RMN C403 How to Find a Person?

Mei Chao Bing perked up when she finally got to this part. Now, he would hopefully be able to find out more about the abilities of the guardians and the story behind them. That should be helpful in dealing with their current problems.

Blue butterfly actually fell silent. Thinking back, there were so many memories between her and Tong Chen, it was almost hard to believe. She kept quiet for a while and then sighed, shaking her head. “Well, even though I was surprised, he wasn’t the type of person who would hesitate too much over somebody’s doubts. Since he had managed to find me, he immediately asked whether we could go and sit down somewhere.

“I wasn’t sure what to make of this but considering that he had been let into the sect and also seemed to be a disciple of an allied sect, I didn’t think too much. Anyway, it was nice not being ignored for once. So I invited him back to the place where I lived.

“When we got there, he didn’t mince his words. He just directly got to the point, telling me about his ability and how he had seen me in one of his visions. I guess it goes without saying that I was a bit freaked out.

“I never would’ve expected that something like this could happen. I didn’t see myself as an important person. I felt like I was pretty normal. Maybe even a bit less than average. With how my life had been leading up to that point, I just couldn’t believe that I was supposed to be that awesome.”

Her expression at this moment was indeed one of confusion. Even after all these years, looking back, she still had some difficulties believing that everything had turned out to be like this.

Looking from the outside, it was hard to believe seeing as she was a guardian of the Jian Chu Sect. But for her, that was her own life. Everything had happened day after day, year after year, only slowly progressing instead of being wrapped up neat and tidy in a story that would only take a few hours to tell.

Of course, her perception of it would be different than theirs who had only heard of it after the fact. Especially so since until shortly before, blue butterfly’s experience had been completely different from what the black guardian was telling her at that time. And with her not having realized yet that she had an ability, it must have been difficult to believe his words.

Blue butterfly gave a hum, wondering how to explain her thoughts at the time. In the end, she just shook her head again, feeling that it probably didn’t matter. “Well, I was skeptical but Tong Chen wasn’t somebody who would give up because there was some doubt from the other side. He was … rather stubborn. He still is. He just doesn’t show it as easily anymore.

She smiled and then leaned back, crossing her legs. “Well, since I didn’t believe him, he had to find something to make me believe. He asked about my dreams while telling me the little that he had perceived through his vision, trying to see if that rang a bell. I like to think that if he had come to see me any earlier, I wouldn’t have believed him. But at that time, things were already different.

“I had the experience from the time with my senior martial brother and much had happened in the last few weeks after that, as my ability seemed to be especially active. It was at the point where it was breaking through to some kind of new level and I was on the verge of realizing myself what was going on so with a bit of prompting from him, I realized that maybe he wasn’t wrong. Maybe there really was something special about me. It was hard to believe but I didn’t feel that it was impossible anymore.

Mei Chao Bing nodded slowly. “I assume it was similar with the others?”

Blue butterfly inclined her head. “Yes, although it wasn’t quite as easy. I was the first one that Tong Chen found. After that, the next one was Yan Jian Hong. He was out at that time, doing missions and gaining experience. In that kind of situation, it is much more difficult to find somebody compared to just walking up to the gates of their sect and demanding to see the person.

“Also, we didn’t have much to go off. As I said, I’m not entirely sure if I understand how those visions work, but Tong Chen only had a vague idea about Yan Jian Hong. He knew that he was a man, that he was part of the Zhen Yan Sect, and he also had a rough idea of what his ability was. But that was everything.

“With that, we didn’t have anywhere to start. We had figured out that he wasn’t at the sect grounds since those visions never showed him there. But in the end, where do you start looking for a person? The world is vast. Meeting or not meeting … it seems like it’s mere fate.”

She fell quiet and neither Yun Bei Fen nor Mei Chao Bing interrupted her thoughts. The latter couldn’t help but wonder by himself though. Yes, meeting that person … it didn’t seem easy. If it was him, what would he have done?

For a while, he couldn’t find an answer. But then thinking about it for a while longer, at this time, the two of them had been disciples from two sects. If they walked up to the Zhen Yan Sect’s gate their credibility would be higher than when it had only been the black warrior before.

Since they knew that this disciple was outside at this time, then maybe they could just ask about who was currently outside. With the details that the black warrior knew about what the red priest was doing outside, they might be able to spin a story that was just believable enough for the people at the Zhen Yan Sect not to get too worried.

That definitely was a possibility. And if he could think of that, then he was sure that these two, who were talents in their own right, would be able to come up with it as well.

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