OMF V9C217 An Ascended Deity

Elder Wang finished scolding the disciples that had made a mess again. Shaking his head and huffing, he turned around, only to stop in his tracks. “Xiao Dong? And … Xiao Yi?” He stared at the two of them, unable to believe his eyes.

Xiao Dong had suddenly vanished after that matter with the demon-hunting sects and not returned. It wasn’t the first time that this had happened so he hadn’t been too worried at first but then this disciple of his never came back.

As for the person next to him, seeing him was even stranger. Originally, he had gotten to know Jing Yi because Shao Hai would always drag him over, trying to show off every little bit of knowledge he finally obtained. It had left him with some impression. Then, Grandmaster Zhangsun’s disciple had proposed to him in front of everyone at the Gathering of Practitioners, making him pay a bit more attention. Finally, this child had somehow managed to ascend despite his lacking attitude.

Now, not only was his own missing disciple back, he had even brought along an ascended deity. Could somebody explain this to him?

Seeing his expression, Xiao Dong figured that things weren’t good. He forced himself to smile and then cupped his fists and bowed like the disciples usually did. “Master, we’re looking for Shao Hai.”

Elder Wang looked at him in a daze and then turned to look at Jing Yi. If he hadn’t known about him, he wouldn’t have realized just what kind of level he had reached. He had none of the demeanor of an expert. Was he really better than the Sect Master and their Grandmaster? He couldn’t believe it.

Xiao Dong straightened up when he didn’t get an answer and then raised his brows. “Master?”

At that, Elder Wang was finally pulled out of his thoughts. He couldn’t solve the confusion regarding Jing Yi, so instead, he focused on Xiao Dong. As a result, he immediately got angry.

Marching over, he lightly slapped this disciple’s forehead. “Xiao Dong, you have guts marching in here as if nothing had happened! Care to explain to me why you were gone for so long and why you vanished without any explanation in the first place?!”

Xiao Dong stared at him in a daze. Why was he suddenly yelling in front of Jing Yi after all? He had thought he’d be safe! After a moment, Xiao Dong just took a step back. “Don’t get angry, Master. Anyway, there’s a good explanation for everything. For now though, we have to see Shao Hai.”

Elder Wang really wanted to scold him further but then reconsidered with a glance at Jing Yi. He had no idea where Xiao Dong had been but if he had stayed in contact with one of their disciples who had ascended, then maybe there really was more to this and he shouldn’t judge prematurely.

He pursed his lips and dropped the topic for now, instead finally giving Xiao Dong his answer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the one that he had hoped for. “He isn’t in right now. I sent him on a mission two weeks ago. I don’t think he will get back too soon.”

Xiao Dong pursed his lips as well and turned to Jing Yi. “Seems like we are out of look. Then do you want to go and see the others first?” Anyway, since they were in the mortal realm right now, they had time. They might as well make use of it first, then see if Xiao Dong returned while they did so.

Jing Yi had similar thoughts. “Yes, that might be for the best.” Seeing as the first try hadn’t worked out, he couldn’t help but try and make sure that the next attempt would work out better though. “Elder Wang, would you happen to know if senior martial brother Nian is currently in the sect?”

Elder Wang froze when he was addressed as an Elder by Jing Yi just like when he had been a small disciple. As an ascended deity, did you still have to call people Elders? It seemed a bit wrong. Well, even though it felt strange to him, he still felt that answering Jing Yi’s question was more important. “Yes, he is. He should be in the Grandelder’s palace as usual or maybe tending to the spiritual herb garden. You … do you still have the plaque that lets you enter the inner sect?” Or actually, did he even need it?

Jing Yi immediately pulled out the token and held it up. “I do, thanks for the reminder, Elder Wang. Then Xiao Dong and I will go over and have a look first. Thank you very much for your help!” He cupped his fists and bowed before hurriedly taking his leave.

Xiao Dong rushed after him, not wanting to spend more time with Elder Wang either. If he did, wouldn’t he have to explain things? That definitely wasn’t something he wanted to do. No, rather than that, he’d love to take care of this matter, and then go straight back to the dragon realm. There was no need for him to rekindle relationships like this.

Shao Hai and those seniors they had been closer to might be different but when it came to Elder Wang, he really didn’t want to. Actually, to him, it was embarrassing to call a human his Master. What could this man really teach him that he hadn’t also learned in the dragon realm? Because of that, he really didn’t want to spend more time in his presence.

The two of them rushed up the mountain, both having their own thoughts in mind. In a flash, they already arrived up where the Grandelder’s palace stood. They glanced at the herb garden but none of the disciples inside were the ones they were looking for. Thus, they instead walked inside, soon seeing the Grandelder’s disciple bend over a book, his lover sitting across from him, looking somewhat bored. It seemed their relationship was still the same as before.

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