RMN C416 A Delicate Pattern

Luo Lin didn’t even need to think about this. He pulled his lover’s hand, blinking his eyes at the red priest. If there was something he could do for Shen Lei — even if it was only true for a short moment —, then he would absolutely do it.

Yan Jian Hong nodded. “Alright. That’s the person you’ll try this on then. Now, we still need somebody that I can demonstrate this with.” He looked at the other disciples that were in the courtyard, his gaze slipping from Zhi Guan to Mei Chao Bing and back again. Yun Bei Fen clearly wasn’t suitable. Just one look was enough to see he wasn’t a good fighter. The other two might work though.

After a moment, he turned back to look at Shen Lei. “Have you fought against any of the others? With this technique, it’s difficult to pinpoint how effective it is unless you look at the result it will have in a fight. But for that, we’d need somebody that you are familiar with.”

Shen Lei nodded. “I’m most familiar with Zhi Guan.”

“Mn.” The red priest nodded but still waved at Zhi Guan. “I hope you won’t mind?”

Zhi Guan stepped forward but stopped outside of the red priest’s range. “I don’t mind having that fight but …” He didn’t want somebody to do anything to his strength. That wouldn’t be an honorable fight in his book.

Shen Lei gave him a complicated look. He had known Zhi Guan for years so he was well aware of what kind of struggle he was currently in. The problem was that while he had also fought with Mei Chao Bing before, it had been some years since then. If it was him, he would hardly be able to compare.

Luo Lin knew his first senior martial brother almost as well as Shen Lei did. Looking at him and then looking at his lover, he finally gave a melodious hum. “Actually, senior, maybe it would be best if you didn’t use that technique on my first senior martial brother. After all, how is Ah Lei going to compare his newfound power to his original one if his opponent has also had his strength raised? Wouldn’t it be better to show me on someone else and then have Ah Lei fight first senior martial brother?”

Yan Jian Hong nodded slowly. He had never had such a situation before so he hadn’t thought about it much. But yes, this might indeed be the better way to go about this. “Alright, then …”

He looked at the other people in the courtyard but finally shook his head. No, a demonstration like this might be best done on the person who was supposed to copy what he did himself. This way, Luo Lin would directly feel the difference.

He turned back to him and gave a faint smile. “Then, would you mind volunteering?”

Luo Lin didn’t mind either so he just nodded.

The red priest reached out and took Luo Lin’s hands. “This isn’t difficult. I’ll do it first and you can try to observe. If you don’t understand, I will talk you through the process first.”

Luo Lin nodded again but didn’t say anything. He didn’t know if he would be able to do what the red priest wanted to show him. In the past, he had indeed picked up on things fast but that was no guarantee, was it? Anyway, he didn’t know if this was a so-called ability.

The red priest closed his eyes and urged his spiritual energy, slowly weaving it in front of him.

Luo Lin looked at his face for a moment before looking down at their hands and then used his spiritual sense to see what he was actually doing. Seeing the complicated pattern hovering in front of him in the air, he tilted his head to the side.

The trick should be to use your spiritual energy to recreate this pattern? In general, that wasn’t difficult. The crux was that you likely needed it to stay consistent which wasn’t easily done.

Spiritual energy could be morphed into many things but usually, details weren’t as important. Large shields to defend yourself or others from attacks, projectiles to attack the opponent yourself, those were the most common of things cultivators would do with spiritual energy.

Yes, some were able to create whips out of it but the strength was seldom comparable with actual whips even though the attack power was higher. The problem was precisely this: If the size was uneven, it would cause the weapon to not function properly. It was easy to snap in the thinner places or get unwieldy in the thicker ones.

With this pattern, it should be similar. So if he wanted to recreate this, he’d need to pay attention to that.

While Luo Lin was pondering how to follow his lead, the red priest finished weaving the pattern, and then lowered it down, making it swirl in the air, and splitting into two identical pieces. Then, he lowered it down onto Luo Lin’s skin, waiting until it dissolved before he let go of his hands and stepped back. “Alright, this is it. Do you think you can do it yourself?”

Luo Lin looked at his hands and nodded faintly before turning to his lover. He felt like he had a general grasp of the technique but whether he would be able to actually use it was still up in the air.

He gently took Shen Lei’s hands and gave him a sweet smile. He really wanted this to work. If he was able to help Shen Lei in his fights, that would make him worry much less. Although, there was still the question of how much this would raise his strength even if he could do it and how long the effect could last.

Well, he wouldn’t find out without trying.

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