OMF V9C195 Arriving at the Qishi Sea

The way to the Qishi Sea wasn’t that far and with all three of them being excited, it took an even shorter amount to fly over there.

Jinde would have loved to take on his dragon form to speed up even further but seeing as Qiu Ling would never do that and how his husband couldn’t even if he wanted to, he finally held back. He still stared straight ahead, his eyes sparkling with anticipation.

Finally, the edge of the sea came into view. Jinde’s hands clenched into fists and he reached over, grabbing his husband’s sleeve.

Leng Jin Yu glanced at him and smiled. His own heart didn’t hold any less anticipation than Jinde’s even though he didn’t show it outside. “Just a moment longer.”

Jinde nodded, unable to say a single word. So long, it had been so long. Sometimes, he hadn’t even dared that his dream would ever have come true. Remembering it now, tears gathered in his eyes. The past was long gone, they were together again, Qiu Ling was at their side, and they would even have a child. He really couldn’t ask for more.

He took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled, turning toward his husband. “I know.” Even though he had tried to calm down, his voice sounded choked with emotions.

Leng Jin Yu stopped and pulled him back, hugging him to his chest. “It’s alright. Just a few moments more.”

Jinde hugged him back, looking out at the sea over his shoulder. Yes, just a few moments. He bit his lower lip, his fingers curling into the fabric of his husband’s robe. Actually, it would be much more than that, wouldn’t it? When they arrived, they still had to find the shell, then go back, prepare the courtyard, and after that, it’d be time for the ceremony. And after that, it would still be ten months before their child was born. He really had no reason to get anxious now.

He closed his eyes and leaned closer against his husband, burying his head at his neck. No matter whether it was ten minutes or ten months, they would still become parents soon. Was that no reason to be excited?

He took another deep breath before he opened his eyes again and stepped back, patting Leng Jin Yu’s chest. “Alright, I think I calmed down. Let’s go.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and then also glanced at Qiu Ling. Compared to them, he still looked calm so that was one good thing. Even though Qiu Ling had agreed to come before, he wasn’t sure if he wouldn’t have mixed feelings by the time they actually stood at the shore of the Qishi Sea.

Qiu Ling noticed his gaze and looked over, smiling faintly. “Worry about your husband, not me. I can deal with this.” Although … He also couldn’t help but look over to the ocean.

To be honest, he had mixed feelings about this. He was happy to be able to witness this. It went to show that these two regarded him as family despite their complicated relationship. On the other hand … why exactly was it that dragons went fishing shells out of the ocean for this? Couldn’t you go and get a bird’s nest from the top of a mountain or something?

His brows furrowed slightly just thinking of going down there. Well, today, he could probably get around it and just let these two dive down there. But one day in the future, after Jing He had returned, after they had spent a couple of years or probably rather decades together, they would also want to have a child, right?

Originally, he hadn’t thought about that too much but since it had come up in his time with Jing Yi recently, he had given it a little thought. And yes, he wanted a child.

In that regard, he was probably like Jinde. Coming from a broken family, he was looking for that connection to other people. His lover was the most important to him and if he only had him for a lifetime, he would also be happy. But a child … yes, that would make him feel content.

Although admittedly, he was a bit worried whether he would do a good job as a father. His own father had sucked at it for the first few years of his life. It had gotten better after they left the capital city but that was still too late. He wouldn’t want to do something like that to his own child.

Thinking about all this, Qiu Ling sighed. Somehow, he suddenly understood why Jinde was feeling the way he did. When it was his turn, he’d probably not be any better.

Thinking of that, Qiu Ling sped up, flying directly on his other side. “You know, I am speaking from experience when I say you know how to deal with children. This will definitely go well. Don’t worry.”

Jinde nodded but didn’t say anything else. Right now, he couldn’t focus on other things, only on the surface of the sea in front of them.

By now, they had indeed reached the shore so they all stopped, landing on the ground. For a moment, nobody knew what to say or do.

Finally, Leng Jin Yu cleared his throat. “Well, let’s go then?” He looked at Jinde and then at Qiu Ling again.

Jinde nodded and took a slow step forward, lingering there for a moment with his gaze fixed on the sea.

Qiu Ling looked over as well but the queasy feeling in his stomach was still there. Ah, he might not be as afraid anymore now that he had told several people about his blood and also had Jinde and Leng Jin Yu of all people at his side but … diving into the sea still didn’t seem like such a good idea.

He glanced around and finally sighed. “You … go and do that alone. I’ll wait here.”

Jinde looked over his shoulder and actually stopped. This … had not been part of the plan.

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