SML V6C10 The First Result

Mo Fang went to sleep early that day, not feeling up to much else. He couldn’t fall asleep at first but after tossing and turning for a while, he finally managed to sink into a restless sleep.

The next morning, he opened his eyes and blankly stared at the ceiling for a few minutes before slowly sitting up. He hadn’t slept well but a few hours were better than nothing. Anyway, it wasn’t like he needed to be rested to do anything of importance today. He raked a hand through his hair with a sigh and then got up, putting on a shirt before making his way over to the kitchen.

Back when he had still been frantically trying to get back together with Li Ming, he had told him that he had signed up for a cooking course and sent him pictures of every attempt he made. That hadn’t been faked. He hadn’t really enjoyed it and only been posturing at that time in the hope that him at least trying would impress Li Ming but he hadn’t fabricated the whole thing.

Later on, when he had been in Europe for a while, always busy with work, sometimes not getting a good meal between whatever ad he was shooting at the time or show he was doing in-between, his attitude had changed though. Suddenly, he had felt like he understood Li Ming’s passion for cooking. Well, maybe not in the exact same way but he had found his own enjoyment in it.

Cooking his own meal was always a sign of the rare occasion that he had time to himself and he enjoyed that. Over time, he started to associate both things with each other. It just … slowly crept into what had originally just been a chore.

Then, there was also this feeling of control. Even though his genes weren’t bad, as a model, he naturally had to pay some attention to what he was eating. Planning what to cook, buying the ingredients himself, and preparing everything before he finally ate gave him a chance to be more involved and take charge where he sometimes felt powerless.

Of course, it also might have helped that he got better at it with time. When he originally ‘helped’ Li Ming, it had been more for appearance’s sake. He hadn’t had any idea what he was doing but it hadn’t mattered because Li Ming did most of the cooking and he was just cutely cutting vegetables.

On that basis, it naturally wouldn’t turn out well when he tried to cook alone for the first few times. Thanks to the course that taught him the actual basics of cooking, as well as a few simple dishes, and then some practice on top, he had had a good start after that when he was single again though.

While in Europe, he had especially started to like preparing dishes he missed from home. After all, there weren’t that many truly authentic Chinese restaurants around and he didn’t really want those westernized versions. No, every now and then, he would naturally be homesick and only the real deal could alleviate that.

Now, he was back in China, and yet, he was still making the very same dishes. Maybe it was because he was used to them or maybe … he simply wanted to remember those times through them. He couldn’t say for sure but this was simply what his mind immediately jumped to when he thought of making breakfast so he always went ahead with it.

Half an hour later, Mo Fang sat down at the table and silently ate, his chopsticks touching the bowl every now and then, making a crisp sound that seemed to ring throughout the room.

Mo Fang glanced around, swallowing the food he had just cooked with a bland expression. It felt weird being all alone in the apartment and he couldn’t help but wonder if maybe it wouldn’t be better to move back in with his parents after all. But then, last evening should be proof that it wasn’t a good idea.

His mother would continue to insist that he should go back to modeling and while his father wouldn’t care what exactly he did, he would still try to push him into moving forward and doing something. Not to mention that after some time, he’d certainly want to talk everything through. Right now, neither of that would be helpful. No, rather than that, he wanted time to himself. He could deal with an empty apartment in exchange for some peace and quiet.

He shook his head with a sigh and went to put the dishes away as soon as he finished eating. Then, he returned to the living room and pulled over the laptop he had left on the table before he went out yesterday.

He rubbed over the top with both hands, not sure if he really wanted to go ahead. He felt anxious inside just thinking about it but then, what else was he waiting for? It wasn’t like this feeling would get any better with time. Even if it did, how long was that supposed to take? He didn’t want to sit here for months or even years on end without doing anything. Surely, that wouldn’t be helpful.

He sighed to himself again and filled opened the laptop. Clicking on the browser icon, he stared at the homepage of Baidu for a moment, wondering where to even start.

He didn’t have much information to go off and even if there was more, he wouldn’t know what to do with it. In the end, he could only start with the very basics.

Typing in the search term and hitting enter, he immediately clicked on the first result: ‘How to find a person?’

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