OMF V9C363 A Warning

Back in the dragon realm, Jinde and Leng Jin Yu returned to their room after they finished picking out one with Xiang Yu. As soon as Leng Jin Yu closed the door behind them, Jinde turned around, wrapped his arms around his husband’s neck, and smiled.

“He’s surprisingly picky. Makes you wonder how our little one will turn out, doesn’t it?”

Leng Jin Yu smiled and leaned closer, pressing a kiss onto Jinde’s lips. “Well, that might partly depend on our parenting.”

Jinde chuckled in response. “That has me worried. Look at how Qiu Ling turned out.”

Leng Jin Yu tilted his head. “I don’t think that’s a fair comparison.” Qiu Ling had lacked Jinde’s influence for a major part of his childhood and had only been raised by his past self in that time who hadn’t had the experiences of his current life. Not to mention that Qiu Ling had raised himself for the rest of his youth after Chun Yin was killed. Naturally, things would be completely different this time around.

Jinde simply laughed again before he let go of his husband’s neck and stepped back. “Maybe.”

Leng Jin Yu’s gaze followed him as he went over to the study and got busy. After the matter with Xin Lan and interacting with Zheng Yin, Jinde’s interest in refinement had been renewed so when they weren’t busy with preparing for their new family member, spending time with the original ones, or pretending to be regular citizens of the dragon realm, he would start looking through the scrolls again and do some experiments.

Seeing him like this, Leng Jin Yu smiled and went to stand at the door for a moment, simply watching him. He liked Jinde’s focused look. For one, it reminded him of when they had been young, but it also made him appreciate the new life they had created where such a thing was possible in the first place.

Yes, not everything was perfect. He hated that they needed to use a fake name for Jinde when outside and he also missed the strength he had possessed when he was still Chun Yin, but overall, their life was just as they had wanted it to be when they had dreamed of a life together. And when it came to those small annoyances, some of them were only a matter of time.

As an ascended deity, he hadn’t reached the peak yet, he knew that. So as long as he continued to work hard, he could become stronger. Strong enough that Jinde wouldn’t need to worry about his safety anymore in the future. He had already taken the first steps toward that goal and he would follow this path until the end.

As for Jinde’s name, well, that matter was a bit more difficult. But the main point was that they were keeping this a secret for Qiu Ling’s sake. After he had married Jing He, they might be able to solve this matter as well. So they only needed to be patient until then.

His lips curved up further and he cleared his throat, motioning back into the room with his head. “I’ll go and see how the little one is doing.”

Jinde gave a hum. For a moment, he even wanted to follow along but then he reconsidered. His instinct was to want to be with their child the whole time but he knew that he couldn’t cling to it too closely. Otherwise, he would only become more anxious.

He lowered the scroll in his hand when Leng Jin Yu stepped out and rubbed his forehead, sighing to himself. Everything had gone well so far so he had no reason to be like this. And yet, he couldn’t help but always think of their child with hardly anything else entering his mind.

Back then, it hadn’t been the same. Was this just because it was finally the child they had together? Or was it his age? But weren’t you supposed to become calmer the older you got? Why did he feel more worried now then?

Meanwhile, Leng Jin Yu had reached the courtyard. The hair clasp that Jin Ling had placed on top of the shell was indeed too conspicuous. He noticed it at a glance. His brows furrowed and he rushed over there, taking a careful look around.

He couldn’t see anybody and the courtyard didn’t seem to have been disturbed but he didn’t have a good feeling about this. Intuition told him that something was wrong.

Leng Jin Yu hesitated for a moment but then stepped closer, his gaze still darting around. Meanwhile, he called out to Jinde. “My dear, did anyone say they were coming by later on?” Maybe he had gotten this wrong and somebody had announced they’d come by? He had been out to train with Fu Heng earlier in the day after all. In fact, they had returned only slightly before Xiang Yu appeared so … it was absolutely possible that this was only a misunderstanding.

In the study, Jinde’s golden brows furrowed. The worry he had felt before spiked and he shot to his feet, threw down the scroll, and rushed out. “What happened?!”

Leng Jin Yu cleared his throat and wordlessly motioned at the shell where the hair clasp was still lying on top. He couldn’t say if anything was wrong but … it sure looked like there was such a possibility.

Jinde took one glance and his face fell. Naturally, he would remember that hair clasp. He looked around but he also couldn’t see anyone and he didn’t dare to move away. Most likely, for the rest of the time until this child was born, he wouldn’t move a single step from where he could see the shell.

He clenched his hands into fists and then picked up the hair clasp, staring at it with hatred. Jin Ling … he had always loved that child and no matter what he had done to him, he always would. Right now though, he wasn’t sure what he would do if he stood in front of him. After all, this hair clasp was definitely a warning that Jin Ling had found him and the family he had finally managed to create for himself. That kind of threat … even when it came from a person he loved, he wouldn’t just ignore it.

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