OMF V9C347 The Most Awesome Child in the World

Xiang Yu gave a hum and then dropped the issue, burrowing back into Jinde’s arms.

Jinde smiled faintly and patted his back, happy that this was resolved. “Alright, either way, what my husband said is still true: It won’t be a problem for you to stay here even as a fallen god. You can stay in our room if you want to or we can go and get another one close by, whatever you’d prefer.”

Xiang Yu hesitated and glanced at the shell and then at Leng Jin Yu before turning back to Jinde. “Then … maybe another room would be better?” Anyway, they were a married couple after all. Disturbing them all the time didn’t seem to be nice.

Jinde nodded. “If that’s what you want, that is what we will do.” He smiled and then leaned down and kissed Xiang Yu’s forehead. “Alright, since that is settled, let’s do something else. What are you in the mood for?”

Xiang Yu stared at him with wide eyes, finally reaching up to touch his forehead. Xin Lan had kissed him in a similar way when he had been Hua Lin Yu but it hadn’t felt like this. No, when with Xin Lan, he had always been very aware that he was his partner. With Jinde … he indeed felt like being doted on by a family member.

Jinde laughed at his silly expression and poked his forehead. “What’s with you? You’re spacing out half the time while here. If I don’t hold onto you, do I have to be afraid you’ll simply float off with your thoughts?”

Xiang Yu hurriedly shook his head. He definitely wouldn’t float away. Actually, he really liked it here.

Jinde rubbed his head again and then motioned to the door. “So, what was it you wanted to do?”

Xiang Yu hesitated but then shook his head. “There’s nothing much. Can we … can we just stay here? Anyway, that’s your child. You probably don’t want to leave.” He finally let go of Jinde and turned back to the shell, curiously touching it again. After a moment, he retracted his hand though and looked up at Jinde. “Is touching it alright?”

Jinde nodded. “Mn, didn’t I say so already?” He also reached out and put his hand on top of the shell, his gaze soft.

Xiang Yu nodded but he was still worried. “It’s just that … touching once might not be a problem. Is it still alright if it is a few times?”

Leng Jin Yu also crouched down next to the two of them, feeling amused by Xiang Yu’s anxious expression. “Don’t worry. We picked a very durable shell and it is also wrapped in spiritual energy. Nothing will happen to it.”

Xiang Yu nodded but he still pursed his lips in thought. “It’s out here in the courtyard, what if somebody with bad intentions comes?”

Jinde raised his golden brows in response. “In the dragon king’s palace? I doubt that. And even if: There is me and my husband in the room. Soon enough, Qiu Ling will also return. He is living in the room over there so he has direct access to the courtyard.” He pointed to the door that was currently closed. “And as Jin Yu said before, the others living in the corridor are Qiu Ling’s trusted advisers. If somebody came to harm our child, they would be over here in seconds and get rid of the person. So no, I’m not worried at all.”

Xiang Yu nodded. Anyway, even if that wasn’t enough, wasn’t he also here now? He would keep an eye on the situation and make sure nobody came close to the shell who shouldn’t. Yes, that was what he should do.

Jinde rubbed his head again and then motioned at the shell. “We’ve decided to name them Xiang Ling or Ya Ling. Qiu Ling already gave his blessing to the names as well. What do you think?”

Xiang Yu’s eyes sparkled when he was asked. “They sound cute.”

“Oh. It’s good if they do. You should definitely stay here until they’re born at the very least. Nothing beats holding a newborn.”

Xiang Yu nodded, a bit more slowly this time. “I’ve never held one.”

“Well, then you’ll get the opportunity with an especially cute one. Honestly, this child will make major waves in the dragon realm. I mean, just think about it: The sibling of the incumbent dragon king, the child of the greatest beauty our race has ever seen. How could people not be amazed?”

Xiang Yu blinked when he saw how proud Jinde was. Suddenly, he couldn’t help but wonder … “Do you think Xin Lan wants children?”

Jinde who had just wanted to continue bragging about the lineage of his child stopped in stunned silence. “Ah?” What did Xin Lan have to do with this child? Alright, maybe he could be called an especially awesome uncle?

Xiang Yu simply looked at him curiously though. “Has he never mentioned anything?”

Jinde pondered for a moment. “Well, he didn’t say anything directly but honestly, I can’t imagine that he does. I mean … Xin Lan seems to hate children.” At the very least, he had never gotten along with Jin Ling which … well, to be honest, it was a bit funny. The probably most ancient dragon couldn’t deal with a newborn or small child. Who would have thought?

Xiang Yu nodded with a relieved smile. “That’s good. I also don’t want any children.” At the very least, he had never thought about it and when he did now, it didn’t sound that appealing to him. His own child was different from Jinde’s, after all.

Jinde looked at him nonplussed and finally turned to his husband but Leng Jin Yu could only shrug his shoulders as well. No, he also didn’t understand how Xin Lan’s preference on having or not having children had anything to do with Xiang Yu. But then, maybe it was better that way.

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