SML V4C76 You Should Talk

Since he had promised, Li Ming naturally wouldn’t go back on his word. This matter, it wasn’t actually asking much of him so he wasn’t the one who should worry. He talked the things Rui Lan wanted to say over with him before putting the matter with Cang Gui Ying aside for the time being and just catching up a bit more.

When Li Min finally took a look at the time, Rui Lan had already calmed down again. By now, another three hours had passed so he figured that Cang Gui Ying might have finished whatever she was doing. It was probably the most suitable time to bring the matter up.

He gave Rui Lan a look and then picked up his phone, clicking on her contact details and sending a message.

Li Ming: [Are you busy right now?]

He put the phone down but didn’t even bother to switch off the screen, feeling that it wouldn’t take long for her to react. Cang Gui Ying was also the type of person who would usually carry her phone with her at all times and take a look at what was up even if she was busy. Seeing that it was him, she should check the message and reply fast.

Just as expected, it only took a moment before he got a text back.

Cang Gui Ying: [I’m on my way home. What’s the matter?]

Li Ming read over the text twice before giving Rui Lan yet another deep look and then wondered how to say it. He didn’t want to make matters worse but he was afraid that in the current situation, that was too easy to happen. So, now, he had to pay attention.

He squinted his eyes and then typed, editing the message a few times in-between before he finally felt that it should be alright.

Li Ming: [This might be weird but when Rui Lan comes home, you should sit down and have a talk.]

This was vague but then again, he didn’t think that it would be a good idea to say too much. As soon as this was established, Rui Lan would go home and they could talk it out. This way, she’d have a heads up, he had a way to start, and everything else would rely on how well the conversation went.

On the other hand, Cang Gui Ying stared at her phone, feeling that this didn’t sound good.

Cang Gui Ying: [He isn’t trying to break up with me, is he? If he is, you better tell me honestly!]

Li Ming’s lips twitched when he saw that reaction. It seemed that, just like Rui Lan, Cang Gui Ying had also picked up on the fact that their relationship was in a predicament. But since she was getting angry, she at least didn’t want to break up either. That was a good thing.

He thought for a moment before he wrote back.

Li Ming: [Don’t worry, that’s not it.]

He wasn’t sure if he should explain more. Somehow, that one sentence seemed a bit too little. Who knew what she’d make up in her mind if he left it at that? Afraid of that, he hastily sent another text right after.

Li Ming: [It’s rather wanting to make everything work out.]

He wasn’t sure if he should send the message like this. Working on your relationship wasn’t a bad thing but it could sound as if you were picking fault with your partner if you weren’t careful. And now, there was the added layer of their previous break-up and also the fact that he was telling her before Rui Lan himself brought it up. It wouldn’t be strange for her to misunderstand.

Li Ming had his doubts but since Cang Gui Ying didn’t want to break up, he figured that things should still work out.

Before texting her again, he looked up at Rui Lan. “She’s at home now so I guess you should head over.”

“How did she react?”

Li Ming glanced at the screen before looking up again and shook his head. “Well, a bit confused? You’ll have to tell her in detail. Don’t worry, I’ll chat with her until you’re there. I’m sure it’ll go well. Don’t worry too much!”

Even though Rui Lan knew that Li Ming was the best person to talk about this with, he still had some trouble adjusting. Somehow, this didn’t seem like something he wanted to do. In fact, he regretted it a bit. Maybe it would have been better if he just kept his mouth close.

Li Ming put down his phone and went over, patting his shoulder. “Don’t think too much! Anyway, you’re in a relationship and want to stay in it. When you get into trouble, you have to talk it out. I can help a bit but, in the end, you have to do it on your own.”

Rui Lan also knew this. He might not like it but he was aware of it. “Well, I’d better go then. Keep her busy until I arrive. I don’t want her to overthink this.” Anyway, he had talked everything through with Li Ming so it wasn’t like he would go in completely unprepared. Maybe this time, they could actually make it work. He wanted to. After all, he really loved her. It was just that things were complicated. But he still didn’t want to give up on this relationship.

Rui Lan glanced at Li Ming’s phone and then patted his shoulder. “Well, wish me luck!”

Li Ming nodded and brought him over to the door before closing it behind him and walking back to the kitchen. He picked up his phone, and went over to the living room instead, sitting down to chat some more with Cang Gui Ying.

By this time, she had already left him another message.

Cang Gui Ying: [Why? What did he say?]

Seeing that he didn’t answer for a minute or two, she was clearly getting a bit flustered.

Cang Gui Ying: [Bro Li, don’t you dare to disappear on me! If you drop such a bomb, you have to explain yourself!]

Li Ming smiled wryly when he saw that and hastily messaged back.

Li Ming: [Sorry, I just needed a moment.]

He pondered for a moment how to say what he needed to. He wasn’t the one who needed to live with the consequences but he didn’t want to make matters worse for Rui Lan.

Li Ming: [When the two of you were here, I noticed that there was a bit of tension. I couldn’t help but worry. You’re a nice couple and I’d hate to see you break up again. So I couldn’t help but have a chat with brother Rui.]

He figured that it wasn’t good to stop there so he sent another message right after.

Li Ming: [It’s not much, just something I think he needs to confess. I’ve already talked with him and I hope that the two of you can work this out. Don’t get angry with him. He really loves you. Sometimes, he just doesn’t know how to show it.]

His fingers hovered over the keyboard but finally, he kept it at that. Anyway, this was what it boiled down to: For Cang Gui Ying, spending time together was something that made her feel loved. For Rui Lan, there was a point where it got too much. While he loved spending time with her, he also needed some just to himself. It might be difficult for her to accept at first but Li Ming believed that they could make it. Anyway, he hoped that they would. It was something that he really wished them. They were a good couple, after all, and he wanted to see his friends happy.

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