RMN C463 The Power of Love

Luo Lin was very much aware of his junior martial brother’s difficulty in picking up anything new if you didn’t explain it well enough. The problem was that he couldn’t put into words how it worked for him. To him, it really was just a simple feeling and he didn’t know how else to talk about it other than saying exactly that.

Shen Lei looked at him and faintly raised his brows. “Maybe you could give him some examples?” He wasn’t sure how safe these examples were for Yun Bei Fen’s ears, but he still hoped that it would somehow work out.

Anyway, they were all worried about Yun Bei Fen in particular because not only was his level low and his experience pretty pitiful, but he was also close to Mei Chao Bing which made him a primary target for the other side. If he could establish an ability of his own, it would definitely help them a lot.

Luo Lin thought for a bit and then nodded. Yes, examples might actually work. “Well, originally, when Ah Lei was hurt so badly, I very, very much wanted to save him. There was only this deep-seated wish to somehow make him stay alive when I used the red priest’s blood. I had this feeling that my own life didn’t matter or whatever the cost may be. I simply wanted to save him with all my heart.”

Shen Lei squeezed his hand, still afraid when he thought back to what kind of risk Luo Lin had actually taken. It could have gone wrong so easily.

Yun Bei Fen nodded faintly, not surprised at that. If it was Mei Chao Bing, he would do the same. He couldn’t really use that for his ability though. At the very least, he didn’t know how to.

Luo Lin thought further while he looked at his lover. “The day after, when I had gained the ability after that night of pain, I was just happy to see him well again. I guess you could say that I felt content with how things were at that moment. It was just a general feeling of happiness, contentment, and love.”

Yun Bei Fen still nodded, but he was feeling more and more confused. He couldn’t very well use the power of love to activate his ability, could he? Because if that was the case, then he was pretty sure that he should’ve gained it years ago when he fell in love with Mei Chao Bing. But nothing of the like had happened so that couldn’t be it.

Shen Lei watched Yun Bei Fen’s expression from the corner of his eye and cleared his throat to mask a laugh. He knew this was actually serious but he just looked so confused, it was hard not to think that he was simply adorable. He understood why his three senior martial brothers and his Master spoiled him so much.

“Well, our guess would be that because Ah Lin’s ability is connected to me, his feelings are playing a role in how he can use it. In other words, he is able to heal me because of the feelings he holds for me. That is also why we think that it might not be possible to do so for other people because the same feelings wouldn’t be there.

“As for your ability, I don’t think it is connected to anybody else. Instead, it should be something more … intrinsic. Something that is connected to the way that you learn new things.” Anyway, the guardians had already suggested this much and he felt like it was safe to say that that guess was a pretty good one.

Yun Bei Fen nodded, also feeling that he wouldn’t be able to do anything with his third senior martial brother’s way of using his ability. “So, then what should I do to use it?”

“Well, that would require some conscious thought about what is really at the root of your ability. If you think about how you learn, then what is it that you do? I mean, if you learn a regular skill, then how do you go about that?”

Yun Bei Fen could only shake his head, not getting it. “How do I do it? Don’t I just repeat it until I get the hang of it?” Wasn’t everyone doing that?

Shen Lei nodded slowly and glanced at Luo Lin. Honestly, while he hadn’t spent as much time with Yun Bei Fen as Luo Lin had, he still had a pretty good idea that he wasn’t always the fastest in getting things. And yes, from the outside, him learning really looked like he was just repeating things over and over again until he finally got it. But the thing was, he made progress through that. “But when you practice, how do you know if what you’re doing is right? How do you … how do you manage to get to the point where you can say that, yes, this is how it should look like?”

Yun Bei Fen’s expression was extremely confused by this point but he still tried to think about it. “Well, I’ve seen before what it should look like. So I just try to imagine that again and try to get as close to that as possible.”

Luo Lin nodded eagerly. “I think this is what your ability should be connected to: You being able to imagine the skill and somehow clinging to that mental image.” He hadn’t been there but this was the impression he had gotten from what the guardians and Zhi Guan had managed to figure out about Yun Bei Fen’s ability and told them about.

At the end of the day, his little junior was somehow able to replicate exactly what he saw in his mind. And that was what gave him the ability to learn these things to an extremely high degree as long as he repeated them often enough.

Now, he wasn’t sure what exactly that could become as an actual ability instead of what others would use their comprehension ability for but he was sure that the solution was somewhere in there. So this was the direction they should think in, no matter what the outcome might be.

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