RMN C419 No Way to Poach

Luo Lin had no idea what the people around him were thinking. He didn’t care either. He continued working on the pattern and finally finished creating it.

Once again, he made it hover in the air and took a short moment to gather his thoughts before he attempted to split it again. This time, he didn’t go about it as slowly as before. Part of why it had ripped before was also because he hadn’t been fast enough. Tugging here and there really hadn’t helped. No, if he wanted to split it, he needed to be precise but fast.

In a sharp motion, he chopped it in two. Surprisingly enough, it worked.

Luo Lin stared at it in a daze, unable to believe it himself. Yes, he had indeed always been somebody who was able to pick new things up rather easily but he still needed a couple of tries usually. Succeeding on the second one sure seemed like he was lucky.

His lips curved up faintly and he looked at Shen Lei. “It’s done. I’ll attach it to your skin.” Saying so, he rubbed the back of Shen Lei’s hand with his thumb and only then lowered the copies of the pattern down onto his skin. He couldn’t help but lean closer and also give him a peck on the lips before he stepped back.

Shen Lei’s strength soared. It wasn’t a big difference, but still big enough to be felt. He raised his brows and then leaned closer again, kissing Luo Lin back before he nodded and stepped away, turning his head toward Zhi Guan. “Let’s go!”

He didn’t know how long this would last. From the feeling that came from his hands, it shouldn’t be long. His skin was tingling, but the sensation was faint. Most likely, it would unravel bit by bit until the last piece was gone. At that time, the boost to his strength should also stop. At the very least, that was his expectation.

When it came to fighting, Zhi Guan naturally didn’t need to be told twice. He drew his sword in a fluid motion and the two of them attacked at the same time.

Zhi Guan’s eyes lit up when he realized that Shen Lei had indeed gotten a bit stronger. While he himself would never voluntarily heighten his strengths through some external means, that didn’t mean that he didn’t appreciate a stronger opponent.

Although in a fight with the sword, strength alone was not what would tip the scales, it was one factor. And to him, exploring all these factors and learning from them was something that he very much desired to do.

They both knew that Shen Lei’s current state wouldn’t last long so they opted for a quick fight, not wasting time with feints or tests, just attacking and attacking again, trying all kinds of different moves that they had used against each other tons of times in the past.

Everyone else watched but there were really only two people able to judge the situation.

The four guardians might be very well-versed in the sword arts thanks to the long time spent in the cultivation world but they weren’t familiar with either Shen Lei or Zhi Guan.

As for Mei Chao Bing, while he knew both of them, he hadn’t been able to ever see them fight together. When he had been younger, he had fought against both Shen Lei and Zhi Guan but that had been so long ago, it almost wasn’t true anymore.

Yun Bei Fen didn’t need to be said. While he had seen them fight his understanding of sword arts wasn’t good. To him, a fight like this just looked awesome but he didn’t understand anything about it. In fact, he couldn’t even say who would win.

As such, other than the two fighting, Luo Lin and Baili Chao were the only ones who had a rough guess of just how much of a difference the technique had made.

Luo Lin didn’t take his eyes off his lover, afraid that he would get injured. He couldn’t help but rub his fingers together, his thoughts all over the place. He had actually been able to make a difference. Yes, this wouldn’t necessarily allow Shen Lei to win a fight but it would give him an advantage. And if the other side didn’t know that this was happening, then this was a big advantage. In the future, Shen Lei was ever attacked again, then he could be there to help. This knowledge … it made him want to weep with joy.

About a quarter of an hour had gone by when Shen Lei stepped back and inclined his head. He turned to look at Luo Lin, smiling brightly before reluctantly retracting his gaze and turning to the red priest instead. “Alright, the effect has just run out.”

Saying so, he went back to Luo Lin’s side, pulling him back into his arms. If he could have, he would’ve kneaded him into his body. Ah, after everything they had gone through, he never wanted to be apart from him again. Well, not that he had wanted to before but it was even worse now. He was afraid to leave him alone.

The red priest looked at the two of them and silently let go of the idea to try and poach this disciple. Even if he might be willing to change his Master, he wouldn’t be willing to leave his lover. And with the kind of position that Shen Lei had in the Teng Yong Sect, he didn’t think that this person would be willing to leave the sect. So, even if he wanted to pass on his knowledge, it seemed he would have to wait for somebody else.

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