OMF V9C271 The Right Path to Follow

Fei Bai Mu felt that everyone was once again getting off track. “Either way, I’m not completely sure how to deal with the current situation. I didn’t want him to eat the fruit of the beguiling night tree precisely because I feared it would expose something from that life of his that would influence him negatively. I couldn’t prevent it though. Now, I’m afraid that is exactly what he remembered. Or am I wrong?” She looked at Xin Lan while asking the last question, still holding out the faintest trace of hope in her heart that maybe she had indeed gotten it wrong.

Xin Lan sighed. “He didn’t tell me what exactly he saw but I can wager a guess. I’m not very clear on his past experiences but I know that he was originally married when he still hadn’t fallen. His husband … was a demon.”

Qiu Ling gave a huff. “That can’t have ended well.”

Xin Lan indeed shook his head. “Naturally not. It ended with him as a fallen god and his husband one head shorter.”

Jing Yi froze, suddenly remembering his own run-in with Xiang Yu in the demon realm. Hadn’t he had a skull lying on a shelf? That was to say … from the time he had fallen, he had always carried his husband’s severed head with him?

He didn’t know how to deal with that image and reached out to grab Qiu Ling’s sleeve, hoping that it would somehow calm him down. It indeed had some effect and after taking a few deep breaths, he regained his calm.

Qiu Ling gave him a surprised look but just reached over and covered his hand with his own. He didn’t know about what Jing Yi had seen back then. Thinking for a bit, he figured that this might simply be about the general situation and maybe about the thought of somebody simply killing their spouse. While Jing Yi wasn’t as timid as Jing He, he also wasn’t that used to violence. Why wouldn’t he be scared?

Xin Lan didn’t bother about the two of them and simply shook his head with his brows furrowed. “From what I know, it might be that Xiang Yu also killed the rest of his husband’s family. For demons, it’s normal to have many relatives who look similar since, well, they tend to not care about who is related to whom.”

Shen An De had to nod. “Indeed. That kind of thing is rampant among demons. For a fallen god that hates his husband to the bones, it wouldn’t be strange to kill all the men that looked similar enough to be mistaken for him.”

Xin Lan nodded. “My thoughts exactly. Either way, this is what made him fall. For a fallen god, it can be said to be one of their most important memories. So, after going on a trial and taking something that can stimulate the subconscious and make them recover parts of their memories, I’d assume that this is the kind of thing a fallen god would see.”

Fei Bai Mu’s brows drew even further together than before. “So he might have seen his husband and how he killed him. Possibly how he murdered his whole family as well.”

Xin Lan nodded. “Yes, and very likely without any context. At the very least, what he said to me sounded a lot like that. He wasn’t exactly forthcoming though so I can’t say for sure. Either way, Xiao Li looks exactly like Xiang Yu’s husband did. That is likely why he got involved with him in the first place. Now, if he really saw himself killing his husband, he should have some questions for Xiao Li.”

“Xiao Li won’t be able to answer them though.” Much of this wasn’t news to Fei Bai Mu and this was a part she didn’t doubt at all. A demon’s family could be large. Xiao Li might not even know how he was related to that man. How could he tell Hua Lin Yu what he wanted to know? He’d have a better chance asking Xin Lan!

Xin Lan sighed. “Yes, that is the unfortunate truth. I was thinking of maybe telling him myself but … I’m not sure if that would be good and, to be honest, there are so many things I can’t say for sure either. It might be for the best if I kept quiet about it.”

The people at the table all fell quiet. Xin Lan and Fei Bai Mu were the ones closest to Hua Lin Yu so they were naturally worried for his sake but they didn’t know what the right decision was. Jing Yi who had some insight also couldn’t say what was the right way to go about this since it wasn’t his life.

As for the other three … Shen An De and Ai Hua felt that this didn’t concern them too much. At most, there was a feeling of guilt for inadvertently stirring up such a disaster after offering Hua Lin Yu the fruit of the beguiling night tree. Yes, if he had known about Hua Lin Yu’s unique situation, even Shen An De likely wouldn’t have dared to do this. After all, a fallen god wasn’t somebody he’d dare to mess with.

As for Qiu Ling … he had gone extremely quiet after everything was put out in the open. This situation reminded him a little too much of the worries in his own life. The trials … they were indeed hard to deal with. As the person’s lover, you would want to do what was best for them but that wasn’t always easy and oftentimes, you wouldn’t know what was right either, especially not in the long term.

After thinking for a while, he couldn’t help but look up at Xin Lan, his gaze solemn. “If you knew about him going on the trial beforehand … then did he tell you his expectations? If he did, then … maybe just follow them?”

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