OMF V9C211 How about Coming with Me?

Qiu Ling had left with Jinde and Leng Jin Yu almost right after the servant had left to go and find Li Yin. As a result, Jing Yi figured that it might take the God of Justice some time to come back. Anyway, who knew if he wasn’t busy? Calling him back immediately seemed a bit wrong.

With nothing else to do, he figured he might as well start with making his round of visits. Going to the mortal realm would be a bit too much while he was still waiting but at the very least, he could go and bid farewell to Xiao Dong since he was in the dragon realm and even in the palace himself.

Actually, there were also Lan Ling and Duan Ming but ever since the time those two had found out about him trying to kill Jing He, he was too embarrassed to see them. Anyway, they hadn’t known each other for long. Even though he had thought they could become friends, there was no reason to bother them. Since there wasn’t any time left for him, he should just give up.

Knocking on Xiao Dong’s door, he smiled faintly when the other side opened. “I hope I’m not bothering you.”

Xiao Dong immediately shook his head and stepped to the side to let Jing Yi in. He didn’t forget to look behind him to see if Qiu Ling was close by though. Seeing that he wasn’t, he sighed with regret before he closed the door.

Jing Yi also heard that sigh but wasn’t sure what to make of it. He could only look at him strangely. “Is everything alright?”

Xiao Dong had just wanted to follow him but now, he felt a bit embarrassed. Anyway, they had spent quite a bit of time together back then. Wasn’t it awkward to admit to his thoughts? “Well … the king is usually with you.”

Jing Yi also felt like sighing when he heard that. “True. As a dragon, that must be strange.”

Back in the mortal realm, he had never met the emperor but he knew that people had been fearful of him. Even just being a noble was enough to instill awe in people there. Now, in the immortal realms, there were no nobles, especially not in the dragon realm. Here, there was only the king and maybe his advisers. He had never thought about it but that probably meant that it felt strange to people to meet Qiu Ling.

Jing Yi wasn’t completely wrong. Since the first time he saw him, Xiao Dong had been in awe of his king. Part of the appeal might have been that he grew up in a family where his father was a guard in the palace and his uncle one of the king’s advisers. How could he not have a good impression of Qiu Ling? Having the opportunity to see his king that much in the last couple of days, he was naturally happy. He surely wouldn’t have used the word ‘strange’ to describe it though. Exhilarating was more like it.

Still, Xiao Dong didn’t feel comfortable saying that in front of Jing Yi. Anyway, while they could be counted as friends, it was a bit wrong to praise anyone’s lover to the High Heavens in front of them, wasn’t it? That should be especially true when the other side was a friend of yours. Thus, he’d rather not mention his true thoughts about the king.

Seeing that Xiao Dong didn’t want to say anything, Jing Yi didn’t push the issue. Anyway, that wasn’t why he had come. “You know about that matter with me and the Son of Heaven.”

Xiao Dong gave a hum and finally sat down opposite him. “Yes, I probably knew some of these things before you did.” Even though he hadn’t been told everything, he had still been involved thanks to the task Qiu Ling had given him back then. So over time, he had become aware of some things.

Jing Yi nodded. “Well, this soul still needs to be given back. They … found a solution for it. It’s going to happen pretty soon.”

“Oh.” Xiao Dong had no idea what to say to that. This matter of reincarnating was something only the gods did, not the dragons. So to him, this was a rather theoretical concept. “I guess it’s not easy.” Actually, that likely wasn’t half of it. To give up your soul … it should be terrifying.

Jing Yi sighed. “It’s really not easy but I have to. Otherwise, Qiu Ling won’t be doing well. Who knows if he can even keep his life? I’m not that selfish.” Yes, he was somewhat selfish in how he had wanted to keep both Qiu Ling and this soul to himself and take Jing He out of the equation completely but he wouldn’t force Qiu Ling into a dead end. That was the man he loved!

“Well, I figured I should say goodbye to everyone. It’ll be a few days but there is you and then also the people in the mortal realm. I’ll go down there again and have a chat, then spend some more time with Qiu Ling. These last few days, I want them to count, you know? Anyway, you also know Shao Hai and the others. Do you want to come along?”

Xiao Dong blinked his eyes. Go to the mortal realm? Actually, he wasn’t sure if he should. The last time, he had vanished just like that. If he returned, he’d have to explain quite a few things. But then, Jing Yi was in the same position. “Well, I guess it can’t hurt? Will His Majesty also go?” Because in that case, he wouldn’t think twice!

Jing Yi shook his head. “Qiu Ling is currently out. Since the time flows differently, I figured we could just go down there now and return before he comes back. Although then again, I am still waiting for the God of Justice to come here. We still need to set a time for that matter to happen.”

“Oh.” Xiao Dong wasn’t sure what to do with that. “Well, let’s wait for the God of Justice then, and afterward, we can leave?” Anyway, he didn’t mind either way. He wasn’t the one who would need to give up his soul and say his goodbyes, after all.

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