OMF V9C364 A Dangerous Time

Seeing his expression, Leng Jin Yu was sure of his previous conjecture: This wasn’t some kind of friendly visit but a danger to their child. He furrowed his brows but then returned to calmness. “I’ll go and get Xiang Yu.” In this world, other than the supreme ruler himself, there was nobody stronger than a fallen god. So unless they had gotten a visit by another one of them, Xiang Yu would be able to do something to protect their child.

Jinde looked at him and slowly nodded. “Be careful on the way.” He raised the hair clasp again, his own brows drawing together. “It’s Jin Ling so …” You’re not in any less danger than this child.”

Leng Jin Yu felt a chill run down his spine. Jin Ling shouldn’t have known about their child. No, if he had come here, then he had likely wanted to pester Jinde and make trouble for him at the side. Discovering that they had a child on the way had only been something that happened accidentally.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before giving a nod. “I know.” He pulled Jinde into a quick hug and kissed his cheek. “Don’t worry. You stay here. I’ll be back in a moment.” He left the courtyard in a hurry and then rushed straight back to the room they had just found for Xiang Yu, trying to minimize the chance for anything to happen.

They didn’t know whether Jin Ling was still around. Since his goal was likely to get him out of the way and free up the spot at Jinde’s side, he couldn’t be careless. Even though neither of them had said it just now, Jinde’s expression had shown how worried he was. If anything happened to him, it would only worsen things.

He didn’t know how he compared to Jin Ling when it came to fighting. He hadn’t been weak to begin with but not strong enough to compete with most people of the immortal realms. After not only gaining Chun Yin’s memories but also practicing harder these days, he had definitely made progress. Whether that was enough though … he’d see if something happened.

Well, for now, he mostly had to stay vigilant. After all, he had never met Jin Ling whether it was in this life or his last so he had no idea what he looked like. As soon as he saw a stranger, he should probably be ready to defend himself or attack depending on which happened first.

He shook his head at himself and knocked on Xiang Yu’s door. For now, he was safe. Their child was the one in trouble.

Inside, Xiang Yu had still been inspecting everything closely. This was the first time that he had been given a room by somebody else as himself and especially such a nice one. It was a novel feeling and one that made him happy.

When he heard the knock, he looked up in confusion and blinked his eyes. He didn’t know many people here as his true self and of those, only three currently knew that he was here. But then, those people had just left. Had somebody gotten the wrong door?

He curiously went over and opened the door, looking at Leng Jin Yu in astonishment. “Didn’t you just leave?” Or did Leng Jin Yu have a twin that was wandering the dragon king’s palace?

Leng Jin Yu didn’t want to lose any time so he motioned over to their room. “I’m sorry but … could you help us with something?”

Xiang Yu’s face immediately lit up. He hardly ever got the chance to do something for others. Since he was finally asked, he naturally didn’t need to be asked twice. “Of course!” He rushed out of his room, even forgetting to close the door behind himself, and went ahead.

Leng Jin Yu hurriedly took care of the door and then hurried after him, not wanting to be left behind. Right now, there was no safer spot than the one beside Xiang Yu. No matter how strong Jin Ling was, even he wouldn’t dare to go up against him.

He opened the door for the fallen god and motioned over to the courtyard where Jinde was standing next to the shell, looking vigilant.

Xiang Yu also tensed up and then rushed out there, looking at Jinde and then at the shell, making sure that everything was alright with them. Only when he realized that neither of them was harmed did he calm down. “What’s the matter?” He really liked Jinde and Leng Jin Yu and he didn’t want anything bad to happen to either of them and certainly not to the child they were looking forward to so much.

Jinde sighed and slightly relaxed now that Xiang Yu was there. He raised the hair clasp and then helplessly motioned at the shell. “Somebody left this here as a warning. Say, as a fallen god, you can probably do something to ensure nothing will happen to the child?”

Xiang Yu nodded and turned to the shell. He naturally could. With all the wisdom of the world literally at the tip of his fingers, there was hardly anything he couldn’t do. “Then, what do you want me to do? Put down some arrays?”

Jinde and Leng Jin Yu exchanged a glance and then nodded. Yes, arrays were likely the best they could do.

Xiang Yu nodded and then touched the spot between his brows, letting the mark of wisdom give him the information he needed. After that, he got to work right away, putting down one array after the other.

One enveloped only the spot where the shell stood, another one the shell and the small pond next to it, then he started putting down several others throughout the courtyard just to be sure.

Only after one that spanned the whole courtyard had been put down did he return to the side of Jinde and Leng Jin Yu. “Alright, that’s done. Nobody will be able to enter without me knowing and I will come here as soon as somebody enters. Nobody will be able to do anything to your child. I promise you that.”

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