SML V4C67 Not a Good Friend

At that time, Rui Lan was out with Cang Gui Ying and his phone had been all but forgotten. As such, by the time Duan Zhi Hao finally left Li Ming’s apartment later that evening, he still hadn’t gotten a response.

“Don’t forget to keep me updated!”

Li Ming nodded while standing in the doorway. “I won’t. You’ve been a big help with this. So thank you. And … I’ll probably bother you for advice again in the future.”

Actually, come to think of it, he couldn’t help but wonder if this was an age thing. Had Duan Zhi Hao just so much more experience in life that he was able to keep calm and think of solutions where he was already drawing a blank? Or was it that this was due to the fact that he wasn’t directly involved in the situation? Surely, looking in from the outside also made things easier. But then, none of the people at the railroad station had suggested similar and neither had Mo Fang. Although the latter probably shouldn’t be any indication.

Li Ming shook his head at himself. Actually, what did it matter? Anyway, he had gotten a helpful hint and might be able to solve something that had been bothering him for a long time. As for gaining experience, he would get there with time.

Duan Zhi Hao just nodded, not worried about having to give advice again. “Any time. I’m happy to help.” He paused and rubbed his chin, looking at the apartment that could be seen behind LI Ming. “Although I guess it can’t hurt if you try to bribe me with another meal.”

Li Ming laughed. “Sure thing. Actually, if you want to eat some of my dishes again, it’s alright to just tell me. I do like to cook and it’s nice not to have to eat alone so I’d be happy if you came over every now and then.”

“Then I’ll shamelessly invite myself when I’m free.” Duan Zhi Hao grinned and then motioned behind himself. “Anyway, I’m off then. Still gotta drive home, after all.”

Li Ming gave a hum and watched him leave, closing the door when he was around the corner. Turning back and looking at the empty dishes on the table, he smiled.

What he had just said to Duan Zhi Hao wasn’t wrong: He did like to cook and he also liked having people over. Maybe this was something he should get into the habit of doing. Most of his friends knew that he was a good cook or even if they didn’t, they’d probably be nice enough to give it a go if they realized this was important to him.

He chuckled at the idea and then went over to tidy up.

When he finished, he glanced at his phone screen but there still wasn’t any response from Rui Lan. It had gotten pretty late though. Seeing this, Li Ming went to wash up and then to bed. Today, he had been mostly busy with preparing for Duan Zhi Hao’s visit so tomorrow, he would have to review what he had learned this week to be prepared for Monday. Also, if he wanted to start working again either after this course or the next, he should start to look into offers already. After all, he could hardly expect to send in his application and be hired the next day.

Those thoughts swirled around his head for merely a moment before he finally fell asleep. The next morning, he was still up just as early as usual. Lying on his back, he reached out for his phone and switched on the screen but there still wasn’t any notification that Rui Lan had messaged back.

Li Ming stared at the phone for a moment, wondering if something was wrong. Rui Lan was the person he had been closest with back at the railroad station so they had kept in touch but it was more irregular compared to before. He had just been so focused on his own matters that he wasn’t completely sure what was up in Rui Lan’s life.

He sighed, put the phone down, and got up. Either way, he couldn’t do anything about it until Rui Lan messaged back. He could probably ask if something was up but he also felt that it would sound too anxious. After all, Rui Lan might have just been busy or not noticed that his phone’s battery died. Why should he make a big deal out of it before he knew for sure?

No, rather than that, he should wait patiently, then see what the response was, and go from there. Also, he should take time to catch up with him more often. He really hadn’t been a good friend recently.

Promising himself that he would do better, Li Ming went to take a shower and then went to the kitchen, making a simple breakfast. He couldn’t help but look out of the window while he was at it, realizing that it was drizzling. For a moment he just watched the glass in a daze.

When it was this kind of weather, Mo Fang had always complained that he didn’t want to go out running with him in the morning. Actually, thinking back now, in those moments, he had probably been honest. He had even acted a bit spoiled toward him, something he never allowed himself to do in other situations, maybe out of fear to make his perfect image crumble.

Back then, he had never questioned it. While he had felt that it was a pity, it also wasn’t a big deal. He had just worked out at a later time, not minding whether Mo Fang accompanied him or not.

He raised his brows and raised his brows, turning to look at the pot in front of him again. Usually, it was in the morning when he got the most nostalgic. He also didn’t know why. Maybe instinctively, he had felt that Mo Fang gave him a rare look at his true self in those hours. Either way, it was over now. He could go out and work out whenever and wherever he wanted. Today, he should probably take a trip to the gym though. Who knew if the rain would get any stronger?

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