RMN C402 A First Meeting

Blue butterfly raised her brows, not even sure what to say to that. “Well …” To be honest, when it came to her own name as a guardian, it was a bit embarrassing to admit. Back then, she hadn’t really known what she wanted to be called. She wanted it to be a nice name that would just roll off your tongue, but also had a nice meaning and seemed a bit more delicate.

Hanging around with the three guys all the time, she definitely wasn’t the epitome of femininity. In fact, she also hadn’t been before. And for most of her life, she hadn’t been able to help but wonder if that was also part of why people treated her the way they did.

Just think of that senior! Between her and that junior, just what was she lacking? So, she had always had a bit of a gripe with how little femininity she oozed. With her name, in a sense, she had wanted to make up for that.

This matter, of course, couldn’t just be shared with these juniors. After all, there were some things that were too embarrassing to admit. Even though she had had no problem telling them of that story with her senior, that was ancient history. But this … it was a thought that still crossed her mind every now and then. Also, she needed to live with this name so she didn’t want to spill the beans and have it get around.

Wondering for a moment, she tugged at her sleeve. “Well, you’ve already seen how we came up with one part of the naming convention. Since everyone had a color in theirs, I naturally needed to have one too. And I’ve always preferred blue so we went with that.

“As for the butterfly part of my name …” She pulled out a sword and showed them the handguard that was actually shaped like a butterfly. “I guess you could say it was a bit of a joke but this sword is important to me. So since I was always carrying it around, the others related it to me. And thus, when it came to the question of my name, this was also something that everyone thought of. Seeing this butterfly … I guess we just felt it fit.” In fact, this wasn’t completely true. She was just leaving out the reason she had immediately accepted when Yan Jian Hong suggested it.

Yun Bei Fen nodded, feeling as if he had been enlightened. “Oh, that’s an awesome story!” He really wouldn’t have thought that there was this much behind the names of the four guardians.

Mei Chao Bing was happy that his little bunny was happy but he didn’t feel that knowing how they had come up with their names was helping them here. “You said that the black warrior was the one who found you.” He didn’t ask anything further, just quietly prompting her to say more out of her own volition. Anyway, it wasn’t like he could force her.

Blue butterfly was startled out of her thoughts and nodded. “Right! You really managed to make me go off track. Anyway, he did find me. You have to see, when it comes to his ability, then he only foresees the big things. If there’s nothing important, it will stay silent. But if there’s something major going on, then he will get a glimpse of it for sure.

“My ability was pretty strong at that time and I was actively changing the lives of the people around me without even noticing. Of course, that had an impact. And thus, he also got a glimpse of me and my ability.

“I can’t tell you how exactly his ability works and how he has these visions. I’m not sure if he clearly sees the people or if it’s more symbolic. I really don’t know. You would have to ask him that. But somehow, he was able to identify me.

“Then one day, he stood in front of the gates of our Jian Chu Sect and asked to be let in, wanting to speak to one of our disciples. He didn’t know my name though and thus, it was a bit difficult to actually meet up.

“Not to mention that, well, he is blind. So he couldn’t even describe me to the disciples at the gate. Surely, that didn’t inspire faith in them.”

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes. He hadn’t been aware that the black warrior was blind so suddenly being presented with this, he couldn’t help but feel that it seemed completely impossible to find blue butterfly even if the disciples let him in. Anyway, was there really a way to identify somebody without seeing them? He couldn’t imagine.

Mei Chao Bing didn’t think it was a problem though. “He could surely prove that he was a disciple of our Teng Yong Sect though and once inside, he should be able to identify you. I mean I doubt his visions are of a visual nature.” He wasn’t sure how they would be but surely, there should be a way. In fact, come to think of his own talk with the black warrior … “He mentioned having a keen intuition. Maybe just getting close to you would’ve enabled him to tell that it was you.”

Blue butterfly raised her brows and felt like she somewhat understood why this person was as vital to that vision. Clearly, he was a smart one. “You’re right. Actually, the most difficult part was getting in and then being allowed to stroll around.

“Even though he was from the Teng Yong Sect as you said since he couldn’t say who he wanted to see and also didn’t want to say why he was there, that made people feel that there was more to this. Like, he might be some kind of spy trying to infiltrate our sect with the stolen identity of a Teng Yong Sect’s disciple.

“In the end, even though they let him in, they kept a wary eye on him. But Tong Chen … he didn’t care. He just walked through the sect grounds as if he was supposed to be there, until finally, our paths crossed. And then, he turned to me and called out to me as if we had already been familiar with each other. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement.”

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