SML V5C20 No Type

Li Ming nodded slowly. His heart that had seemed suspended in the air slowly fell down. He took a deep breath and then sighed, feeling that he had made too much of a fuss about this.

Yes, not everybody was like him and wanted to analyze all the details of what had gone wrong over all the weeks and months or maybe even years of the relationship. Some people were able to just be content with what they had had and then move on.

It wasn’t that strange if he thought about it this way. His reaction to what Zhao Chen had said was probably just his trust issues speaking again. He had hoped that he was at a place by now where that wouldn’t endanger his new relationships any longer but apparently, he still had a long way ahead of him.

For now, he was just happy that Zhao Chen had managed to make him open up about his worries and then talked it out with him. Other men probably would have left him just for being accused of something like this. Ah, it really was nice having a partner as mature as Zhao Chen.

Li Ming heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed. “I think I see where you are coming from. I guess it’s just that for me … I need more time. My feelings about what happened aren’t that easy to put away. I need to think things through and actively work through my feelings.

“It’s not necessarily a good thing, I know that. Especially when the breakup is a difficult one.” Yes, just thinking about what had happened with Mo Fang, he couldn’t imagine having gotten together with anybody else in a short amount of time. That just didn’t seem possible. He had needed more than a whole year to be able to think about dating again and even then, it had still influenced him a lot. It still did.

But that situation was also special because it had changed something very fundamental about his trust in other people. If it was just a regular breakup, it wasn’t that strange to need less time. And anyway, Zhao Chen usually ending up in longer relationships just meant that he had a good idea of what kind of person to pick, right?

Li Ming leaned to the side, holding onto the backrest of the couch, and gave Zhao Chen a look. “You said before that you had a type.”

Zhao Chen raised his brows at the sudden change of topic but then smiled. It seemed that Li Ming had already accepted what he had just said. That probably meant that he was back on solid ground now regarding their relationship. Just thinking about it, he was happy enough and naturally wouldn’t complain. “Well, I won’t deny that I do.”

“So, what is your type? I mean, how do you … how do you figure that out?”

Zhao Chen laughed. “Are we going to have all the deep conversations in one day? Because if that’s the case, I feel we should’ve waited until our next free day so we can open a bottle of wine to go along with it without needing to worry about work the next morning.”

Li Ming couldn’t help but laugh as well. “Am I being weird? I just … I guess I do understand what you meant before and I didn’t want to dwell on it any longer. It’s … well, I guess I’ve never really understood how other people go about starting and ending relationships. So … since we already were on the topic, I thought I’d just go ahead and ask. Anyway, it means knowing more about you and I’d be happy with that.”

Zhao Chen nodded and also leaned back, stretching out his legs. “Well, this one’s definitely not as much of a minefield so I guess I can tell you.” He gave Li Ming a long look, wondering how to put this into words. “I guess it’s a mixture of looks and personality.

“I’m definitely more into the athletic type and I think there is something about being more straightforward and open in how a person interacts with others. That’s what I like in men.” He tilted his head, pondering for a moment whether he should actually say what was going through his mind.

Li Ming saw that he seemed to have a question and raised his brows at him. “Go ahead! I’ve been asking pretty weird questions so far so I think it’s alright whatever it is that’s currently going through your mind.”

“Ah, actually, it’s nothing much. I was just thinking … you asked about my type as if that was something strange. You don’t have one? Like, no kind of guy that you would just gravitate toward?”

Li Ming pondered for a moment but then shook his head. “No, I don’t think so.” He thought for a moment and then felt that it wasn’t very convincing. “Actually, let me just show you some pictures.” He was definitely the sentimental type, so he had kept at least a couple of pictures of all of his exes. He wouldn’t throw out everything when things went badly, not to mention that usually, his breakups were pretty amicable. Mo Fang had definitely been the exception there and even when it came to him, he hadn’t gotten rid of all their mementos.

He took out his phone and searched for a moment and, of course, the first one he found was precisely a picture of Mo Fang. It was actually one of the photos from the photoshoot they had done with Bian Huan.

Li Ming stared at it, wondering if that was really something he should show Zhao Chen but, in the end, this person was his new boyfriend. Being open about things like these was important.

He turned in his direction and then showed him the screen. “That is the ex I told you about, the … well, not the last relationship before you but the last one that seemed to be going anywhere.”

Zhao Chen leaned closer, and then couldn’t help but raise his brows. If Li Ming had a type, then he had broken that either with him or with this guy because they sure looked nothing alike. “Well, he is good-looking.”

Li Ming nodded and gave a hum. “He was actually a model. This was also taken at a photoshoot.” In this photo, his own face wasn’t visible so Zhao Chen probably hadn’t noticed. He turned to look at him, only to find that Zhao Chen didn’t look all that impressed. “Ah, I guess you really have a very specific type.”

Zhao Chen couldn’t help but grin. “I will admit that he is indeed good-looking but yes, he really wouldn’t be my type. Not to mention that you already told me about your relationship so if he managed to give you trust issues, he’s definitely not somebody I would want to date either.”

Li Ming nodded, feeling that this made sense. “Well, I guess you can already see that I don’t have a type. Let me show you the others though! Anyway, since we’re already on the topic, we might as well go all out.”

Zhao Chen couldn’t help but laugh again. “Alright, I’ll show you pictures of my exes too. Let me take a look at what I have saved.” With that, he actually took out his phone as well and started to go through the pictures he had on there.

This was probably an odd thing to do, but since Li Ming had started it, it was alright. And anyway, this was not the weirdest thing they had talked about today so they might as well go all the way.

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