OMF V9C281 A Warning from His Subconscious

Back in the Demonic Ancestor’s Poisonous Herb Garden, nothing could be seen of Xiao Li. Hua Lin Yu scoffed when he saw this. Now, he’d really like to hear whatever excuse he had for that. If he had still been in front of the array, maybe he could have said that he had been ‘too stunned’ by this development of their breakup to make up his mind and had thus remained where he was. But going deeper into the realm? Clearly, this meant that he had come here to do something specific and it certainly wasn’t finding some herb for him.

Hua Lin Yu couldn’t say for sure what it was either. In fact, he didn’t even have a guess. But judging from where Xiao Li had originally been headed when he called out to him, he was sure that that something he wanted to do was related to the mirrored side of the realm.

He rushed over to the lake himself, keeping out of sight when he got closer. He still couldn’t see Xiao Li so he had probably already gone to the other side. While he couldn’t see the array himself from what he had said before, he still knew where it was and could activate it just based on his memory. Well, that was if he had even said the truth in the first place. It was very well possible that he had lied and had been able to see the array from the very beginning. Right now, Hua Lin Yu really didn’t trust his word.

After making sure that Xiao Li really wasn’t around anywhere, he slowly approached the lake himself. He made sure that there was nobody else around, including the little fox they had originally found here and then jumped into the water. He dived down and activated the array, arriving on the other side of the realm.

When he broke through the surface, he once again saw the same scene as before, including the fact that the banks of the lake were empty with no soul in sight. Hua Lin Yu narrowed his eyes and swam to the edge of the lake, stepping out of the water. Looking in all directions, he still couldn’t see a trace of Xiao Li. Clearly, he had gone somewhere else already.

Hua Lin Yu hesitated for a moment but finally walked in the direction where the other array was hidden. He didn’t know for sure what Xiao Li wanted to do here but the major difference compared to the other side was the entrance to the realm they had never explored. So, what were the chances that Xiao Li intended to go precisely there?

Hua Lin Yu furrowed his brows when he thought of this possibility. He really hoped it wasn’t the case because the things Xiao Li could want to do over there were limited. And in the worst case, it would have something to do with that An Rong. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, it could very well be that the man he had loved wanted to sell him out.

He soon got close to the other array. He used some of the vegetation to hide and carefully looked around. Just as expected, he soon spotted Xiao Li. He was wandering close by the array, seemingly looking for something, his expression slightly vexed.

Hua Lin Yu didn’t come out of his hiding place and instead hid more deeply. He was pretty sure by now that Xiao Li was indeed intending to go to the other realm. Right now, he should be trying to find the other array.

Compared to the one at the bottom of the lake, this one wasn’t as obviously placed. It was on an empty plain behind the fields of spiritual herbs but the exact spot … it was difficult to find if you couldn’t see it. Xiao Li had probably tried to get the spot right for quite some time. That was why he was still here. Otherwise, he would have entered the other realm already.

Hua Lin Yu watched him quietly. He had wondered before if Xiao Li had lied about not being able to see the array but now it seemed that at least that part had been the truth. It was a small consolation considering that he was literally at a place that might mean danger to his life and also might have been pretending to be in love with him for the past few months.

He clenched his fists when he thought of that and took a deep breath so he wouldn’t do anything stupid. He simply had to watch secretly to figure out what was really going on. Confronting Xiao Li wouldn’t change anything about the situation and would put him in even more danger. After all, this person was a half-demon and much older than him. He had the talent and experience to make trouble for him. He couldn’t let that happen just because he was angry.

After a few moments, he indeed calmed down. Anyway, there were some upsides as well. At the very least, he hadn’t slept with him. If that had happened, Xin Lan surely wouldn’t have taken it well. Not just that, he himself would also regret it. Thankfully, he had wanted to wait a while longer even though Xiao Li had seemed like he didn’t mind going ahead.

That had probably been his subconscious warning him that he was making a big mistake. Or, well, most likely the fact that they had been in the Demonic Ancestor’s Poisonous Herb Garden with a bunch of other disciples right next to them. He would have been mortified if they tried something and one of the others walked in on them, especially if it was his second senior martial brother.

Hua Lin Yu shook himself to get rid of the image in his head. Just then, Xiao Li’s figure flashed and vanished from the spot. He had finally managed to find the array leading to the realm they had never bothered to explore.

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