OCN C14 A Special ‘Special Live Stream’

The time to begin the next live stream soon came. Xiao Ming and the other two had been excited the whole day after finding out that the actress Tao Jin had mentioned their channel. With her in the lead, quite a few news outlets and bigger accounts had written articles that had also mentioned them. It was fair to assume that the attention on them had more than tripled. And after a bit more time had has passed, it might be even more.

It would be a lie to say that Xiao Ming wasn’t worried about that as well. He had already felt so when he had been in the press conference for ‘Golden Spoon’ and it became apparent that a new type of audience would soon know about them. But now that such a celebrity had actually mentioned them and more and more people look at their channel, he was worried about what that would bring with it.

The more people there were that watched you, the more likely it was that there would be people that disliked you. And especially online, that type of dislike would often be shown directly. Well, it was probably great that he was just cooking and did not need to look at the channel at the same time. Otherwise, he really wouldn’t know what to do. He felt for Qian Huang though.

As usual, Xiao Ming prepared all the ingredients that he would need and then tried to calm himself down only to fail miserably. Qian Huang tried to help as well but his success also wasn’t big. Meanwhile, Li Shui was already behind the camera, making sure that he was ready to go while snacking on a few leftovers from the afternoon that Xiao Ming had made especially for him.

A few minutes before they were ready to start their live stream, Si Shi Wu started his own so he could explain what the video was about and still be in time for the start of Bright Yellow Water’s stream.

Seeing as he was doing this in his role as a professional, he first introduced himself. “Good evening, everybody. I am Ai Gui Jin, starred chef and owner of the restaurant ‘Fifteen’.” This information was actually accurate or, well, it was accurate in regard to the persona he had created to deal with matters where he couldn’t appear in his identity as Si Shi Wu of the Si clan. For this stream, it was certainly the right identity to use.

“If you are interested in cooking, you might have heard about the upcoming TV-Show ‘Golden Spoon’ that will start in three weeks’ time. One of the fixed judges of the show will be the famous chef Mister Yu who has coined several dishes of modern Chinese cuisine. The second fixed judge of the show is called Xiao Ming and teaches people how to cook on his food live stream channel ‘Bright Yellow Water’.

“Before the announcement of ‘Golden Spoon’, I was not too aware of the existence of food anchors. I do find the idea of teaching people online how to cook intriguing though because, over the years, I have observed that many people do not know how to cook and not everybody has the option to learn professionally.

“I think that a food or maybe rather cooking live stream would — if done professionally — be a path to ensure that everybody is able to learn how to cook. As thus, I want to take a closer look at this ‘Bright Yellow Water’ channel and evaluate how professional this representative of the food live stream industry is.

“For this, I will take a look at today’s live stream which will begin in a minute.” He turned around and pulled down a white background he had set up together with his nephew before and then pulled up the channel of ‘Bright Yellow Water’ on his screen, projecting it on the background.

His nephew couldn’t help but raise his brows. He had explained to his uncle how everything worked but he had been a little worried that he wouldn’t be able to get it right and embarrass himself online. Now, it seemed he had worried too much.

Si Shi Wu didn’t bother about him and instead made sure that he wasn’t covering any part of the image. He had to make sure that Young Master Xiao’s stream was visible, after all.

Just then, the third special live stream in preparation for ‘Golden Spoon’ already began.

“Welcome to Bright Yellow Water, everyone. I am Xiao Ming and behind the camera are Qian Huang and Li Shui. In preparation for ‘Golden Spoon’, we are having another special live stream today where we are going to talk about the aesthetics of food.

“We have already touched upon this subject the last time but will cover it in more detail today. To be more precise, we are going to talk about how to decorate and plate your dishes in a way that is pleasing to the eye.”

Si Shi Wu lightly nodded after that introduction. “Ah, it seems that ‘Bright Yellow Water’ is not just one person but a whole team instead. Personally, I think that this is very good. It means that this Xiao Ming is able to focus on cooking most of the time. The topic he has chosen is also a very important one. Especially so when a competition like ‘Golden Spoon’ is coming up.” He fell silent again so people could listen to Young Master Xiao again.

“Now, as for today’s dishes, we are going to make sesame roll-ups, fried sesame balls, figurative buns, deep-fried milk, durian and tapioca pudding, as well as coconut milk jellies.”

Si Shi Wu gave a hum. “This is slightly strange.” Before he had time to explain, Xiao Ming already inserted an explanation of his own.

“If you know these dishes, you will realize that they are mostly sweet dishes. Usually, you would not make a meal like this. I have chosen these specifically for today because for one, while our Li Shui would eat anything, our Qian Huang has a sweet tooth.”

“Not true!” Qian Huang flushed red when Xiao Ming outed him like this but looking at the comments, the viewers seemed to like it.

Xiao Ming ignored his interjection. “Well, once in a while, I want to treat him to something he’ll especially like. Right now, he has a lot to do in preparation for ‘Golden Spoon’ so I feel like he deserves this.”

Si Shi Wu nodded along. “If it was me, I would still choose a few other dishes to neutralize the taste. After eating a lot of sweet things, it might start to feel cloying otherwise even for somebody who likes sweet dishes.” While he would like to just praise Young Master Xiao, this was also intended for a professional audience and the news outlets so he couldn’t just ignore something that was this blatantly ignoring the general rules.

It was a pity though that he had to do it this early. The first dish hadn’t even been started and now, he was already criticizing Young Master Xiao. This wasn’t off to a good start. Maybe this live stream wasn’t the right one.

Meanwhile, Xiao Ming continued to explain. “Other than this, there is a second reason that is actually more important. For this, I’ll have to explain a little more though.

“If you have been watching our live streams before, you will have noticed that there are a few more dishes than usual. This is so I can demonstrate a few things you can do or should take note of all in this one stream. Now, each dish takes its time to make so if I don’t want to skimp on my explanations of today’s topic, I can’t spend as much time on actually cooking as I usually do.

“Because of that, I have chosen dishes that I can already prepare beforehand to a large degree. This means that for the live stream, most dishes only need to be finished up while some can even be arranged directly.”

Si Shi Wu nodded with more fervor this time. “Ah, I see. This is actually a very good idea in this situation. While I think that the tastes could be more varied, when looking at both reasons together, he has made a choice that works for this stream. Maybe he will even do something later to turn things around. I’d be curious to see that.”

He didn’t pay attention to whether or not he actually had viewers but back in the room with Si Jin, Si Yi sent a message to Si Jiu to check Si Shi Wu’s live stream and take note of the viewers and comments. He even made him share the link to the stream on the restaurant’s Weibo page to draw some more people over. After all, this was a good advertisement for Young Master Xiao.

Speaking of which … he glanced at the screen of the laptop Si Jin was using. It seemed that Young Master Xiao didn’t have a problem because of the bigger audience. He might have seemed slightly more nervous when he introduced their channel today but all that had gone out the window when he got to the dishes.

Xiao Ming was indeed not as nervous anymore. He had thought a lot about how to go about today’s live stream so he naturally didn’t have any problem explaining why he did things a certain way. And since he couldn’t see the audience, he stopped thinking about it when he focused on the dishes.

“For the parts of the dishes that still need to be done, I will try to give some ideas of what to take note of to ensure that they come out looking well. While for the other dishes, I will focus only on the plating itself. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the chat so that Qian Huang can read them out loud for me to answer.” He glanced at Qian Huang, wanting to make sure if this introduction was alright. They were anticipating an influx of new viewers who wouldn’t know how things usually were so maybe he should have explained more.

Qian Huang gave him a thumbs up though. While he understood why Xiao Ming was worried, he honestly didn’t think that it was much of a problem. In any case, he had already told them that they could ask questions in the chat.

This meant that if there was something that they didn’t understand or wanted to know, they just had to go there and ask the question. Then he and Xiao Ming could slowly answer the questions throughout the live stream. And even if they didn’t get around to it immediately, he felt that they had already been streaming for so long that there were bound to be some loyal fans who would explain in their stead if the question was about the channel directly instead of cooking. Thus, they could just go about things as usual.

For the moment, there didn’t seem to be any questions. The chat was only filled with people who were excitedly talking about how they had seen Tao Jin’s Weibo post this morning and had been interested to see what ‘Bright Yellow Water’ and ‘Golden Spoon’ were about.

While there were some old videos from previous live streams, that couldn’t compare with watching a live stream directly. The feeling was completely different, alright? Thus, everybody was curious as to what would happen today and were just eager for Xiao Ming to finally start cooking.

Seeing that Qian Huang didn’t speak up, Xiao Ming showed a smile and then put his hand on a covered bowl in front of him. “Well, if there aren’t any questions right now, then let’s start with the first dish.”

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