities of the last bodies. “Among Jin Ling’s remaining spouses, are there any gods, dragons, or half-bloods?”

The demon hurriedly nodded. “Sure, there are!”

Ye Yang gave a hum. “You go and fetch them for me.” Then, he leaned back and closed his eyes. This matter couldn’t be solved all at once. He first had to wait for the right people to arrive. After that, he’d give the next commands. This kind of plan, he had to work on it slowly. Any kind of rush would simply cause matters to go wrong.

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