OMF V9C182 Everything Was Worth It

Did Jin Ling go to prepare and fight for the throne? Of course not. In his mind, there currently was only one thought: Jinde.

He had held onto his throne for so long because he had hoped that Jinde was still somewhere out there. If he wanted to see him, then he would have no way to find him if he was all on his own. Thus, he needed help, and how to better get help than to be the ruler of a whole realm? Also, he had thought that he could be of help if Jinde ever wanted to take back the throne of the dragon realm because of the very same reasoning.

But now, he knew where Jinde was, and obviously, Jinde didn’t want the throne or he wouldn’t still be hiding away in the mortal realm even after he had managed to heal his soul. Why should he still keep his throne then?

In Jin Ling’s mind, this was a sign. Jinde didn’t want his old role anymore. And why would he? He had only been unhappy after becoming the king of the dragon race. Now though, he could have a happy future outside of that. A future with him. And one that wasn’t far off.

Without anybody knowing, Jin Ling left the demon realm and made his way over to the mortal realm instead. The way to the Yun Zou Sect, he remembered it by heart. Of course, it wasn’t a problem to fly there at the fastest speed and land behind the Sect Master’s palace.

He looked at the array on the ground with rapt attention. If Jinde came out, they could talk. That husband of his … Well, he knew he couldn’t kill him if Jinde’s soul was indeed already bound to his, but there would be ways to deal with that when the time came. He’d talk it through with Jinde when the time came. Until then, he just needed to wait.

He sat down next to the array, his presence already hidden since the time he came to the sect. He didn’t want any of the mortals to know that he was here. Otherwise, there’d just be trouble again.

These mortals, they clearly couldn’t be relied on. Hadn’t that become clear when he tried to rely on that Qiguan Cheng Da to spy for him? Suddenly, he had stopped responding. He really should have found somebody a bit more trustworthy. But then, that Xiao Li was only half-human and also hadn’t done a better job.

Well, no matter what, now, he didn’t need to rely on anyone else anymore. He could just wait here and he would be able to get in contact with Jinde himself. Really, he should have been waiting here for much longer. But so far, he had always lacked the courage. Now, knowing about Jinde’s state for sure, he wasn’t worried anymore. No, now was the right time to just wait until they would see each other face-to-face again. By that time, they could talk everything out.

Actually, Jinde should forgive him. He had even forgiven that so-called husband who cheated on him and had a child with somebody else, raising it out of his sight. So why wouldn’t he forgive him?

Clearly, after that Chun Yin, he had always been Jinde’s favorite person. And in a sense, he was closer to Jinde than Chun Yin had ever managed to be. Yes, his identity and relationship with Jinde had advantages. He could make use of that.

In the worst case, he’d have to pretend that he didn’t love him the way he did for a while to regain Jinde’s trust. Anything else could still be worked on later when Jinde had forgiven him and was more open. But then, he would surely also realize that the two of them were the perfect couple.

Jin Ling closed his eyes and smiled to himself, even starting to consider just how long he would be there. Anyway, as long as he could see Jinde again, everything was worth it. He had never doubted that much.

As for the person in question that Jin Ling wanted to get his hands on, he was currently insanely busy, preparing everything for this evening.

He had shown Zheng Yin how to make the scales in detail, trying it out a few times together with him until he was sure that Zheng Yin had gotten a good grasp on it.

Right now, the two were making the necessary scales one by one, him making two while Zheng Yin created one in the same amount of time. This was also because he was older and had a greater reserve of spiritual energy than Zheng Yin. He had the strength to do two while for Zheng Yin, it was more difficult.

Since they needed to preserve as much strength as they could, this was really the only way to go about it. In fact, he was even thinking that maybe it would be better to wait one more day before they healed Xin Lan. At the very least, they would have an easier time regaining their strength before they started.

But then, that wouldn’t give them the optimal result. No, it was still better if they did it today. He wasn’t willing to lose out on even the slightest chance to have a better outcome.

Last night, he had talked with Xin Lan, making sure whether he wanted to do the procedure while he was in this form or his dragon form. Unsurprisingly, there was only one that Xin Lan was willing to lose and it was not this one.

With this, the chances of doing this had lowered a bit, which meant that they should make up for that in another way. And since time was the only thing that could still be influenced, that was what they would do. Anyway, there were some ways to deal with fatigue. And together, they could pull it off.

In the future … Ah, it would be nice to have somebody else who could learn some refinement from him. Zheng Yin could definitely be taught more but he’d love to have one or two more people join in.

He vaguely thought of Jing Yi, but then seeing the whole disaster with his actual identity, he really didn’t think that it would be a good idea to start teaching him. No, even if there was a slight possibility he could be talented, it was better to wait until the Son of Heaven was back. Although by then, he’d have to see if Jing He was even willing to tap his fingers into refinement.

Not that this was anything he should currently think about. No, his heart had to stay on the matter with Xin Lan. Only this way would he be able to make the most out of it.

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