OMF V9C276 The People Close to Them

Qiu Ling wondered what he should do. On one hand, there was Hong Bao who … well, he had always figured that she wasn’t quite there with her brain. People might think he shouldn’t judge but he had only ever played the fool. Hong Bao though … she was one. Or at the very least, that was what he had always thought. Maybe she had actually grown a brain while learning how to fight. It wasn’t completely impossible to imagine.

Either way, he didn’t really like dealing with her. But the other person currently in front of them was none other than Wu Ya and he had even more complicated feelings toward this guy who called himself a friend of his father’s but had very likely had a crush on him. As Chun Yin’s son … he felt strange about that.

Jing Yi looked from one person to the other and finally remembered who Wu Ya was. He had only seen him once but Qiu Ling’s expression gave him enough of a hint to figure it out. He wasn’t sure what to say to that either so he turned back to Hong Bao. “The two of you know each other?”

Hong Bao nodded straightforwardly. “Yes, we picked him up while traveling about two or three months ago. He said he’s from the spiritual beast tribe and exploring the mortal realm.”

Jing Yi nodded and then motioned to the sect. “Well, can we have a chat?”

“Sure!” Hong Bao didn’t mind and waved them with her.

Wu Ya happily followed along, using the opportunity to snatch the spot next to Qiu Ling. “You are getting married? Is it going to be here in the mortal realm or over in the immortal realm? You know, I’d come if you want me to.” Actually, even if he wasn’t wanted, he’d like to come. He might not have known that Chun Yin had had a child but still. It would be nice to make up for the years he had been missing out on.

Unfortunately for him, Qiu Ling was less than thrilled with that proposition. Usually, he might not have minded if Wu Ya joined in. At the very least, not if this had been a wedding here in the mortal realm like the one Hong Bao had tried to plan back then. What they were talking about here was a wedding in the immortal realm though and one that Jinde would attend. Wu Ya still didn’t know that Jinde was still alive so … this wasn’t a good idea.

He wasn’t sure how to politely refuse though. In general, it might have been nice to get a bit closer to Wu Ya. After all, while things between them were a bit awkward, this was a person who had been close to his father. He would have loved to hear more about him. But he simply couldn’t put Jinde in jeopardy.

Not knowing how to go about this matter, he finally cleared his throat and motioned ahead. “Well, it’s still some time until then. Let’s not worry about that for now.”

Wu Ya didn’t want to rush him either so he simply nodded and followed along. Even though the Ye Zhong Order only accepted female disciples, there was no ban on male visitors or even long-term guests like Wu Ya. Thus, he had been living here for a while and was already familiar with the sect grounds. He didn’t look around because of that and instead stole a few glances at Qiu Ling’s face.

Ah, he really looked familiar. There were a lot of similarities between him and Chun Yin even at first glance. From the distance, one could probably mistake them for each other.

Qiu Ling wasn’t sure what to make of Wu Ya’s looks in his direction. Thinking about how that guy had felt for his father, he couldn’t help but give him a pointed look. “You’re not intending to crash my wedding, are you?”

Wu Ya blinked his eyes, not sure how Qiu Ling would even come up with that idea. “Of course not! Honestly, I’m happy to hear that you’re going to have one soon.” He sighed after saying so. “It’s a pity Chun Yin can’t be here to experience this.”

Qiu Ling lowered his gaze, finally giving a hum. Yes, it was indeed a pity. Even though there was Leng Jin Yu as his reincarnation, it simply wasn’t the same. But what could he do? Either way, things were as they were. They couldn’t be changed anymore.

Anyway, he at least wasn’t completely alone. If not for Jinde having survived back then, he never would have even known that Leng Jin Yu was his father’s reincarnation. Now, he had both of them in his life and would also have a sibling soon. In a sense, he did have his family back even though there was no blood relation.

When his thoughts traveled there, Qiu Ling couldn’t help but turn to look at Wu Ya more deeply. His family … he wasn’t the only one who missed them. And to be honest, even though the current situation of Jinde still wasn’t completely safe, it might not be too bad if there were more people around who knew about it. Not to mention that Wu Ya was also strong.

Yes, if something were to happen, wouldn’t it be good to have more people on their side? His family had been lost once and he didn’t want a repeat of that so … he should do everything he could to keep them safe.

Thinking of this, he finally smiled. “You know, I would really like it if you came to our wedding. The circumstances are a bit … strange and there aren’t going to be many people, just a few very close friends, but I guess you can be considered a friend of the family.”

Wu Ya hurriedly nodded. “I’ll definitely be there! Anyway, I know I can’t do much but if you ever need me, I’ll always be there.”

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