OMF V9C277 Not Right

While things seemed to be returning to how they should be over where Qiu Ling and the others were, things were especially odd in the Leyuan region.

Hua Lin Yu had rushed out to intercept Xiao Li and ask him all the questions burning at the tip of his tongue. In the end, he was still a step too late. Having arrived after him, he could only watch his figure disappear through the array.

He cursed lightly and hesitated for a moment but finally still rushed after him. Either way, he needed answers. How long was he supposed to wait? He didn’t know what Xiao Li intended to do and how long it would take him to do so but he knew that he didn’t want to waste that time waiting.

Xin Lan was still back at the Hei Dian Sect. His own thoughts were in disarray. No matter what, he needed to make sure of everything and get to the bottom of this whole thing. Then, he could finally make his decision and move forward.

Rushing into the array and using his spiritual energy to open the passage into the Demonic Ancestor’s Poisonous Herb Garden, Hua Lin Yu had a foreboding feeling. He knew he shouldn’t come here. He knew this An Rong might be looking for him and might have bad intentions. Coming here alone … it wasn’t a good idea.

He gulped and then looked around, spotting Xiao Li’s figure toward the east. His brows furrowed. That was the direction of the lake with the array. Just what was going on? He didn’t know and he didn’t dare to simply rush out again. If he could, he didn’t want to approach that array at all. Thus, he instead called out. “Xiao Li!”

The person in front indeed stopped and looked over his shoulder, his expression incredulous. To be honest, Xiao Li hadn’t expected this to happen. Since the dragon king had said that something had happened to Hua Lin Yu, he had figured that it would take a long time for him to be out of danger. By that time, he would have long hidden himself.

Now though, everything was different. He had barely arrived here and Hua Lin Yu was already here as well. Maybe Xin Lan even knew where they were or was secretly following behind right this instance.

Xiao Li’s brows almost furrowed when he thought of that possibility but he held back from showing any expression in the end, just blankly looking at Hua Lin Yu. While he couldn’t deny the possibility of Xin Lan doing something secretly, Hua Lin Yu might still be able to tell him more. For that, he couldn’t tear his face just yet.

Waiting for another moment and watching Hua Lin Yu’s doubtful expression, he finally rushed back there and swooped him right into his arms. “Xiao Yu! Is it really you?” He put as much emotion into his voice as he could and then gave him a deep look as if searching for traces that maybe this wasn’t actually his lover but a different person or maybe even an illusion.

Hua Lin Yu was confused when he saw his reaction. Had he … misunderstood something? Suddenly, he wavered again. He couldn’t help but feel that everything he had seen in that dream might not mean so much after all. Yes, who knew what that was? What did it have to do with Xiao Li? Anyway, hadn’t he thought that that person wasn’t Xiao Li when he saw him?

Hua Lin Yu shook his head. No, what was he thinking? There had to be something there with how similar that man had looked to Xiao Li and the fact that Xiao Li had rushed off without an explanation also had to mean something. He couldn’t just ignore all this! This was simply repeating the same mistake again.

Xiao Li saw his dazed expression and then how he shook his head. He wasn’t sure what was going on but it seemed that his little act was showing some result. He smiled faintly and then lowered his head, encircling Hua Lin Yu closer in his arms. Meanwhile, his mind churned. He needed a good explanation, then they could leave together. After that … well, depending on what kind of terms they parted on, he’d decide at that time. As for what kind of excuse to use …

His eyes narrowed and he finally pulled back, reaching up to rub Hua Lin Yu’s cheek. “How are you?” For now, he didn’t add any explanation, feeling that showing concern first was more important.

Hua Lin Yu still felt confused but it wasn’t as overwhelming as before “I’m alright but … why are you here?”

Xiao Li showed a troubled expression. “I was still walking through the sect with the others when the dragon king suddenly arrived. He was saying you had a negative reaction to the flower of the beguiling night tree and couldn’t wake up. I thought of rushing over immediately but I figured I wouldn’t be able to help like that. Thus, I came here instead. There are many precious herbs in this realm. I was sure I could find something to help you wake up again.”

Hua Lin Yu’s gaze softened. So it had been like this … He smiled and wanted to thank him for thinking of him when he stopped himself. No. This wasn’t right! His gaze darted from side to side and finally, his brows furrowed. “But …” He looked into his eyes, his head tilting faintly. “Why didn’t you tell my Master and the others? I was worried when you were gone. Why not leave a message so everyone knows where you went?”

Xiao Li looked at him in surprise. This wasn’t right. Before today, Hua Lin Yu had never been like this. Had whatever he had seen after eating the fruit of the beguiling night tree really influenced him this much? In that case, he would have to be more careful with how he proceeded.

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