RMN C418 A Conspiracy

Luo Lin grabbed Shen Lei’s hand, once again starting over with the process of creating that pattern. This time, he knew even better what he needed to pay attention to.

Watching it once, he could already infer a lot but he wouldn’t know everything. Only when he actually tried it for himself would he know what the most problematic issues were. After all, part of that would also rely on his own strengths and weaknesses. Just because something looked easy when the red priest did it, that didn’t mean that it would be the same when he did. The failure just now was proof of that.

This time, Luo Lin paid attention to the problems he had had before and slowed down slightly when he created the places where he figured the pattern might once again rip apart when splitting it up later on.

Yan Jian Hong watched from the side, faintly tilting his head. Seeing Luo Lin’s handiwork this time, he felt that there had to be something to their guess. Luo Lin’s understanding was definitely high. Even if it wasn’t an ability, it was valuable to have.

Whether it was an ability still remained to be seen though. He wasn’t sure how Tong Chen wanted to figure that out though because this didn’t seem to be it. Learning faster was based on your comprehension ability.

Luo Lin’s was off the charts when he looked at this. After just seeing it once, he could grasp onto the main issues. After trying and failing once, he might have gotten the rest. In fact, he didn’t doubt that he would succeed visit this time. The effect certainly wouldn’t be his full potential but it would at least work. That was much more than he could say of others.

He had grown up in the Zhen Yan Sect. He had learned all these techniques himself and had seen his martial brothers and sisters attempt them at the same time. He had also watched lots of juniors go through this very same stage, trying to figure out how to do it.

A lot of them had failed numerous times. Even the best disciples would usually need at least a dozen tries. Luo Lin though … well, he was made for this. In fact, it was a bit of a pity that he wasn’t a disciple of their Zhen Yan Sect. He might have thrived under their guidance.

At that moment, Yan Jian Hong couldn’t help but be startled. Actually, when it came to abilities, whether you were able to develop one or not also depended a lot on what you learned.

In his case, the Zhen Yan Sect had been exactly the right place. It was mostly the techniques he learned there that had allowed him to perfect his ability the way he did. Luo Lin had learned in another sect. Maybe if not for that, he would’ve discovered that there was an ability much earlier.

If that was the case, it would be a pity but it wouldn’t necessarily be too late. After all, the four righteous sects were allied. If they really figured out that this disciple was much more suitable for their cultivation technique, there might be a chance to convince his Master to let him go. Especially so if the person who took him in was the guardian of a sect. And to be honest, he could imagine doing that.

Yan Jian Hong looked at Luo Lin and couldn’t help but feel that this disciple was starting to look better and better. Yes, if it was someone like this, he wouldn’t mind taking them in as a disciple.

Previously, he had never thought of that. After he was recognized as the red priest, he had always felt that if a disciple was suggested, it was more about politics than learning. None of those children had ever looked to him like the kind of disciple he would want. But Luo Lin was different. Yes, watching him, he felt more and more that he would be a worthy successor.

Elder Baili was still standing to the side and watching his disciple closely. From where he stood, he could also see the red priest’s expression and he couldn’t help but notice just how he was looking at Luo Lin. In his heart, he felt alarmed.

He didn’t know what exactly was going through the red priest’s mind but it should be one of two things: Either – and he really hoped that this wasn’t it — he was currently falling in love with him as way too many men had in the past or — and he hoped that this wasn’t the case either — he was currently thinking about poaching his disciple.

Elder Baili glanced to both sides, looking at his other disciples, hoping that it would give him some kind of reassurance. On the contrary, he started to feel more of a sense of crisis.

Please look at his first disciple! Zhi Guan was enamored with learning sword arts. And you knew who else was? The black warrior! So now, he might be in the kind of situation where the red priest wanted to steal his third disciple and the black warrior might get the idea of stealing his first disciple if he saw him fight against Shen Lei. As a Master, what was he supposed to do here?

Well, thankfully, his second disciple wasn’t here and his little disciple was a little useless. Even if somebody would want to steal the first three, he really couldn’t imagine that anybody would want to get that little bunny. Although then again …

He glanced at Mei Chao Bing and couldn’t help but feel indignant. Alright, nobody was trying to replace him as his Master but, in fact, his little disciple was the one who had been stolen away first. And it was even by somebody who was so many years his junior.

If he didn’t know any better, he would think that there was some kind of conspiracy going on. It sure felt that way when he looked at his disciples.

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