SML V5C64 Guess What!

Li Ming wasn’t so sure if he should believe in that. Zhu Yi was the one who really led this course and also the one who knew best how to deal with the participants. On the other hand, Li Ming himself hadn’t even done a single course on how to teach people. He could already foresee what kind of disaster this might turn into if Zhu Yi didn’t help him out.

He mulled that possibility over for a moment but then figured that he was thinking too much. He had been making some progress in realizing moments like this faster thanks to Zhao Chen reminding him each and every time. By now, he only gave himself a few moments to worry before he tried to refocus.

In this specific case, it wasn’t too difficult to do so. His worry was based on what Zhu Yi had just said. If he had more information, the worry might turn out to be unnecessary. If it wasn’t, then it was time to change the subject and find something else to bother with. “So, these two or three people … What’s the problem with them?”

Zhu Yi sighed and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “Well, it’s the attitude, mostly. But you shouldn’t worry too much about that. It might not even be a problem with you.”

Li Ming raised his brows, unsure what to make of that. His first guess would be that the participants in question had a problem with authority so that Zhu Yi as the one leading the course would be the target of their unreasonable behavior while he would be seen as more on par with them so that they wouldn’t bother about him. But then, why would they even sign up for such a course? Unless their company had made them or something, he couldn’t see a reason so that shouldn’t be it.

Zhu Yi also saw that he had confused Li Ming more. He sighed and clicked his tongue, shaking his head. “Honestly, just forget about it. It’s not important. You’ll see how you get along with everyone yourself. It doesn’t have to be the same as it is for me. I probably shouldn’t have said anything in the first place. Now, you’re just going to wonder about that.” He sighed again, looking as if he was blaming himself.

Li Ming shook his head. “No, it’s alright. I was mostly just asking so I could be prepared.” Anyway, they were only giving this a shot. Whether he’d manage to go further than that, it still wasn’t decided.

At the very least, that was how Li Ming himself saw the matter. Even though Zhu Yi had said that he wanted him to work with him no matter what, Li Ming could hardly believe that. For Zhu Yi, his livelihood depended on this, after all.

Zhu Yi gave a hum but then shook his head. “Then you really shouldn’t think about it further. Just wait for how it goes. Anyway, if somebody is behaving strangely, it’s not about you. It’s their problem.”

Li Ming’s lips curved up. “I see.” Honestly, with how Zhu Yi had reacted to him so far, he really wasn’t surprised that he would have that kind of opinion. “Then, is there anything else I should pay attention to?”

Zhu Yi pondered for a moment but then just shook his head. “No, nothing I can think of right now. Anyway, everyone knows that it’s your first time with them and if we throw in that it’s also your first time working a job like this, I can just give you some instructions on the side if something comes up.”

“I guess that’s true as well.” Li Ming nodded, feeling that there really wasn’t a reason to worry then. He leaned back against the wall, took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled.

Zhu Yi didn’t have anything else to say either so he stayed quiet as well and the two simply waited until the door in front of them opened. They nodded faintly at the participants filing out of the room slowly and Zhu Yi greeted the teacher, staying back to talk for a few minutes.

Li Ming kept at the side, not wanting to overstep. In fact, he was wondering if he should walk a little further away so as to give the two of them a bit more privacy. Then again, it might look odd if he did.

Before he could decide, Zhu Yi suddenly tugged at his sleeve, grabbed his arm, and pulled him closer. “Right. This is Li Ming. I’m trying to hire him for my course. Guess what his job is!” His eyes sparkled when he said so, clearly thinking that it was something news-worthy.

The other course leader looked at him with a complicated expression before he turned to look at Li Ming. Honestly, it wasn’t like he had his job description printed on the forehead, so how was he supposed to know? Looking at his straight posture, it should be something where appearances were important though. “A physiotherapist?” Those people had the oddest way to carry themselves he had ever seen. While most health-conscious people would stand straighter than the average person, physiotherapists were even more out there.

Zhu Yi stared at him blankly. “Ah? Why would you think so?”

The other teacher could only raise his brows and gesture vaguely at Li Ming. “Well …” He couldn’t explain it well and now that he looked again, he wasn’t as sure anymore either. Anyway, a straight posture was one thing. But what about the suit? “Then is he a sales representative?”

This time, Zhu Yi’s brows furrowed together. “You have to be kidding me! He’s a security guard, obviously! A security guard! Why would I try to hire a sales representative?!”

The other guy could only shrug his shoulders. To be honest, he had wondered about that as well. He cleared his throat and awkwardly greeted Li Ming before motioning down the corridor. “I … still have something on so please excuse me.” Then, he rushed away as if he was afraid that Zhu Yi would try to play another guessing game with him.

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