OMF V9C183 Not Elaborate But Official

Regarding Jing He’s return, Jinde might not need to wait too long because things were progressing well. Since Jing Yi had already made up his mind, he wouldn’t needlessly drag things out. No, instead, he straightforwardly worked to solve this matter now.

After spending some more time with Qiu Ling, he finally asked him to send somebody over to the God of Justice in the early afternoon. Anyway, while there wasn’t much that needed to be prepared, this was also a matter that everyone had been investing a lot of time in. Since the solution had been found, he should accept it already and not drag things out even longer. Otherwise, he would just waste everyone’s time.

Qiu Ling wasn’t sure how to feel. From the very beginning, he had always had this problem of wanting to get Jing He back but also not wanting to lose Jing Yi. By now, things had already progressed to this stage. Making a decision seemed even more difficult.

He knew that it had to be done and after what had happened — even though currently, he couldn’t exactly remember it — he also knew that his heart would only calm down fully after he was able to hold Jing He in his arms again and speak to him. It was just that having to do this to Jing Yi to get that … it also made him feel uncomfortable.

Before grabbing anyone to send a message, he still looked at Jing Yi questioningly. “Are you sure about this?”

Jing Yi shook his head and sighed. “You asking me this, will it really change anything? It’s what we have to do. Of course, I’m not happy. This is my life. I wished that … Well, I wished that I would be able to live it to the fullest, not needing to give it up before my time is over on its own.

“But the situation has already deteriorated this far and all because of my own actions. What else can I do?” Yes, if not for the fact that he knew that this was negatively influencing Qiu Ling, he wouldn’t do it. He would’ve just refused. Anyway, they couldn’t take his soul from him, could they?

Actually, when he thought of that, he couldn’t help but suddenly think that maybe there were ways to do that and the God of Justice only hadn’t brought it up yet because there were some drawbacks.

He wanted to ask but looking at Qiu Ling, he finally closed his eyes and shook his head. No, it didn’t matter. This was something he indeed had to do. Not for Jing He but for Qiu Ling. For him, he could do this. No matter how much it pained him.

Seeing that he really seemed intent on doing this, Qiu Ling sighed and then nodded. “Alright, then I will send somebody over to tell him.” Saying so, he opened the door to the corridor, going to grab the next best person he could find to invite the God of Justice back over.

Usually, he’d feel awkward about having that guy need to run here once again after he had just left, but then, Jing Yi was effectively banned from the Nine Heavens so it wasn’t like they had a choice.

He returned to the room, closed the door behind himself, and leaned against it, closing his eyes and giving a deep sigh. “You know, I also don’t want to do that to you.”

For a moment, Jing Yi didn’t know how to comfort him. Finally, he went over and just hugged him. “It’s not you who is doing this to me. It was my own decision. Anyway, if not for me going so far as to try and kill Jing He, it also wouldn’t have come to this. The only reason they can ask this of me now is because I did that. These are … the repercussions of my own actions. How can I blame anyone else?”

Yes, even though it hurt to admit, he had gotten himself into this situation. If this had just been a situation where they finally figured out a way to do this, then he could’ve just refused. Maybe they really wouldn’t have forced him because they weren’t sure what it would do to Qiu Ling.

But now, they had only gained some time and soon enough, Qiu Ling’s life would already be on the line again if Jing He didn’t wake up. So he really had no other choice. That choice, he had taken it away all by himself.

Jing Yi rested his cheek on Qiu Ling’s chest and looked up at him, feeling that he had made quite a few wrong decisions. And now, he couldn’t change that anymore. No, he could only try and use the last few days to enjoy himself. “How long do you think until the wedding robes will be finished?”

It hadn’t been that long since they asked for them to be made and they had said that there was enough time. Now, things had already changed to this degree. It seemed like they might need to go back to that seamstress.

Qiu Ling could also only show a troubled expression. “I don’t know. But I guess we should inquire about that.”

“Actually, it doesn’t matter if it’s anything elaborate. It could be something very simple. Anyway, it won’t be official. That type of wedding … I’m afraid only Jing He will get to have that with you.”

Qiu Ling furrowed his brows, not sure what to say. That elaborate wedding with Jing He … he had dreamed of that for years. Even now, his fervor for that hadn’t died down. But he wasn’t unable to hear the pain in Jing Yi’s voice. “Elaborate or not, it is an official wedding. The wedding vows decide about that, not how grand the scale is.”

Jing Yi nodded and then patted his chest. “The God of Justice probably won’t need long to get here. I … I’ll go out for a moment and sort my thoughts, alright?”

Qiu Ling nodded, then sighed when Jing Yi had left. He really didn’t know what he was supposed to do. Well, it wasn’t like they had much of a choice in anything. That really wasn’t how he had imagined life to be. But sometimes, things just were like that.

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