SML V5C63 Some Last-Minute Advice

Li Ming simply laughed. He had always had good luck with his bosses before but not even Mister Mo had been this enthusiastic and their first private conversation had included telling him about his son.

Li Ming cleared his throat when that thought suddenly came up, feeling strange. He hadn’t thought of Mo Fang in a long time by now. In fact, after that talk when he thought that Zhao Chen might break up with him, it seemed to not have happened even once. And just now, he hadn’t felt much. It had been … simply a thought of something in the past and some oddness because it seemed unrelated to his love life. It was a strange disconnect that he had never felt before.

He smiled to himself when he realized. He never would have thought that it could take that long but apparently, he was well and truly over it now. Whatever had happened with Mo Fang, it didn’t matter anymore.

He dwelt on it for a moment but then put the thought aside and focused on the present. “Well, if you don’t mind, then I naturally won’t either. How about this? I’ll bring it up to Ah Chen when I go home later and we’ll talk it over and see when we’d have time. In the meantime, you can talk with your girlfriend and then we can compare the times we’d be free.”

He already had Zhu Yi’s schedule anyway so he didn’t think that it should be difficult to add two more people to it. Although with Zhao Chen working shifts and the two of them also being busy on the weekends, it might be some time until they found a day that would suit all four of them. Not to mention that Zhu Yi likely wasn’t doing nothing on the weekend. He might not have any courses at that time but being self-employed, he probably had a lot of things to prepare.

Zhu Yi didn’t think too much. He was simply happy that Li Ming had accepted his suggestion. “Alright, we’ll do it that way then!” He leaned against the wall next to Li Ming and looked at the door to the course room that was still tightly closed. “Anyway, how do you feel? Nervous?” He somehow felt that a security guard wouldn’t be nervous but then, you never knew. Maybe security guards were also panicking but just doing it on the inside while putting on a poker face. He had never spoken to one for more than half a minute before so he wouldn’t be able to tell.

Li Ming thought for a moment but then shook his head. “I was a bit nervous before but it’s not like I will have to do this myself, right?” Yes, when he was still standing there alone, he had indeed worried. Now though, that wasn’t the case any longer.

Maybe it was because he had a good impression of Zhu Yi so he felt reassured or maybe it was simply that his presence was giving him some guidance. Either way, he felt calm by now. Whether he would do well later on was a different matter altogether though.

Zhu Yi gave a hum. “As a security guard, you must have a really firm mind anyway, right?” Even though they had communicated a lot over the last few days, he hadn’t asked too much about his job. He simply felt better doing that kind of thing face to face instead of over text so he had held back a bit. Since he finally had the opportunity, he couldn’t help but be curious though.

Li Ming wasn’t sure how to answer that. “Well, I definitely can’t panic while on the job. If something happens, you need to be able to make split-second decisions or just act based on instinct and muscle memory. That doesn’t mean that I can’t be flustered though.”

Zhu Yi looked up at him and studied his expression. “So, what kind of thing would make you lose your countenance?” So far, even though Li Ming might have seemed a bit apprehensive when they originally met, he had been more or less calm throughout. It really made him wonder.

Li Ming tilted his head from side to side, once again unsure how to answer. “Private matters, I guess. You see, no matter what happens on the job, there’s a degree of separation. I act as a security guard there, not as, well, me.”

“Huh.” Zhu Yi nodded slowly. “Actually, that makes a lot of sense.” He turned back to look at the door. In a way, he might be able to relate. When he worked with others, it didn’t mean as much as the workouts he had done with Rong Xiang. One was his job and the other … well, his private life. Maybe that was similar to what Li Ming meant.

Since he had gotten the answer, he dropped that topic and switched to the next one. “In the group we’re doing today, there are twelve people. So, if everyone turns up, you won’t have to directly partner with anyone. If not, I’ll assign you to that role.”

Li Ming nodded.

“Other than that, just follow my lead. I’ll first introduce you and give everyone time to ask some questions before we start with the actual work. Don’t worry too much about that part. Most of the participants won’t want to know too much. There are only two or three that might be a bit troublesome.”

Li Ming raised his brows. “You also have troublesome participants?”

Zhu Yi turned back around and blinked his eyes in surprise. “Of course! Whenever you work with people, there will always be those around you get along with well, those you simply can’t stand, and everything in-between. That’s just how life is.” He shrugged his shoulders but then reached out to pat Li Ming’s arm. “Well, don’t worry. You might get along with them better than I do.”

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