OMF V9C282 Everyone Meets Some Scumbags

While Hua Lin Yu was trying to figure out what was going on with Xiao Li, Jing Yi and Qiu Ling were still walking toward the inner parts of the Ye Zhong Order with Hong Bao and Wu Ya. Since Wu Ya was talking to Qiu Ling, Hong Bao used the opportunity to chat with Jing Yi instead.

Needless to say, she had one major concern. “So, why did the two of you not end up marrying yet?”

Jing Yi looked at her with a difficult expression. She sure looked a lot more mature by now and her fighting prowess also couldn’t be denied but Grandmaster Shen had indeed been right when he said that they would immediately know it is her by the time she opened her mouth. She was still exactly the same person deep inside.

As for the question she had asked … “Well, a lot of things happened over the years. Anyway, it’s not far off anymore so I’d rather not think about the difficulties until there anymore. What about you though? Back then, I remember you were with your senior martial brother from the Chun Feng Sect. With the sect being disbanded, what happened to the two of you?”

Hong Bao huffed when he brought that up. “Oh, don’t mention him! I never would have thought senior martial brother Liu was that type of person. When we originally met, he was such a gentleman. I never could have imagined that he would turn out to be somebody who would willfully kill others just based on some arbitrary ideas.”

Jing Yi’s brows shot up. It seemed that those two hadn’t separated peacefully. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought it up. It’s probably hurtful to think about.”

Hong Bao pursed her lips. “Not really. Anyway, who doesn’t meet some scumbags in their life?” She turned to Jing Yi and her expression immediately lit up again. “You know, that’s something my new Master likes to say. She never explained what kind of scumbags she met in her life but I’m sure there is more to it. My sister and my brother-in-law said I shouldn’t get involved though. I think they’re worrying too much though. My Master still isn’t married yet even though she’s so old. How can that be okay? I’m sure she is very lonely. As her disciple, shouldn’t I help her out? I mean, if I don’t do it, who is going to step up? She really doesn’t deserve this.”

Jing Yi quietly listened to her ramble on. He hadn’t known that Hong Bao had found a new Master but it did make sense. After all, originally, her Master had been Sect Master Xian of the Chun Feng Sect. Naturally, she wouldn’t follow him any longer if there had been such a big fallout from the matter with the demons. Hong Bao’s beliefs very clearly differed from her old Master’s and some of the other disciples. She probably fit into the Ye Zhong Order much better.

Hong Bao still hadn’t given up on the matter with her Master and now that she finally had a willing audience again, she continued to talk about the matter. “You know, I’ve been thinking about it. If I really want to help her, then maybe it doesn’t even matter which kind of scumbag she met or even how many. Isn’t it more important to help her find somebody who isn’t a scumbag going forward? So what I should really be doing is to stay on the lookout for handsome, good-natured men that would make a suitable partner for her. Although of course, they can’t be too young either so it couldn’t be somebody like you or your fiance or anyone else from our generation. That just wouldn’t work.”

Jing Yi faintly raised his brows. “I thought cultivators didn’t care much about age?”

“Well, that’s true, of course, but it’s still better. Just imagine how awkward she would feel if she had to teach her future husband simple things like cultivating or hunting demons. She might feel like she is raising another disciple! That’s not what we are going for though. No, we want her to have a man she can wholeheartedly love for the rest of her life, not someone she regards as a child.”

Jing Yi slowly nodded, not unaware of the fact that she was suddenly saying ‘we’ as if he had somehow become complicit in this matter of finding a husband for Hong Bao’s Master.

Somehow, he felt like he should better hope that they would soon arrive at the place she was leading them to. Otherwise, he might indeed not be able to get away so easily and would really have to do something to ‘help out’ as Hong Bao would put it.

Needless to say, that wouldn’t be a good idea. If Hong Bao tried something like that, it was still alright. After all, she was not just a disciple of the Ye Zhong Order but even this person’s direct disciple. If she did something stupid, she would most likely be forgiven. If it was him or Qiu Ling though … he didn’t even want to think about the consequences.

Jing Yi hurriedly cleared his throat to interrupt her and motioned ahead. “Say, how far is it?”

Hong Bao was suddenly pulled out of her thoughts and looked ahead, noticing that they had indeed almost arrived. “Ah, look at this! If you talk about interesting matters, time sure flies by. It’s that building over there!” She pointed at one of them and then skipped ahead, opening the door for them.

Qiu Ling and Wu Ya had already stopped talking some time in-between so they had heard the rest of what Hong Bao was saying.

Qiu Ling gave his lover a sympathetic glance and then grabbed his hand, pulling him along. Anyway, for the time being, they should be safe from Hong Bao’s crazy shenanigans. For the future though … they’d have to be careful. Otherwise, this visit to the Ye Zhong Order might have unintended consequences.

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