OMF V10C30 To the Tower of Wisdom

Qiang Wei automatically turned around when the door opened. Then, he simply stared at Jing He in a daze. This … had he changed his clothes? Again? He could have sworn that the last time Jing He opened the door, he had been wearing a different color. And on the day he went on his trial, he had worn a white robe so … this was apparently robe number three today.

The dragon finally shook his head to pull out of those thoughts. He might not get it but if his king’s beloved wanted to change twice a day, who was he to think that odd? “Your Highness. May I help you?”

Jing He gave the same soft smile as usual, his fingers still brushing through the fur of the little beast. “Adviser Qiang Wei, if the battle has ended, is there still any danger now?”

Qiang Wei hesitated for a moment but then shook his head. “There shouldn’t be.” At the very least, not here in the Nine Heavens. The only danger should currently be to their king’s own life.

Jing He nodded. “In that case, do you think it would be alright to go to the Tower of Wisdom? I’m afraid I don’t know what type of beast this is and since Longjun won’t have time to come here before everything else is taken care of, I should find out myself. Otherwise, how can I care for it?”

Qiang Wei looked at the beast sprawling in Jing He’s arms with a complicated expression. Actually, he was afraid that even if their king was here, he might have no idea what this thing actually was. In fact, if he saw the current behavior of this thing, he might even regret bringing it here in the first place. But no matter what, that was a worry for later. “I don’t think it should be a problem. Maybe you want me to accompany you though? Just in case?”

Jing He thought for a moment and then inclined his head. “I would be very grateful if you could do that, yes.”

Qiang Wei gave a hum. “Let’s go then. Uh … your guards from the Nine Heavens should probably come along as well?”

Jing He glanced in the direction of the main entrance of his palace and wasn’t sure what to say. Mu Kun and Huang Lan would definitely want to come along but he’d feel uncomfortable walking around with three people guarding him in tow. Although then again … “Considering the circumstances, that might indeed be better. Then, would Adviser Qiang Wei accompany me over to the main entrance?”

Qiang Wei hurriedly nodded and motioned ahead. He even conscientiously closed the door behind Jing He before following him over. Inwardly, he couldn’t help but feel anxious though. He might be pretending that everything was alright in front of Jing He but he knew full well that it wasn’t. Their king was in a volatile state. If he somewhat snapped out of it and rushed over here to see His Highness but couldn’t find him …

He subconsciously grabbed a transmission stone, his fingers brushing over the smooth surface. He should probably notify the others whenever he got the chance to ensure that wouldn’t happen. Yes, that was certainly for the best.

He glanced at Jing He who was silently walking next to him, the two guards from the Nine Heavens trailing behind with vigilant expressions. Right now, nobody else was around so if he could give a good explanation to His Highness himself, this was the perfect moment.

His gaze brushed over the street ahead and he finally cleared his throat. “Ah, Your Highness …”

Jing He turned to him with a questioning look. “What might be the matter?”

“Would you mind if I contacted one of the other advisers to tell them where we are going? I don’t know when His Majesty will have time to come here but I was thinking he might get worried if he were to and wouldn’t find you where he expects you to be. After this attack …”

Jing He hurriedly nodded. “Of course! I wouldn’t want to add to Longjun’s troubles.” In fact, his heart couldn’t help but thump faster when Qiang Wei mentioned this. If he contacted one of the other advisers who were with Qiu Ling … maybe he would be able to see him or hear his voice as well. Or maybe if Qiu Ling realized that he had woken up, he would want to hurry over faster and he wouldn’t have to wait as long to get to see him.

Qiang Wei nodded and finally pulled out the transmission stone. He hesitated for a bit. Right now, the ones with their king should be Leng Jin Yu, Fu Min, and Fu Heng. He didn’t really dare to just contact the former but with Fu Min, there was the problem that he might blurt something out he wasn’t supposed to say in this situation. In the end, the only option was Fu Heng.

The person in question didn’t need long to accept the transmission. Since they were the ones currently shadowing their king and keeping up communications with the others left in the dragon realm, they had even expected to be contacted. He was only surprised that somebody would choose to contact him instead of his husband first.

Fu Min also was surprised so he immediately poked his head out behind his husband’s shoulder as well as he could with the difference in height. Seeing Qiang Wei, he raised his brows. “Qiang Wei, what’s the —”

Qiang Wei winced and hurriedly interrupted him. “Hey, you two. I just wanted to pass on some information. I am accompanying His Highness to the Tower of Wisdom so in case His Majesty comes to the Nine Heavens to see him and can’t find him at his palace, that’s where we’ll be. That’s all. I shouldn’t keep you from your tasks!” With that, he already cut the connection, not wanting to give Fu Min the opportunity to screw this up.

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