OMF V9C330 He’ll Come on His Own

Everyone else stared at Qiu Ling as if they couldn’t believe his words. Well, they indeed couldn’t believe his words.

Shen An De in particular raised his brows slowly, his gaze turning doubtful. “Longjun, I really don’t appreciate your humor at this point in time. That is a fallen god we are talking about here. They are notorious for crazy antics that include razing entire cities to the ground.

“Do you want that to happen while your own lover is inside? Because frankly, I don’t think you alone stand a chance of fighting off a fallen god either. Even if the two of us teamed up, we’d be powerless.”

Qiu Ling sighed. These people really thought too little of him. “Look, my lover’s life is the last thing I’d play with. I’m simply not worried at all. I know Xiang Yu. I’ve met him before. He’s this … cute, wide-eyed youth that will happily play house with you if you let him. I know a person who would adopt him in a heartbeat even though he’s a fallen god. So, I’m sorry, but I don’t quite get your urgency.”

He did realize that the others didn’t have the same experience with Xiang Yu as he did so he turned to Hong Ai. “Say, when you met him, how did he seem? Was he raging and threatening people?”

Hong Ai hesitated for a moment but finally shook her head. “No, he … actually, he looked a bit as if he was going to cry.” Yes, come to think of it, he had seemed to be coquettishly complaining to Fei Bai Mu at that time, feeling that life was unfair, and had dealt him a bad hand.

Qiu Ling nodded. “And the person who killed him, that Xiao Li, he was already killed by him in revenge?”

Hong Ai nodded again.

“Then I don’t see an issue. He was angry at him but he dealt with it. He won’t deal with anybody else because he doesn’t have a reason to. Don’t forget: Fallen gods have fallen for a reason. In his case, Xin Lan said that it was a love trial. So unless one of you promised to be his lover and then pulled back out, I really don’t think you need to worry here.”

Shen An De and Hong Ai exchanged a glance. Actually, when Qiu Ling put it like this, there might be something to it. They weren’t completely ready to believe it yet though.

“Sect Master Fei of the Jian Yi Sect didn’t seem to think this way though.”

Qiu Ling gave a hum. “Then that’s because she doesn’t know him the way I do. Honestly, there is nothing dangerous about him. He … he has a penchant for lovers. So, seeing as I’m in a relationship, about to be married, and with my soul bound, he naturally likes me. In the same vein, Grandmaster Shen and his wife are also married for love.

“As for the two of you …” He looked at Wu Ya and Hong Bao and sighed. “Well, one is hopelessly in love and the other hopelessly believes in true love. I guess you could get him to try and help you make your dreams come true.” He shrugged his shoulders, feeling that this was indeed the most likely outcome if you put those three people together.

Anyway, while it was true that fallen gods showed erratic behavior, it was also true that they tended to see the world in black and white. With somebody who looked at everyone as ‘a worthy lover’ and ‘an unworthy lover’, as long as you weren’t a scumbag, what was there to worry about?

Shen An De furrowed his brows. “So you don’t want to do anything?” He was half-believing what Qiu Ling had been saying so far but considering that this was his family they were talking about here, he couldn’t help but want to make sure that he got it right.

Qiu Ling nodded. “Indeed. I mean, chances are that if we inform the gods and they prepare some kind of ambush, it’d backfire anyway. After all, do you really think it’s easy to surprise and overwhelm a fallen god? There would be heavy casualties. And by that point, you would have indeed enraged him and made him willing to fight.

“Other than that, what can we do? We could potentially go to his family’s estate to try and find him but his Master has already done so. If she finds him, she’ll bring him here and I swear I’ll keep an eye on him. If she can’t find him, then we can’t either. So really, we are out of options.”

He pondered for a moment and finally couldn’t help but give a hum. “Actually, now that I think about it, as long as we stay put, we might actually get to see him. Think about it: He first went to see Xin Lan but was given a bad attitude. Then, he ran to his Master. When she didn’t react as he hoped, he went to his old family. Depending on their reaction, he’ll either stay there to indulge or go around to see the other people he knew.

“In the human realm, how many people does he actually know? I bet it’s not that many. After he has gone to meet all of them, he’ll likely remember others he knew from before which happens to include me. So chances are, he’ll come to the capital city by himself if we simply wait long enough.”

“And then, what are you going to do?”

Qiu Ling glanced at his lover and raised his brows. “Well, if Jing Yi doesn’t mind, I guess he’s invited to the gathering? After that, we could take him along to the dragon realm.”

Anyway, he didn’t mind housing a fallen god. People might think he was nuts but Xiang Yu had never given him a reason not to trust him. On the contrary, it seemed that Jinde’s recovery had been in part thanks to him. Otherwise, he really didn’t believe that Xin Lan would have agreed to play Xiang Yu’s lover, even if it was his mortal reincarnation and not his fallen god self.

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