OMF V9C365 Thanks to Paranoia

From the moment Leng Jin Yu had originally stepped into the courtyard, Jin Ling had been watching from the room next door. His hands clenched into fists when he finally saw the person that was now married to Jinde.


Seeing that kind of person dare to occupy the spot that should have belonged to him, he really wanted to rush out and kill him outright. But just like before when he was about to attack the shell, he held back.

He had already delivered his message. Now, he had to wait patiently for Jinde to discover it and get used to the thought. After that, he could finally appear in front of him. By that time, it wouldn’t be too late to kill this new husband of his.

He talked himself into calming down and tilted his head to watch Leng Jin Yu look around vigilantly. He was … not that handsome. To be honest, Jin Ling had never seen Chun Yin either so he couldn’t say how he compared to him. Judging by Qiu Ling’s looks though, he felt that this one was a step back. Definitely not good enough for his Jinde.

He pursed his lips and then craned his neck a little, trying to see whether Jinde was there. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see much and he didn’t dare to open the door any further. If he did, he would definitely be spotted. After all, while this guy might be human, he surely wasn’t an idiot. Just his posture right now indicated that he was vigilant. Any noise or change in the environment would surely be noticed by him so he could only keep his calm and hold back.

Soon enough, Leng Jin Yu called out and Jinde came rushing out. He stood with his back to the door of Qiu Ling’s room but just that straight back and the shimmering, golden hair made Jin Ling’s breath hitch.

So, so beautiful. This had always been the main impression he had of him. Beautiful and warm, the kind of person he’d want to spend the rest of his life with. Even now, after so many years apart, that feeling was back as soon as he saw him. Maybe it was even stronger than ever, the longing having turned it more urgent.

Jin Ling wanted to close his eyes to sort his thoughts and feelings but he was reluctant to miss out on even a heartbeat of seeing Jinde’s figure after so long. Thus, he continued to stare at him, hardly even blinking. If not for the fact that Jinde was preoccupied with the child in front of him, he likely would have noticed the one staring at him from the back.

When Leng Jin Yu left, Jin Ling sighed to himself. He stole a few more seconds of looking at Jinde and then retreated further into the room, finally leaving through the front door when he heard hurried steps outside that were going to the room next door.

He would have loved to stay, to look at Jinde some more, and listen to his voice for a little longer, but he knew that it was too risky. He had alarmed him and in a way that would make Jinde feel vigilant. Surely, the person they had gone to get help from wouldn’t be simple. Thus, he couldn’t risk it. No, he needed to give Jinde some time to get used to the thought of him being close by. Only after that could he appear.

As a result, he naturally couldn’t stay in the dragon king’s palace but he also didn’t want to leave too far. If there was any possibility, he wanted to take a few more looks at Jinde even if it was only in passing. Thus, he found an inn in the capital city that wasn’t too far away from the palace, got himself a room with a window facing the street, and started to squat in front of it.

At this moment, he couldn’t help but congratulate himself on the fact that he had never liked to wage war against the dragon realm. So even though there had been a few attacks, he had hardly appeared and certainly never at a place like the capital city. Thus, nobody was able to recognize him. No matter how long he hid here and waited for Jinde to appear, he shouldn’t be discovered.

Well, Jin Ling certainly had a great plan and in a sense, it was also bound to work. Unfortunately, he had forgotten to take into consideration what his continued absence would do to the demon realm. Following Qiu Ling and Jing Yi around the mortal realm was one thing since the time there flowed differently anyway. But now that he was in the dragon realm, that was a completely different matter altogether. By now, his absence had already been noticed by some of Yong Hai’s spies and he used this as a prime opportunity to strengthen his effort to claim the throne.

Usually, you would gain it as your rightful place either because the previous king grew bored enough to give it up to you or whoever was able to prove his strength to take it or because you killed them and laid claim to it with a large enough following standing behind you. But then, if the previous king simply vanished and you had enough support … well, that also meant that nobody would oppose you when you moved your ass onto that throne.

Yong Hai could already see the throne being in his grasp. He didn’t try to claim it immediately though. After all, this might simply be a ploy that Jin Ling had come up with to lure him here and then dispose of him. The bastard surely wouldn’t be above it.

Thus, it was only because of Yong Hai’s paranoia that Jin Ling’s continued absence hadn’t caused the political situation of the demon realm to change completely. If he stayed away much longer though … it was difficult to say what would happen.

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