OMF V9C204 You Can Come Along

While everyone’s thoughts in the dragon realm were on the child Leng Jin Yu and Jinde were going to have, over in the mortal realm, the disciples of the Jian Yi Sect had returned back to their sect to tell Fei Bai Mu about their findings.

To say that she was worried about the information they had brought back would be an understatement. A realm like the demonic ancestor’s poisonous herb garden having a mirrored side that had been hidden below was one thing. To have that hidden side feature the entrance to yet another realm was a different one altogether.

Even though she didn’t know what exactly this was about, her intuition told her just like her oldest disciple that it would not be a good idea to let the disciples go in there to investigate further. Just the idea made her hair rise.

She made sure to keep her expression in check and turned to the disciples. “I see. You should go and rest up first. I will inquire further to see if we can find more information and then the Elders and I will make a decision on this.”

“Yes, Sect Master.”

Especially the younger disciples had been excited, but after the Sect Master had spoken, they also wouldn’t dare to disagree. And anyway, it wasn’t like she had said that they would not be allowed to go back there. There was still a chance that their big adventure would be happening.

The younger disciples consoled themselves with that thought and then left to tell their peers about what had happened after they managed to stay back in the realm. Meanwhile, the older disciples went back to their cultivation, feeling that in case they were allowed to go back there, it was best to prepare themselves by getting stronger until then.

The only ones who stayed behind were Fei Bai Mu’s own disciples and Xiao Li who was still standing at Hua Lin Yu’s side.

Fei Bai Mu glanced at him before retracting her gaze and then looked at her oldest disciple instead. “Ah Wen, tell me your thoughts on this.”

Ao Wen thought for a moment and then shook her head. “I don’t think that this is something we should mess with. That place … I can’t see why but I have a bad feeling about it. I believe it would be best to stay far away.”

Fei Bai Mu gave a hum. She had thought the same just from listening to the disciples recounting their findings. That wasn’t a coincidence. If your level was high enough, you usually developed a certain intuition for these things. “I believe that your thoughts on this might be right.

“I will still inquire into this though. I know somebody who might have some answers at least and it’d be best to make sure of everything we can just in case. As for the four of you …” She looked at Hua Lin Yu, not sure what to say.

It had been months since he left that day. While she had made true on her promise and let him leave with Xiao Li, that didn’t mean that she was happy with his decision. By now, she would’ve thought that maybe some cracks would appear in that relationship but nothing of the like seemed to have happened.

She continued to look at him for a moment and finally decided that, in the end, it didn’t matter much. He was young. Originally, when that engagement with Xin Lan had come about, she had had just as many doubts. In the end, while she hadn’t been completely happy with it, it had turned out well. And yet, they weren’t together anymore.

She should keep in mind that Xiao Yu was still young. He would make mistakes and he would come to regret some of those things he had done in these years. That was how life was. Which of them didn’t have these kinds of memories? No, rather than worrying all the time and trying to spare him from such experiences, she should let him make them. Only this way would he grow up.

Thinking till there, she finally nodded slowly. “I take it that going on this mission was a learning opportunity for you. We can talk about that in detail a little later. For now, I am going to make the trip to find out more. Do you want to come along?”

Hua Lin Yu’s eyes widened, unable to believe that she had really offered him that. Previously, his Master had hardly let him go out. Now, nothing seemed to have changed but she was suddenly willing to? He couldn’t believe it! “Really?”

Fei Bai Mu smiled faintly. “Well, I myself am going to accompany you so I can somewhat rest assured that I can protect you. Anyway, in these years, nobody has attacked you so maybe there isn’t anybody still after you. But even if, I can’t keep you looked up in here forever, can I? If I don’t let you make your own experiences, I’m afraid I would be doing you a disservice. So yes, I am being genuine: You can come along.”

“Yes! That …” He looked quite happy when he just agreed but then suddenly, his expression became a little cautious. “Then what about Xiao Li?”

Fei Bai Mu smiled wryly and looked at the man standing next to her disciple. “Well, Xiao Li can decide for himself whether he wants to come along. I will warn you though: The place that I want to go to is the Hei Dian Sect. Considering your history, I’m not sure if you’d like to go there.”

Xiao Li tensed, not sure what to make of this. The Hei Dian Sect … he had been a disciple at that place for a long time. Even though most people probably would not care that he had left, there still was no guarantee for that.

But then … “Well, I do know the Hei Dian Sect quite well. Maybe me coming along could be of help. In that case, I definitely won’t step back. Also, if something were to happen, you’d have one more person to keep an eye on Xiao Yu. I would also be able to rest more assured if I was close by to help protect him.” Saying this, he reached over and took Hua Lin Yu’s hand, once again showing off their relationship.

Fei Bai Mu nodded and then got up. “Well, in that case, it is decided. Let’s go then. At this point, there is no use in wasting time.” She looked over and then turned to Ao Wen. “While I am away, please go and inform the Elders. This matter, even though we don’t have the full picture yet, it is important to keep everyone in the loop.”

“Yes, Master.”

Fei Bai Mu nodded and then waved at her youngest disciple, walking out ahead of him, and then pushing off the ground and flying over to the Hei Dian Sect while the disciples were slowly following behind.

Inside the palace, She Fen sighed. “Clearly, there were three of her disciples here, but she completely ignored one of them. How come it’s always me?”

Ao Wen turned to look at him and just smiled. “That’s the problem of being a middle child: The first one is the mature one that she can entrust tasks to and the youngest is the one that she needs to keep an eye on. You though … well, you’re the negligible one in the middle. Go and cry to the others that share your fate.” With that, she walked out as well, leaving She Fen to cry over this injustice by himself.

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