SML V4C71 I’m Over That

Cang Gui Ying watched him pile up the food, feeling that this really wasn’t too polite. “Ah, should we help you with finishing up the last dishes? Isn’t it also bad if we already eat while you’re still busy preparing?” Anyway, she hadn’t left her manners at home. Even though she was curious about his cooking, this just didn’t seem right.

Li Ming shook his head though. “Don’t mind me. Anyway, I invited you. I should’ve prepared better if I wanted to sit down immediately. This … well, I don’t mind. Also, I’m almost done anyway.” Saying this, he actually sped up a bit, not wanting her to feel awkward.

The thought of wanting to help because you couldn’t watch the other person busy about alone, he knew that well enough. He had felt like this just last week when he went to visit his parents.

His mother had insisted to do pretty much everything herself so he had only been able to sit aside and watch. When he was younger, he wouldn’t have minded, but by now, he knew how much work was going into cooking those dishes, so he had also felt a bit awkward about it.

He finished up in a flash, and brought the bowls over, taking a seat as well. “Well, here you go! Don’t be polite with me. I won’t be able to eat all of that on my own after you leave so the more you eat, the better.”

Rui Lan eagerly nodded, already having gone through quite a bit of the food he had heaped up in his bowl. He definitely wouldn’t be polite if Li Ming said it like this. In fact, if Li ming offered, he’d probably pack some of it up and take it home. He just wasn’t sure if his girlfriend would let him.

Cang Gui Ying indeed gave him a look, but she still started to take some of the dishes herself. Anyway, since they had been invited, it would be rude not to try. She picked a little from each dish, just wanting to give it a try no matter how good or bad it was so Li Ming would feel that his work was appreciated.

Her eyes widened as soon as she did. “Oh, I think I see why Mo Fang was always praising you. If I got this kind of service every day when I went out to work, I’d also be incredibly happy.”

At that, Rui Lan couldn’t help but glance at her, wondering if this was to say that she wanted him to cook for her too. Actually, even if he did, she still wouldn’t be that happy because he wasn’t as good of a cook as Li Ming. While he could make some dishes, they weren’t as tasty.

He usually went for something that was simpler, always feeling that having less work was the most important thing. In fact, getting take-out every day also didn’t sound bad to him. There were quite a few good options around nowadays. Why would you still slave away in the kitchen?

Li Ming smiled, but he couldn’t help but also feel worried. This kind of remark, he wasn’t sure if it was only praise for him or really a dig at her boyfriend. If it was the latter … that’d make it seem as if his previous worry that things were a bit rough between them might be right.

He cleared his throat and shook his head. “You know, I really enjoy cooking. For me, it’s somewhat of a hobby actually. So cooking for Mo Fang every day, that was something I really liked to do. Yes, he was happy about it, but I don’t think that this is something you can expect in a relationship unless the other person really loves to do it. Otherwise, I think it’s best to share tasks so no resentment develops.”

She nodded, actually of the same different opinion. “Oh, I know. I’m just trying to say that Mo Fang really was an idiot. You’re such a good catch!”

Li Ming laughed. It seemed he had understood this wrong. She was just trying to pick him up, worried that he might still be upset about the matter with Mo Fang. “Thank you for saying that.

“Actually, this matter with Mo Fang, I’m not thinking about it as much anymore. The few weeks since I’ve left the railroad station, I’ve been doing some new things, meeting new people, and I feel better in general.

“It’s unfortunate that things ended like that between us, and even though I’ve come to somewhat understand why he did it, that doesn’t mean that I’m not angry. But it’s not that big thing that is overshadowing the rest of my life anymore. I’m just looking forward to the future now.”

Cang Gui Ying’s brows shot up, not having expected that. “You’re really over it? I honestly thought you’d need a long time.”

Li Ming nodded, not surprised. “Actually, I thought so too. But maybe it’s the fact that it went this badly that allowed me to take matters into my own hands and work toward getting to this place step-by-step.

“I think that if we … broke up because of something more minor, I would’ve had more trouble. In fact, when he was continuously trying to get back together, I probably would have folded and given in. It was only because things were as bad as they were that I managed to stay strong and, in the end, that was the best decision I could make for myself.

“So yes, there’s no need to worry about me anymore. Although, I am honored that you two worry so much for my sake. It just goes to show that you are very good friends.”

Rui Lan looked up from his bowl and nodded, feeling that this was a compliment he could accept for himself as well even though his girlfriend was the one who was doing the talking. “So, since you’re over Mo Fang but don’t want to date, what is this matter with Su Yan about? Care to tell us now? Because you really had me worried yesterday.

“I thought you were completely nuts now. After all, that was something you didn’t get over nearly as fast.” To be honest, he had to say that he was still skeptical. He needed to hear his real reasons for what was up before he would be able to calm down regarding that.

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