RMN C404 A Search for Clues

Sure enough, blue butterfly already confirmed his thoughts after a moment. “Well, at first, we were unsure about what to do. But as it so happened, it was just about time for the intersect competition. And this time, it was the Zhen Yan Sect’s turn to host. This was naturally a prime opportunity to figure this matter out.

“We went there together even though I for one wasn’t necessarily interested in participating. These competitions, I’ve never been one to enjoy them too much. I guess it just goes to show what my attitude towards cultivation was in general.

“Even after all those years, it just wasn’t something that I enjoyed much.” She sighed, thinking back to her family and wondering if they would be happy knowing that, despite her attitude, she had made it into the Jin Chu Sect and even snatched the role of their guardian. She couldn’t change her feelings but, in the end, she had done what they had wanted her to do.

Well, there was no way to find out what they’d think. She shook her head to get rid of the thought and continued the story instead. “Either way, Tong Chen was different. He loved to compete.

“In fact, contrary to me, he had a certain reputation where it concerned his skills. His level wasn’t low and his fighting prowess was off the charts even at that time. Among the four of us, I don’t think it would be wrong to say that he was the best.

“Taking that into consideration, he was, of course, the one who would take part for the two of us. This was an opportunity to find out more, after all. For him, it was a way to check the disciples that were fighting on the rings, hoping that maybe Yan Jian Hong had returned to the sect for this opportunity and would somehow meet him for a fight.

“If not, then maybe me mixing into the disciples that were spectating, would allow me to hear if somebody extraordinary had missed out on the competition. That way, we’d have one more thing to go off to find Yan Jian Hong.

“Now, you need to keep in mind that when I say we were looking for ‘Yan Jian Hong’, we actually didn’t know that. We didn’t have a name or anything like that. We were still looking for mere clues which was much more difficult than just finding a specific person.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded. “Then, did he take part in the competition?” He really hoped that she would speed up a bit with the story or the night would be over soon but he didn’t want to be rude while asking her to do so either so he could only try it this way.

Blue butterfly shook her head. “No, he didn’t. But at that point, he was with a group of outstanding disciples out on a mission. Of course, the people from the Zhen Yan Sect couldn’t help but lament that some of the best disciples were missing and couldn’t take part. Since I was waiting outside the rings, I naturally heard.

“I made sure to ask around while Tong Chen was still busy, feeling that this was a promising avenue to investigate. After all, we at least knew what Yan Jian Hong’s ability was. Considering that, it made sense that he would be with a group instead of traveling alone. Otherwise, he couldn’t even use his ability.

“After the competition had ended, I told Tong Chen about what I had found and he agreed that there was a high likelihood of Yan Jian Hong being part of that group. He had checked on the people at the Zhen Yan Sect as well as he could while the fights were going on and hadn’t found the person in question so him being outside was even more likely.

“Thus, the two of us directly left the Zhen Yan Sect. At this point, we knew where the mission of that group was taking place so we made our way over there. Even if we weren’t able to find them because they had already moved on, we figured we could find further clues. Especially since, by now, we already knew the names of a few of the people that were involved in the mission.

“Well, as luck would have it, this time, we actually did manage to find them where we thought we might and didn’t even need to search for long. And I guess you could say that we were even luckier because we came at about just the right time.

“They were five people, and they had somehow managed to get themselves besieged by a group of demonic practitioners. By this time, of them was already down, bleeding heavily, while the rest were barely holding on.

“Now, I might be a bit unmotivated when it comes to cultivation but I am not bad. Together with Tong Chen and the remaining four disciples of the Zhen Yan Sect, we managed to drive the other side off. It wasn’t easy but we still did it. And after that … well, I guess it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we had the chance to witness Yan Jian Hong’s ability at work.

“That martial brother of his that had already been on the ground when we arrived was doing badly. Their resources were already used up and we couldn’t lend them anything either. After all, I wasn’t necessarily a cherished disciple of the Jian Chu Sect, and Tong Chen spent most of his time outside, not having the opportunity to replenish his resources regularly. But we could help in another way. After all, we had the information that Yan Jian Hong needed.

“At that time, Tong Chen just turned to him and then said to him ‘you can heal him’. No explanation, no … preamble. He just put it there, not trying to justify what he was saying. He just had that much faith in his visions.

“The other disciples of the Zhen Yan Sect didn’t believe it. In fact, if not for the fact that we had just saved them, they probably would’ve attacked us at this point.

“But Yan Jian Hong was different. I guess, just like me, he had a rough guess that something was different about him. And maybe he even roughly knew what that difference was because, after some hesitation, he actually gave it a try.

“He only used his spiritual energy but I guess it was a bit of luck that everyone was already this beat up because there was just enough blood mixed in that Yan Jian Hong indeed managed to heal that guy.

“Seeing this happen shut those other disciples from the Zhen Yan Sect right up and I guess it left no doubt in Yan Jian Hong’s mind that what he might have suspected was true all along. Well, that sure made our job easier.”

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