RMN C401 The Most Important Question

When blue butterfly saw Mei Chao Bing suddenly distracted after mentioning that they didn’t need to worry about this, she couldn’t help but feel a little panic. In fact, she had said that without thinking about it, feeling that abilities were really too rare. But actually, she wasn’t able to tell who had an ability and who didn’t. In fact, between these two, one might actually have one.

Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be too strange. After all, that guy from the Teng Yong Sect who had betrayed them had taken Mei Chao Bing in as a disciple. He surely hadn’t done that without reason. So this boy was quite likely to have one.

Thinking of that, blue butterfly had no idea what to do. Actually, among the four guardians, she sometimes felt that the others were a bit better equipped to deal with these kinds of matters. It was just that it was most convenient for her to contact others so oftentimes when they needed something from a person, she would be the one pushed to the front.

She continued to talk with Yun Bei Fen for a moment to give Mei Chao Bing time to adjust his state, but inwardly, she couldn’t help but try to come up with a plan.

This matter, if it really was true and Mei Chao Bing had an ability, then that was also something that could be dealt with. They just needed to find out what kind of ability it was, and then see how to help him.

She definitely wouldn’t try to solve this alone though. With Mei Chao Bing’s part in Tong Chen’s vision, she didn’t dare to do that. No, for the time being, she should pretend that she hadn’t noticed anything, and then discuss with the others first before coming up with what to do.

Yes, come to think of it, it might be for the best if she pulled him into another dream without his lover when the other three were also present. That way, everyone could take a look, and then they could pool their thoughts and information together. Yes, that would be for the best.

With two people distracted, for a moment, the conversation came to a bit of a standstill. But when blue butterfly made up her mind, she just cleared her throat and went back to what she had originally been talking about, not bringing up the abilities anymore.

“Either way, because he was so incredibly pretty, people loved to call him jade. And he had that kind of white face, so there was that. Now, a jade is still a stone when you look at it that way. And he was somebody who can make his skin hard as a stone so that was his name from then on. There was really no other way about it.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded as if this really was a matter of course. He thought that actually, ‘white jade’ was quite a pretty name. The same went for blue butterfly so he had to say that the guardians had really good taste.

Blue butterfly gave a smile and then thought of the other two. “Well, with Shang Qiang’s name being this much on the nose, we were joking that we should also go with something obvious for the names of the rest of us.

“I picked out Yan Jian Hong next because, well, Tong Chen always has such a serious face, how would I dare to make fun of him? And since I couldn’t very well make fun of myself, Yan Jian Hong was really the only person I could pick.

“With his ability to heal others, there really wasn’t anything better that came to mind than a priest. You know how there are priests outside who go around saving people, right? Well, they don’t do it the way that Yan Jian Hong does but still, they are helping them get rid of demons and stuff, don’t they? So I couldn’t help but joke that if everyone was to give themselves a name, we should definitely go for that.”

Mei Chao Bing’s lips twitched when he heard that. To be honest, he didn’t even necessarily think that white jade was such a good name but red priest was much worse. Especially so with that explanation. White jade could still be considered a good name even outside of their abilities, and even with them considered, it wasn’t too bad. But the red priest? It really didn’t have the same ring to it.

“You don’t know him but, actually, among the three of them, Yan Jian Hong is one with the best sense of humor. Hearing how I said that, he thought about it for a moment and then actually nodded. And then he even pointed at white jade and said that if he got the word ‘white’ to make his name sound more distinguished, then he should also get something like that.

“Thinking about it for a bit, he had always liked to dress a bit more flamboyantly, so he wanted the word to be ‘red’. Of course, he would never admit that this was about his sense of style. He said that considering that he used his blood for healing others, red was just the most appropriate color for him. But I don’t believe that this is the true explanation.”

Neither of the two juniors had anything to say to that. Actually, the red priest’s explanation sounded pretty good. But then, if white jade was called the white part of his name for how his face looked, it really was not that difficult to imagine that blue butterfly’s explanation actually came close to the truth.

Blue butterfly didn’t care whether they believed it or not anyway. Instead, she showed a smile, thinking back to the discussion back then. “Well, with two of them now having the name, I naturally wouldn’t give up that easily. But when it came to Tong Chen, he really had some hangups so nobody would have dared to force him to do something that was based on his ability.

“When he picked ‘warrior’ as the base of his new name, we didn’t have anything to say to that. As for the color … well, he had always liked to just wear black. It’s a bit strange I guess for somebody on the righteous side to do that but it was something he insisted on. I guess that there might be some reason for that but I never really asked.”

For a moment, she fell silent. As for Tong Chen always wearing black, she indeed figured that there was something more to it but he had never admitted to it. Still, he had already been like this when they originally met. At that time, it had really given her a scare.

While blue butterfly sank into contemplation, Yun Bei Fen couldn’t help but bring up the most important of all questions. “Then, senior, if that is how the other three got their name, then what about yours?”

Because seriously, it was obvious where the ‘blue’ part came from but he wasn’t sure about the butterfly. This was something that had actually been puzzling him since the moment they met so now was the best time to make sure of it.

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