OMF V9C329 Not Worried

The tragedy of the Hua family stayed hidden for the time being. Meanwhile, Wu Ya finally arrived at the Hei Dian Sect and with him, so did the location of Qiu Ling.

Personally, he naturally cared most about seeing Hong Bao so he directly asked for her at the gate. The disciples were a little non-plussed at seeing this stranger but since Hong Bao was the sister-in-law of their Grandmaster, they naturally didn’t dare delay and brought him over to the palace.

At this time, Hong Bao was sitting together with Hong Ai and Shen An De. She didn’t know anything about the matter with the fallen god just yet but her sister and brother-in-law had already resolved not to let her out of their sight. After all, with Hong Bao’s sheer dumb luck, she might run into the person and strike up a friendship or something. They really wouldn’t be surprised.

Wu Ya’s eyes lit up when he saw her and he immediately greeted her family happily, taking a longer look at the two of them while hoping to leave them with a good impression. Unfortunately, they seemed rather tense.

Wu Ya’s enthusiasm dwindled a little. Could it be that they had noticed he was of the spirit beast clan and weren’t happy? But then, there was nothing wrong with that. Especially after the demon-hunting sects had been dealt with, the people of his tribe weren’t treated badly. Not to mention that this was a demonic sect! Should they really care?

He shook his head inwardly, feeling that this wasn’t the case. No, there should be something more to this. Anyway, Wu Ya had been guarding the territory of the spirit beast tribe for a long time and had helped the king quite a lot over the years. He was also somebody who could read the situation at hand. So, after his initial thoughts went astray, he also realized that something grave must have happened.

He turned serious and sat down at the table with the three of them, looking at everyone’s faces. “May I ask what the matter is?”

Shen An De sighed and then gave him a rough run-down of the situation and their worries. “You brought news regarding where the dragon king is currently staying. Seeing how things have suddenly come to this, it would be best to go over to discuss this immediately.”

Wu Ya nodded, his own expression also grave. For one, he naturally knew how terrifying the fallen gods could be, but on the other hand, he also couldn’t help but feel sad for Hua Lin Yu’s sake. He hadn’t known him too well but they had gotten along quite nicely while he stayed in their people’s territory. He had even encouraged him to go out and find his fated partner, allowing him to meet Hong Bao. Now, he was suddenly gone. Naturally, he felt sad.

Wu Ya got to his feet and motioned to the door. “Let’s go then.” He didn’t dare to think too closely about what it meant that Hua Lin Yu had now turned into a fallen god. He simply focused on how it was definitely better to inform Qiu Ling. Even if it didn’t mean that anyone would go to confront that fallen god in the end, he had to warn his good friend’s son. He couldn’t let anything happen to Qiu Ling!

Thus, Wu Ya, Hong Bao, Hong Ai, and Shen An De made their way over to the Long kingdom’s capital city ahead of time, soon arriving at the guesthouse where Qiu Ling and Jing Yi were staying.

As luck would have it, the two of them had just returned. Seeing the four people that were asking for them, Qiu Ling’s brows rose.

“Now, that’s a surprise. Did you decide you need some help with wooing people? You’ve definitely come to the right person then. I’ll let you know that I’m the best at this.” He put on a smile, feeling that he was really doing Wu Ya a favor here. With how Hong Bao was, she might not have even realized that he liked her. Now, the thought was definitely out in the open and she could dwell on it.

Unfortunately, his good intentions were wasted. Wu Ya immediately shook his head, his expression taut. “That’s not why we’re here.”

Shen An De glanced from one person to the other and finally stopped with his gaze on Qiu Ling. “I’m afraid we’ll need to have a chat. There’s been a … situation.”

Qiu Ling paused but then nodded. Anyway, if Shen An De looked like that, it should be a tough situation. “Let’s go up then.”

He led the way and soon, all six of them were sitting in the room he and Jing Yi had moved into. Hong Ai once again explained what had happened, with Shen An De mentioning his thoughts on how to deal with this.

Jing Yi looked at Qiu Ling, feeling that this was something that he couldn’t help with. Inwardly, he really wanted to groan. He didn’t want much, honestly. He simply wanted to have one last gathering with his friends before they returned to the dragon realm, and then have a small wedding with Qiu Ling before he had to give up his soul for the time being. But somehow, it was just one thing after the other. And a fallen god really didn’t sound like the kind of issue that was easily solved.

To Jing Yi’s and everyone else’s surprise, Qiu Ling didn’t look worried though. Instead, he calmly looked at everyone before he turned back to Hong Ai. “So … as it turns out, I was right before and the fallen god that Xin Lan hooked up with was Xiang Yu all along.”

Hong Ai nodded, even though she felt that his focus was a bit off.

Her husband didn’t do Qiu Ling the favor of being polite about it. “Be that as it may, what are we going to do about this? We can’t just leave this alone, can we?”

Qiu Ling raised his brows in a nonchalant manner. “Can’t we? I mean, I get it, it’s a fallen god. But this is Xiang Yu we are talking about it. I feel like a rabbit would be more dangerous than him. Just give him something to play with and he’ll be happy.” Anyway, he had met him and he hadn’t felt threatened at all. No, that youth, he really wasn’t worried about him.

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